Many girls are preparing for pre-holiday season, tidy person and figure … But there are also those who like to leave everything to the last minute. They begin to lose weight hard when traveling at sea are already bought.

Well, try to lose weight to LEAVE is not so bad – there is an incentive to do so as quickly as possible, because the delay “tomorrow” is no longer possible! And the summer – it’s time to bring yourself and your body in order.

Season fruits and vegetables leads to a very varied diet without harm to the FIGURES . If you have decided to lose weight in the summer, try healthy and tasty vegetable DIET !

Its name speaks for itself – staples in the diet are vegetables. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed by the body.

Duration vegetable diet – from weeks to months, during which time you can lose 3 to 10 pounds. However, doctors do not recommend to repeat it more than once a year. Want to try this diet? tell you about its features!

Vegetable diet, how to lose weight 10 kg per monthVegetable diet, how to lose weight 10 kg per month

Vegetable Diet: The rules of nutrition and food

Summer in the shops and markets represented a variety of FRUITS AND VEGETABLES , which you will not see in any other season!

For vegetable diet perfectly suited vegetables such as zucchini, carrots, celery, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, green beans, lettuce, squash, potatoes, greens and others.

Daily intake of vegetables – 1.5 kilograms. It is believed that most of them are best eaten raw or minimally subjected to heat treatment – steamed, braise or simmer.

Besides vegetables, you can also use a little fruit, rye bread, muesli and low fat dairy products without sugar.

To drink, ideal water and green tea.

Vegetable diet, how to lose weight 10 kg per monthVegetable diet, how to lose weight 10 kg per month

Vegetable diet: Sample menu

To the menu was varied, plan and a list of courses and PRODUCTS for every day. We suggest you try the exemplary menu vegetable DIET , which you can modify according to their preferences.

Breakfast vegetable diet : vegetable salad dressed with olive oil, a piece of bread, yogurt, apple.

Lunch vegetable diet soup celery, boiled potatoes with a salad of cucumber and tomato, a piece of bread.

Snack vegetable diet : red bell pepper or cucumber.

Dinner vegetable diet : carrot salad with garlic, cheese and sour cream diet tea

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