Summer pedicure: seducing each step

Sure you have bought at least one pair of stylish summer sandals or barefoot. Outdoor shoes requires special care to take care of beauty and WELL-GROOMED FEET , in particular, pedicure.

Pedicures not the cheapest SALON TREATMENT , and in the summer season it is indispensable, so many girls do pedicure yourself at home. First, it saves a personal budget, and secondly, in the main, a great pleasure to receive grooming themselves.

Today in our collection are a few simple tips to make your home PEDICURE turned out very economical, but perfect for summer and fashionable. Follow them – and tempt every step!

Tip for home pedicure number 1: “Cleaning feathers”

 Tip for home pedicure

Tip for home pedicure

First of all, create the basis for future perfect home PEDICURE . Take away the old nail polish with a liquid that does not contain acetone. Cut the part of the grown nails to desired length and signature, to give them the desired shape. It is advisable not to round the ends. First, it is unfashionable, secondly, threatens ingrown nails.

Sawing motion to perform better in one direction, for example, from the corner of the nail to the center – back and forth motion “razlohmachivaet” layers of the nail plate, and the nails become more brittle. The final touch on this stage care – grinding. Gives more smoothness of the nail plate, walking up to him a special party sawing. By the way. An important tip: to your Grinder Nail has served you longer, experts advise to wash it in soapy water. My following its procedure and then thoroughly sushi.

Dining : nail polish remover without acetone ORLY Nail Polish Remover, 120 ml  Set for manicure and pedicure Solingen, 7 subjects

Tip for home pedicure number 2: “Games in the sand”

 Tip for home pedicureTip for home pedicure

To create the perfect home pedicure you need peeling or SCRUB to get rid of foot corns, calluses and rough skin.Of course, a single procedure peeling your feet will not be perfectly soft and smooth: the summer is recommended to stop exfoliation followed by the application of nutrient and moisturizer at least 2-3 times a week.

Scrub softens the skin on the feet, eliminate cracks and removes dead skin cells. Good massage feet with scrub and then wash off it. Love homemade cosmetics? Try instead of peeling out of the store to take advantage of fresh juice of lime or lemon.

Dining : Bottega Verde Foot Scrub with pumice granules Aeolian, 100 ml  Night & Day Cream Foot Scrub Pediscrub, 250 ml

Tip for home pedicure number 3: “The Secret of Cleopatra”

 Tip for home pedicureTip for home pedicure

Of course you know the legend of how the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra loved milk baths. Take her secret adopted – on foot bath will need from 500 ml to 1 liter of heated milk (as you can see, not so much), diluted with warm water.

You may also make the tub of warm water with sea salt or your favorite scented oil. Here you will see what will become soft and smooth SKIN of feet. At this stage, please use care wand from an orange tree to move to the base of the nail cuticle and clean everything under the fingernails. Some experts, however, making pedicure, cuticle on the nails of feet is not removed, because they believe that it could be dangerous. Indeed, in the microcracks can become clogged with dirt and start inflammation. But you’re a neat girl?

Dining : Treets Bath salt in the form of a globe, “Passion”, 180 g (149 rub.) NSP Tropical Mists Scented bath oil, 120 ml

Tip for home pedicure number 4: “Life-giving magic moisture”

 Tip for home pedicureTip for home pedicure

At this stage, start home pedicure foot massage with moisturizing cream or oil. Do MASSAGE the way you want, randomly alternating between stroking, patting and vigorous kneading motions.

Then wipe the remnants of the cream or butter with a paper towel and lightly dab the nail plate with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover. So you degrease the surface before applying their new varnish.

Dining : Bio Creative Moisturizing Lotion Foot Pedi Sation, 200 ml RICA Orange Massage Oil, 500 ml

Tip for home pedicure number 5: “Summer in color”

 Tip for home pedicureTip for home pedicure

The most interesting and creative part of a home pedicure – selection and application of the desired shade of nail polish. FASHIONABLE COLORS OF NAIL POLISH THIS SUMMER – coral, orange, yellow, gold, grape, metallic (especially silver), and brilliant neon colors and more muted, “smoky “shades. Also in the display style pedicureNUDE with a solid color paint and the classic “jacket”.

Determined with a hint? Apply a layer of nail varnish-one basis. It was easier to apply varnish, take advantage of the separator finger or put between the tube of paper napkins.

Now, with an interval of 5 minutes Apply two thin coats of color polish. Kras three strokes, striking first at the center of the nail.

5 minutes after the second coat of colored nail varnish please use transparent: he will fix the main color on your nails. Incidentally, the trend is not only transparent but also holographic, with the effect of gold or silver dust or wet nail coating …

So, your home PEDICURE almost ready. Now find yourself a pleasant experience for 20-30 minutes, for example, take a walk on a favorite site or read a magazine to finish finally dried. For hedging can apply another layer of topcoat day later.

Dining : Frenchi Products Smart Enamel. Diamond substrate  Maybelline Nail Polish 94 Rambutan Colorama Tropicana OPI Nail Polish A Grape Fit NLB 87 Essie Quick-drying topcoat To dry for Essie INM Holographic nail coating Silver INM.

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