In pursuit of A SLENDER FIGURE girls often adhere to principles, imposed by society. Many people believe thatWEIGHT LOSS is impossible without exercise, others do not eat after 6 pm, while others believe that franklyHARMFUL STARVATION – the best way to lose weight.

What are the principles of weight loss are myths and which – true? Understand this will help us Ekaterina Belova, dietitian, therapist, a member of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists, head of personal nutrition “Palette Meal.”

Myths about weight loss

 Myths about weight loss

Myths about weight loss

Myth about weight loss number 1: do not eat after 6

Not true. Everything depends on the WAY OF LIFE of man and what time he goes to sleep. The main rule is – do not eat for 3-4 hours before bedtime. If you go 9-10, then after 6 there is not worth it, but if later, then, respectively, and time changes.

Myth number two about losing weight: You can have anything up to 12 days

Not true. 12.00 you can eat so much that the “rule” may not work. This misconception is really promotes weight loss, but gives results only because after 12 hours of the day the person starts to follow the diet and limit yourself.

Myth number 3 about weight loss: weight loss is impossible without physical exertion

Not true. Helps to lose weight DIET and sport – no. Due to physical strain muscles tightened, the figure is getting better, but at the same weight may increase as muscles weigh a lot. But to BE IN SHAPE , losing weight really is better to engage in fitness and sports – so the muscles and skin will be in good shape.

Myth number 4 about losing weight: fasting – the best way to lose weight

Not true. Fasting – not the best way to lose weight. Many are bad enough – too. MEALS should be moderate and balanced. And during the fasting people really lose weight, but usually at the expense of water and muscle mass while causing harm to the body not receiving the required amount of nutrients.

The Truth About Losing Weight

 Facts about losing weight

Facts about losing weight

Fact number one about losing weight, those who lose weight quickly, as quickly gaining the weight back

True. Rapid WEIGHT LOSS is due to water loss. To split the adipose tissue, need a lot of time, so weight loss should be gradual and not rapid. If the body is starved for some time after switching on the normal diet menu it begins to store everything that was stripped. That is why the lost pounds quickly come back, and sometimes with a vengeance.

Fact number two about losing weight: diet and blood group are not related

True. Indeed, there is no connection between diet and blood group. Therefore, BLOOD GROUP DIET – it is rather a myth. Those who try it, start to lose weight, but it occurs due to the fact that a person begins to monitor their diet and limit yourself to certain foods. In these cases, the body usually starts to feel a lack of nutrients, which strongly affects the well-being.

Fact number 3 of the weight loss: a balanced diet promotes weight loss

True. Balanced diet – this is very individual: it is chosen doctor with the many features of the organism of the individual. And that’s really the only correct method of weight loss.

Fact about weight loss number 4: You can lose weight without dieting

True. But despite what is meant by the word “diet”. If you mean a hard limit in the diet, fasting, then yes, it really can not lose weight. Effectively and without harm to health helps to lose weight the correct balanced diet, which can also be called a kind of diet.

Weight Loss: Myths vs right?

 Myths vs Facts about losing weight

Myths vs Facts about losing weight

Quitters often recover: myth or truth?

Indeed, many smokers give up the habit, gaining weight. But it has nothing to do with nicotine. Weight is typed, because people often replace one another habit instead of smoking and start there often, snacking. HOW TO QUIT SMOKING AND NOT GET BETTER , you can read on our website. By the way, smoking also contributes to weight loss.

Water helps to lose weight: myth or truth?

This statement is the truth. But do not forget that TO LOSE WEIGHT WITH WATER is possible, if only to drink clean water, and not replace it with drinks such as tea, coffee, juices and sodas. Due to the water body feels better, all processes work more properly. But if you drink a lot and it is wrong to eat, it has no effect on weight loss.

Cold food helps to lose weight, because the body expends its digestion more energy: myth or truth?

There is a grain of truth, but COLD DIET is not the healthiest weight loss method. The food must have an average temperature that is to be not too cold and not too hot.

Snacks are harmful: myth or truth?

Snacks are required! Ideally there should be two – lunch and afternoon tea. Will they bring the body to harm or benefit depends on what snacking. If it’s chocolate, chips and fast food, of course, no nutrients the body does not get it.

For “healthy” snacks are ideal fruits, milk and milk products, the right grain sandwich with vegetables and lean meats, light salad, dried fruit, some nuts. If you had a light breakfast, then lunch must be more dense, and vice versa: if you choose a hearty breakfast, then let it be undershot easier.

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