What better hair removal – analyze types of hair removal, look, what kind of better and more efficient

What better hair removal, types of hair removal

Elimination of “superfluous” body hair – a problem any modern woman who wants her skin to look smooth, soft and attractive. come to the aid of hair removal, hair removal but what better which of its many species more efficient and low-impact? Let’s talk about each form of hair removal separately, consider the pros and cons to each of us could choose one way to deal with excess hair, which considers as comfortable and safe for themselves.


Most often, when asked what type of hair removal better woman called electrolysis, but is it true? We know that electrolysis allows the hair follicle to destroy the influence of an electric current. For this purpose, various methods can be used, respectively, and electrolysis is subdivided into several varieties. Electrical hair removal (electrolysis) is based on a combination of the actions of chemicals and current; short-wave method (thermolysis) allows destroy bulbs by heating; flash method is instant thermolysis; -blend method (double action) combines elements of galvanic and thermolysis. A common feature of all the above methods of electrolysis, as noted arabio.ru – the opportunity to “kill” the hair follicle and thus provide the most long-lasting effect.Thus, by its performance, this type of hair removal really better numerous homegrown methods.However electrolysis rather painful, can cause swelling and allergies, so its impact should be sure to check first on a small area of skin. In addition, it is contraindicated with varicose veins, pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, and if you are hypersensitive.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal as a kind of destroys the hair follicles, heating them with a laser.This technique also provides a long-term hair removal, to a few years, but it has a huge “reef” – this kind of hair removal demonstrates high efficiency only on dark hair. blond hair on This type of hair removal is practically not working. Moreover, it is necessary to observe significant time intervals between treatments, when to remove the hair along with bulbs impossible.


Another method of hair removal – epilation – leads to the destruction of hair follicles by heating special light beam. IPL no serious ill effects and implemented fairly quickly, but after it may be red spots and swelling on the skin, which, however, quite rapidly. as a kind of photo-epilation superior ultrasonic technique that can get rid of all hair colors, although also it will have to go far from one session. But for 4-6 years, you can forget about the problem of hair removal on the treated area.

Ultrasonic Hair Removal

Ultrasonic type of hair removal is based on a combination of a special gel and ultrasound. Absence of pain and speed of the session seduce many women, but also cons of this type of hair removal is very important. Firstly, ultrasonic hair removal does not destroy the hair follicles, but significantly slows their growth. Second, the procedures must be several, at least 3-4, and you have to withstand considerable interval between them (about 45 days), so enjoy the full effect of ultrasonic hair removal will soon. And thirdly, ultrasonic hair removal precedes painful waxing , and after ultrasonic hair removal can be lesions on the skin, as ultrasound has a negative impact not only on the hair follicles, but also the skin cells.

Enzymatic removal

Destruction bulbs by introducing them to certain drugs (enzymes) is called enzymatic hair removal. Its effectiveness can be evaluated after the first session, when you notice a significant lightening and thinning hair. Hair follicles this kind of hair removal also removes, but the hair will become softer and less noticeable. Another thing that will conduct the sessions very often, and for the removal of facial hair removal enzyme does not fit.

As you can see, all kinds of hair removal have their pros and cons, so before their conduct is to consult with your dermatologist.

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