Trend: in the style of Twiggy eyelashes

Trend: in the style of Twiggy eyelashes

Puppet look Twiggy and Eddie Sedgwick returns. In the fall shows Prada, Rochas and Gucci models clapping thick and long lashes straight from the 1960s.

Eyelashes again triumphantly back into vogue, this time with a puppet Twiggy look.Forget natural, carefully glued beam cilia: the shows Fall Winter Collection 2014/2015 makeup artists together said “no” eternal nude and decided to bet on a puppet image of the 1960s. And they can understand: no make-up does not look so innocent and at the same time dramatic as thick lashes of the sixties swing.

Have already become cult lashes like Twiggy and Eddie Sedgwick widen eyes, making eyes more and visually expressive. The main thing in such a manner – not to be afraid of excessive artificiality, to emphasize the lower eyelid and eyelashes twist.Which focus on the eye allows you to save the image of light and avoid accidentally turning into evening makeup.  Despite the common trend, makeup artists shows offer a variety of options and give us complete freedom in the interpretation of the trend. Can be converted to look into the puppet using false eyelashes, mascara normal or even just draw them with a soft pencil for the eyes.

Prada present their version of the 1960’s look, “gluing” the cilia-like spider legs and adding image pastel blue shadows with blurred Tinto coral lips. Makeup artists show Rochas show the trend at the same time on the upper and lower lashes, putting it on a completely “naked” person models, and Gucci limited grotesque lower  overhead lashes, slightly emphasizing the upper black mascara and eyeliner line.

Trend: in the style of Twiggy eyelashes (photo 1)
Trend: in the style of Twiggy eyelashes (photo 2)
Trend: in the style of Twiggy eyelashes (photo 3)

On the show make-up artist Tom Pecheux Vionnet to create a puppet look did not use mascara and false eyelashes – he just painted a soft pencil on the lower eyelid three vertical lines, similar to the eyelashes, which were immediately added models look naive drama. So feel free to experiment with different techniques and tools.

Trend: in the style of Twiggy eyelashes (photo 4)

Sticking to tradition is only in colour scheme: carbon black or, in extreme cases, asphalt gray – the right choice, and colourful eyelashes and mascara, prevailing in the summer collections, should be postponed until.

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