First it was Wedge sneakers, sweatshirts and then BOMBERS , and now baseball caps and running shoes -SPORT continues vigorous intervention in our casual, athletic uniforms and items already in it everywhere.

And if some time ago, we were ready to sharply and clearly speak against sneaker that suddenly picked up and moved the designer studs in reviews street style with FASHION WEEKS , and leave for this shoe only suitable place – the gym, it is now a huge range of contradiction negates sneakers – from bright, like chocolates M & M’s, New Balance sneakers and gold Nike Air Max to painted in the art graphics Reebok, and their total omnipresence, and covering the streets and catwalks and magazine pages. Chanel suits even now can not exist without sneakers tweed clearly in tune, as it proclaims Karl Lagerfeld.

Chanel, autumn-winter 2014/2015Chanel, autumn-winter 2014/2015 Chanel, autumn-winter 2014/2015Chanel, autumn-winter 2014/2015

We doubted until the end of that one single pair of sports shoes, and even in the explosive acid coloring, can be worn instead of ankle boots, ballet shoes, sandals, sneakers and all interseasonal FOOTWEAR  immediately unless first bought a bright pair of sneakers and suddenly realized that, even leaving them never to sport route, get out of these sneakers is absolutely impossible. Once wearing these shoes instead OF HEELS with everyday coat and jeans or with a light jacket and dress as if you’re just left with a workout in the gym and do not have time to change clothes, immediately catch the feeling selfish freedom and mobility, which “take away” with finery uncomfortable heels and things complex cut. And if one day you will be able to magically convert huge number of cases and in the evening to be ready not to stop there, we need to say thank you just sneakers – athletic shoes, which gives feet comfort, and spirit – energy and enthusiasm for new achievements.

6 things that undoubtedly make a great company this spring sneakers

Classic coat and athletic shoes or dress and casual shoes – some time ago, these combinations seem shocking tastelessness. Since then we have not had time to break the taboo one fashionable and significantly extend the usual boundaries between “can” and “can not” in regard to logic combination of things in one image. In practice it turned out that sneakers look great not only with sports jackets, but also with woolen coat straight cut, withLEATHER JACKETS , feminine dresses with embroidery English-style complex elongated sweaters knitted with all products, almost without exception of DENIM , particularly with narrow scuffed jeans and a denim shirt.

Submitted things easily combined with each other in the same image with sneakers for example, conceive of total denim look of jeans and a denim shirt with bright colored sneakers or do a white dress and coat with a strict black and white pair of sneakers.

Wool overcoat Surface to Air (price on request)Wool overcoat Surface to Air (price on request) Leather Jacket Miss Selfridge (2990 rubles).Leather Jacket Miss Selfridge.

Dress with vyshivkoĭ Mango (2790 rubles).Dress with vyshivkoĭ Mango Sweater Chloé (price on request)Sweater Chloé (price on request)

Denim shirt Toast (5000 rubles).Denim shirt Toast. Jeans Whistles (6000 rubles).Jeans Whistles.

Do not believe that running shoes can render such a wonderful service in the spring and summer?

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