The Art of snacks: Useful “fast” food

The Art of snacks: Useful “fast” food

Our expert on healthy eating talks about what is the proper snacking and how to prepare for it

No matter how we tried, guided by the noblest of intentions, to adhere to proper diet, involving three steps high calorie, perfectly balanced meals a day, the reality of modern life is that the more calories we get from random snacking. That is why it is important not to lose your head when your stomach gives noise.  

First of all, learn to understand the ingredients. Get used to read the information on the packaging before putting into the mouth of its contents. Snacks are usually advertised as “healthy” foods, but in fact they often contain not useful components: trans fats, hydrogenated vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners and dyes, excess sugar or salt, and various chemical additives (all the words on the packaging that you do not understand). Be demanding to structure your snacks – choose foods that contain as little as possible ingredients, and those that would recognize and your grandmother! This applies in particular filled the shelves of candy bars, and nutritional value of which may be very different. If some of them are quite high-quality source of energy, while others are overloaded sugar substitutes, artificial additives and empty calories that will not do you any good.

Art snack: Useful "fast" food (photo 1)

Anyone with small children, holding a bag of some snack just in case, and I advise everyone to adopt this useful habit. The greater the supply of healthy snacks in the space around you, the less likely that hungry, you make the wrong choice. Keep in the car, velosumke in the desktop, in your purse or backpack – wherever you spend your time, and in all that you carry with you – several options for nutritious snacks. You will be portable containers or bags with reusable lock, which can be worn nuts (preferably raw, not roasted, without salt) or ready-mix of nuts and dried fruits, seeds, gluten-free drying and crackers, rice cakes, cabbage chips, desiccated coconut , bars (with a minimum sugar content), so they are always at hand. 

Art snack: Useful "fast" food (photo 2)

In addition to the above foods stored for a long time, start slowly adding fresh fruits and vegetables – it’s easier than you think, if you plan ahead a little. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind – it’s apples because they are easy to carry (and now we have a portable package of almond oil, which is so wonderful with them combined), but the vegetables can be just as comfortable. I try to wash vegetables on Sunday, when I have free time, so all I have to do in the morning or even the night before – it is in a hurry to build a cutting of my favorite foods (dill, cucumbers, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, peppers ) and put it all in the package. You can do this when they get breakfast at school for their children, I often do this in the morning, cook a little longer until my oatmeal. You can bring a jar of hummus to spice them vegetables, or just use them in their raw form – in any case, a vegetable appetizer – it is the best choice.

Art snack: Useful "fast" food (photo 3)

So, learn to read labels and plan ahead – a bite wisely, enjoying the live energy of healthy foods throughout the day, and for all forget about the sweets! 

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