Hair colour

One of the fashion trends in hair colouring 2014 – organic and natural colours. Blond, red, brown and black – the basic colours, which every year have leading positions in fashion trends, changing only the shades.

Blonde next season – it’s all warm colours: gold, copper, caramel. In ashy blond hair dye is recommended for girls with short hair. Also it can be used in combination with other shades to give contrast. 

The main condition in hair colour in black – they should shine and sparkle. Topical considered black steel or purple hue. This painting will look best on clear geometric haircuts.

In 2014 fashion all red shades from rich ruby to natural. They are advantageous to look for any hair length and texture.

As for the classic brown colour, fashion shades of dark chocolate, chestnut and play of colours dark mahogany.

Technology staining

Hit of the season in 2014 – professional hair colouring technology «brond» (combination of two words: brown and blond) or “brondirovanie.”

Brondirovanie – a special technology of hair colouring, which combines the technology of dyeing and colouring multicolour. One attains the maximum effect of soft natural colours overflow. 

A distinctive feature of classical brondirovaniya hair is the use of hair dyes and the most natural of natural shades. Very nice and “expensive” look within brondirovanie chocolate brown, copper chestnut, natural-light brown and coffee range.

There are many variants brondirovaniya Hair smooth transition  of color in the direction of hair from the ends to the roots, the effect of burnt hair or individual strands (eg, a person), the effect of glare, the use of multiple colours, iridescent effect smoothly into each other shades and so on.

Hollywood Ombre Colour Hair colouring

Ombre Colour Hair colouring is a type of zone brondirovaniya. This is one of the most popular and favourite among fashions planet staining technology at the moment. 

Ombre Colour Hair colouring allows a large selection of colours, but the most popular is a bi-tonal colouring, using as close to natural shades. With this colouring hair colour at the roots smoothly flows into another colour at the ends of the hair. Transition usually goes from dark to lighter shades. But other than that, it is very fashionable today is a so-called “brondirovanie regrown.” This is when the basal part of the hair is painted in a darker, natural colour, and the rest of the hair is coloured brondirovaniya technology in natural shades lighter.

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