Tipe of skin

The largest organ of the human body is the skin. It consists of several layers, performs several functions. What we see on the surface, only the most superficial layer of skin – the epidermis. It consists of dead cells, the layer which protects the inner layers of the skin from the adverse effects.

Epidermal cells are exfoliated and constantly growing inside, so updated. Epidermis itself consists of several layers under the epidermis is the dermis. Dermis – it is actually leather, and she also has multiple layers. It contains blood vessels and nerves, connective tissue fibers and muscle fibers. It gives the skin dermis elasticity and strength. Under the dermis is the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

Leather – amazing organ. It not only effectively protect the organism from external penetration of ultraviolet radiation, but also has elasticity. She stretched in need, heal when wounded. It is not always skin can handle the amount of damage. If it is sufficiently large, the epithelial cells can not manage to proliferate and replaced defect via connective tissue. Everyone knows that the smallest scratches tightened skin, and from a large wound scar remains. Scar – this is the portion of the connective tissue, replacing epithelium.

Stretch marks appear as a result of sudden changes in skin

Stretch marks appear as a result of sudden changes in skin

This site is different in properties from the rest of the skin: it can not burn, does not stretch this plot no receptors, and it has no sensitivity.

Skin cells constantly divide and during injury or increased load sharing accounts active. But the speed is limited to dividing cells is biologically possible, it can not increase many times.

Increased load on the skin arises from a variety of situations. For example, if the body is quite sharp increases in volume, the skin should be stretched. That is for an increase in volume should actively share cells of the dermis, synthesized collagen fibers sprout blood vessels and nerves. But these processes are not always kept pace with the needs. In this case, skin striae occur – places where the skin to replace the connective tissue.

The people of these areas are called stretch marks, believing that this is a reaction to the excessive stretching of the skin.

Causes of stretch marks

Stretching the skin does not always lead to the formation of stretch marks. They are formed not every woman, even during pregnancy. Sometimes postpartum body no stretch marks, and during feeding they appear on the chest. In 10% of cases with extensions already faced by teenagers, they occur in athletes in active training, but may appear, on the contrary, the patient human endocrine disease.

Observed that more stretch marks appear when a combination of two factors: hormonal changes and the rapid increase in weight, volume. For example, during pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone inhibit the production of collagen fibers. The skin becomes more vulnerable and delicate, and the need to stretch increases dramatically.

Hormonal system is rebuilt, not only during pregnancy, lactation, but during puberty, when steroid use by athletes.In all these cases, the skin becomes thinner, resulting cells do not have time to share with the right speed and microscopic tears occur upper layer. In these places, the epidermis is replaced by connective tissue of the dermis.

But some women have stretch marks appear after the first pregnancy, and the other can give birth to more children and did not have any. Besides hormonal levels and rapid increases in the appearance of stretch marks determine the individual properties of the skin. These properties are passed genetically from mothers and grandmothers.Some women – happy owner of supple leather. They do not put absolutely no effort, and look young. Others achieve the same results only regular beauty treatments.

Very often, stretch marks appear during pregnancy

Very often, stretch marks appear during pregnancy

Predict the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy can by analyzing skin type woman: if she has wrinkles, dry skin if she had. If her mother and grandmother have stretch marks, and they will have it, most likely.

But this process is influenced not only by genetics. Matter the quality of food, the consumption of adequate amounts of vitamins. Smoking makes your skin drier and less elastic, and therefore increases the likelihood of stretch marks.

In his youth, the skin is more elastic, so the probability of occurrence of striae in late pregnancy is higher than the earlier one.

How are extensions

Stretch marks are changing throughout life. First, a pigmented bands parallel to each other. Color stretch marks can vary from light brown to bluish. Colouring stretch due to the presence of vessels in the tissue. Gradually changing the color of stretch marks: they will become brighter, whiter, pearly become.

A few years later striae almost merge with the natural color of the skin. The only problem is that these places do not tan, so the tan streamers are clearly visible.

How to prevent stretch marks

Reasons for stretch marks are formed can be divided into systemic and local.

For systemic reasons is attributed the lack of vitamins, hormonal changes. Some factors can not be changed. For example, during pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone inhibit the production of collagen fibers. It is a natural course of events, to prevent such an action of hormones on collagen impossible. But can affect other factors prevent vitamin deficiencies, provide the body with sufficient amounts of protein.

In some cases, it becomes effective local action on the skin in places where the volume increase is active. To do this, use special creams and moisturizers. These measures will help to reduce the likelihood of stretch marks, but completely prevent their occurrence only rubbing cream does not succeed, because the causes of stretch marks deeper than dry skin in a particular place.

