Trend: A Space Odyssey

Trend: A Space Odyssey

Autumn designers urge buyers to escape from earthly concerns and instead of looking at the ground, trying to keep balance on the high heels, looking up – the sky.There, high up in the clouds, the realm of the unknown begins: the stars and planets are formed in the galaxy, cosmic expanses plow interplanetary ships, and the Jedi and Vulcans are hiding from cameras earth satellites

Show on trends approaching the autumn-winter season, we decided to start with the trend, as far away from all earthly troubles: and from talking about comfort, which has become a new driving force of fashion, and from everyday reasoning about what outerwear to buy for the coming winter and how not to get on the first day things trendy pastel shades. See above! On the space ship flying away from the surface of Mother Earth into the unknown and the infinite space, losing weight is not only the human body and the usual household items, but also all the past, too earthly problems. In the end, even if the front of the Victoria Falls, or just a very beautiful sunset Moscow freezes, realizing how insignificant your life is in comparison with the surrounding beauty of what you feel, they find themselves alone with infinity?

Trend: A Space Odyssey (photo 1)
Opening Ceremony, Narciso Rodriguez, Diesel Black Gold

It is unlikely that many of us can now afford expensive trips to the stars, who sell the company, specializing in space tourism. Although someday, maybe even fly to the moon – a good scrubbing tiles tiling noble, meet earthlings bread, salt and spacesuits, innovative features  - will be something completely mundane, as now traveled to Egypt or Turkey. “No, parents are again being dragged to the moon … again nothing to write an essay about this stupid stupid summer, which I will spend on a stupid rock …” – say, a bored teenager, whose soul is torn to intergalactic rave on the third ring of Saturn.

In the meantime, we can only look at the stars, throwing his head up and trying to see them through the city smog. Or stare “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” – if you sit in front of a sufficient number of hours, you can really turn out to be almost in space, side by side with the Jedi, Captain Kirk and crew of “Babylon 5.” Although the first part of all these cosmic epic shot almost before the revolution, today look ridiculous, almost childishly naive and touching. As, however, and the film records the return to Earth of the first people who have flown in space.

Trend: A Space Odyssey (photo 2)
Jean Paul Gaultier

Space has long stirred the minds of men. And the designers of the new season, as if by agreement, or in unison seeing “Gravity” with Sandra Bullock, developing a space theme, displaying virtually any questions on the shelves. Sisters Mallivi of Rodarte and design duo Preen printed on their sweatshirts and dresses portraits of the heroes of “Star Wars.” Jean Paul Gaultier makes real space suits for the most stylish space tourists – it seems to go into space was going to Lady Gaga? Lado Bokuchava of Atelier Kikala reliefs inspired by the moon, while others, including Karl Lagerfeld, generously sprinkled with their clothes the stars, drawing on the podium distant galaxies. Very playful and seems to be the least serious interpretation presented Vivers Stewart, in his first collection for Coach recreated sweater little Danny Torrence from kubrikovskogo “Radiance” – with yellow stars and rocket Apollo USA.Similar cartoons asterisk will appear in the rest of the fall collections, and in truly astronomical amounts. But it’s still a little different, have an earthly story.

Trend: A Space Odyssey (photo 3)
Trend: A Space Odyssey (photo 4)
Atelier Kikala, Cacharel
Trend: A Space Odyssey (5 photos)
Chanel, Fendi
Trend: A Space Odyssey (6 photos)
Maxime Simoëns
Trend: A Space Odyssey (7 photos)

Trend: A Space Odyssey (8 photos)
Ohne Titel
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