Tiny chests pendant Louis Vuitton Collection Petites Malles

Tiny chests pendant Louis Vuitton Collection Petites Malles

Collection Petites Malles, inspired by vintage luggage past Louis Vuitton, will be available in the form of three gold pendants-trunks

Guests of the March show Louis Vuitton in Paris intently examined  every detail of the collection,  which was to be expected – after all début  Nicolas Zheskera the post of creative director.  Besides large earrings in one ear, repeating the form of the little lock, little key and luggage tags, no less hitched look and gold chests pendant.

Tiny caskets marked  monogrammed Louis Vuitton, on a long chain with elongated links  can get closer to the heart of just 4,500 euros and 300 euros more expensive cost oblong mini-case. Created in the image and likeness of the traditional line of luggage, all three trunk Petites Malles easy to open, that is completely useless, but touching and moving.


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