Prevent the formation of stretch marks is much easier than to treat them.

Overall health

  • Need a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins, minerals and proteins in food. Perhaps vegetarians should reconsider their menu enrich its animal protein, at least temporarily. The diet should be present any pregnant proteins in sufficient quantity. Collagen and elastin – proteins which are synthesized from amino acids only. In case of lack of proteins, amino acids with a deficit, they will focus on the growth and development of the child. If this lactation – so important – it is the synthesis of milk, an athlete in the first place to grow muscle. In any case, the body is not important the appearance of our skin. Therefore, proteins in the diet should be sufficient, even an excessive amount, if and to the dermis need building material enough.
  • Should be excluded from the diet of sweets, flour products and high-calorie meals. They do not benefit, but contribute to the rapid weight gain.
  • The slower stretched skin, the less likely the appearance of stretch marks. Therefore, you should watch weight during pregnancy, not to accelerate the pace of training for athletes and possible not to use steroids to accelerate the increase in muscle mass. Stretch marks on breasts appear when it overflows. Situation can prevent frequent nursing baby.

Local effects

  • Massage with peeling improves skin, increases blood flow in its layers. Good nutrition will allow cells to divide actively.
  • Skin must be constantly moisturize and nourish creams. There are special line of cosmetics for the body that are released to prevent stretch marks. These creams contain vitamin E, very effective with cocoa butter cream.

Need to care for your skin to prevent stretch marks

Need to care for your skin to prevent stretch marks

Stretch marks often appear during pregnancy and in this case there are a few special tips:

  • Cost to wear a bandage to maintain the abdomen. This will ease the burden on the skin, because it supports the stomach.
  • Bra should support the breast. It must be sized on wide straps, natural fabric is recommended. The chest should be slightly raised.
  • Prepare the skin for testing during pregnancy and lactation worth advance: recommended daily cool shower with rubbing with a towel.
  • Recommended plucking massage problem areas. Apply to the skin worth butter or cream for a good slip, you can use milky lotion. The massage is done with thumb and forefinger to a slight reddening of the skin.

Treatments for Stretch Marks

If, despite all efforts, stretch marks yet appeared, it is hoped to get rid of them. Engaged in the treatment of stretch marks professional beauticians. Here are a few treatment options.

Laser resurfacing

Each streamer – it’s tripe, but very superficial. Therefore, the removal of several top layers of skin not only eliminates the already formed stretch marks, but also stimulates the production of new collagen fibers. It improves skin tone, its elasticity. As a result, the appearance of the skin improves.

This method is not cheap, imposes a number of restrictions. After the procedure is not recommended to go out in the sun, go to the cold for a while. Cosmetics and drugs also have to choose carefully. Treatment can be carried out not earlier than six months after childbirth.

Completely get rid of stretch marks, you can use professionals

Completely get rid of stretch marks, you can use professionals


This intradermal injections of vitamins, homeopathic medicines and medicinal extracts. In the skin, accelerated metabolism, reduces stretch marks practically disappear.

Ozone therapy

Ozone treatment is indicated if stretching emerged recently. This technique also stimulates the metabolic processes in the skin. It is advisable to visit at least ten sessions of ozone therapy. The procedure has contraindications.

Chemical peel

Exfoliation – the removal of the upper layers of the skin. In this case, this is done by applying a chemical substance which removes the top layers of the skin. As a result, stretch marks are greatly reduced.

Just to eliminate stretch marks show wraps, thalassotherapy and hydromassage

Folk remedies to combat stretch marks

Improve the metabolism in the skin and can be less radical means. Their effectiveness, however, is somewhat lower, but no contraindications. The big advantage is low cost and resources.

Traditional methods - a simple way to reduce stretch marks

Traditional methods – a simple way to reduce stretch marks

Stretch marks are treated with various essential oils. This almond oil, rosemary oil and petit grain. Recommended to regularly rub these oils into the skin with stretch marks.

Almond oil is probably the most convenient to use: it does not leave marks on clothes, it is easy to find in the pharmacy, it contains many important vitamins and minerals.

Helps stretch marks and mummy. It is better to buy in a pharmacy in liquid form, but also in tablets can also be used. It should be mixed with baby cream and rubbed into the skin three times a day. This cream is stored in the refrigerator, and not more than three days, so do not do it a lot.

Another way to fight stretch marks is a new bath. The whole procedure helps to improve the blood supply to the skin, allows you to remove the top layer of skin. And if bathing procedures complement peeling effect is bound to be noticed.

Remove stretch folk remedies to the end is unlikely to succeed, but the majority of them, after a few months, are almost invisible. Stretch marks fade, get color, and decreased slightly with treatment, not spoil the appearance.

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