Naturalness is always relevant and in demand. Millions of people choose naturalness throughout, because the beauty given by nature, has a magnetic charm. Shaped nails, which is inherent in man from birth, is of great importance. Square, trapezoidal or round nails appropriate in any situation, because not contradict the natural contours of the female image of harmony.

Shape nails depends not only on the individual preferences and the structure of arms and hands, but also the lifestyle of its owner. Medical professionals, cosmetologists, massage therapists, teachers and many other professions girls should not wear nails with sharp corners that could injure someone. This same rule applies to mothers who are dealing with babies, because the baby’s delicate skin can easily injure long fingernails. In this case, the girls give the nail plate round shape, to recreate that is not difficult.


Rounded nails – selection of active members of the fairer sex. Due to its practicality and incredibly elegant appearance form semicircle is considered ideal for short nails . Give the necessary outlines tips you can use nail files. Before the process of sawdust is recommended to treat the cuticles and give your nails well-groomed appearance. Range of beauty treatments: bath and nourishing mask for hands and nails perfectly soften and moisturize the delicate skin.

Making the free edge of nails, be careful that they are all the same length – is inviolable rule any manicure.Even trim nails, be guided by the shortest of them to everyone else had the same length. Technology design rounded tips will be presented to you in the final video tutorial. The round shape of nails, made by all the rules, should look like the picture.

round shaped nails


The classical form of crescent suitable for girls who are used to short nails. Neat round tips show diligence and activity of its owner. On the surface of these cute and very feminine especially marigolds need to create a gentle and graceful design. You can enjoy the atmosphere of extraordinary lightness and softness, when reviewing the photos at the end of this article, which presents options for nail art for round ends.

What kind of design is ideal for round-shaped nails? Will appropriate for such a classic shape of the free edge jacket? What jewelry and decorating methods are valid for the tips in the form of a semicircle? In continuation of this article you will find the answers to all your questions, and the most original and interesting options for rounded manicure nails waiting for you in a wonderful photo gallery.


Spotless short nails with oval tips – standard of femininity and attractiveness. Even a simple clear coat that gives a glossy sheen, looks very stylish. When choosing pastel colors you will be able to set off the perfect shape of the nail plate, emphasizing flowing lines and bend the free edge. Varnishes pastel palette was created in order to decorate nails in the form of a crescent. Look at the picture and you will see how extremely gentle and sweet design can be made in muted soft colors.

round nails with pastel design
pastels rounded nails Glitter
round nails with a neat decor
stylish colorful nails rounded shape
spring and summer design on nails round


Classic jacket or updated variations – perhaps the only design that is suitable for all forms of nails. Neat smile line, follows the contours of marigold makes fingers more sophisticated by adding the image of its owner certain amount of charm. This option is relevant nail art and at work, and at the party. In order to give solemnity manicure, decorate nails pattern and add a small amount of jewelry. Use for decorating small elements, as large parts on round marigolds will look pretentious and tasteless.

gentle jacket with round nails
round nails with classic service jacket
stylish jacket with a pattern on nails round
red jacket with round nails
jacket with an unusual smile on his round nails


The rounded shape of the nail plate is very beautiful and in harmony with the moon manicure. “Upside down jacket” in the milky pastel shades will please many tsenitelnits beautiful nail art. Enhance the effect of pronounced line of miniature stones laid along the contour “lunula”. Fine contours of marigold in a semicircle, decorated in pastel shades milky admirable. Lunar Design and French manicure transform fingers, making your hands more expressive and elegant. Convince yourself by looking at the lovely photos.

gentle moon manicure on nails round
moon manicure on nails round
moon design rounded nails in dark colors
moon nail art colors in wine
black and pink moon manicure on nails rounded

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