Approaching the traditional time of summer vacations, and the question “What to bring?” Worth more than ever urgent. Each of us wants to look irresistible, and for this we have to not only visit dozens of stores, but also delved into a huge stack of fashion magazines and websites to find all the fashion trends this season.

We decided to find out what is really trendy this season, and experts chain stores Rendez-vous helped us find fashionable footwear and accessories from the recent collections.

The leading fashion summer 2014

On the beach

Models of the beach summer 2014 collections are elegant, original and feminine. From these, you can easily create your own unique and attractive image.

Designers are advised to stay on the beach dresses and sundresses complex cut, simple rectangular tunics with slits, coats and capes in various styles. Still trending asymmetrical cut, transparent materials, knitted and lace patterns.

An alternative option could be wide beach pants, shorts and flirty overalls.

Supplement this image can flip flops and slaps with metallized items or decor of beads and stones.

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