Just rung the first spring thaw, and many girls are already mulling his summer manicure. Someone guided inner convictions, and someone important to look not only beautiful, but also stylish. At this year’s fashion shows featured quite discreet, relevant in everyday life nail art. Therefore, every woman will be able to determine the most suitable design nails and fill the coming summer fresh colours.

In the trend in 2014 – natural and naturalness. On the catwalks models showed the world of nail art that is moderate, but at the same original style. restrained colour palette, as well as the short length of marigold – the main components of fashion manicure this season . Our photo gallery will help you determine the most appropriate for you stylish design nails.


Summer 2014 – the perfect time for the manifestation of his personality. The main favourites of the season is white and beige carpet. Delicate weightless color will melt on your fingers, giving you a feeling of freshness and naturalness. Soft shades can be used for manicure monotonous and as a basis for a variety of patterns.

In fashion translucent coverage and rich shades of varnishes. One of the main trends of the season – match the colour gamut of hair and nails . If you are attracted to, for example, green or blue tones, prefer more modest pastel designs. But wine burgundy shades can safely decorate their nails, attracting additional attention. We offer you with the ideas of monotonic manicure photo collection.

trendy white nail design for summer 2014

beautiful beige fingernails girls
perfect nail design for the sea
pale pink manicure for summer
monotonous stylish manicure in pink
rich wine shade on nails
nails to match hair color



Nail design in retro style again on top. Fashion Week 2014 has breathed new life – mainly manicure was executed in muted soft colours, in contrast to previous trends contrasting combinations. Beautiful nails with delicate compositions perfectly stress the elegance and grace of the female pens.

At the shows were presented and new fashion season, including “reverse” moon manicure. It’s an interesting vision of retro design many nail art connoisseur had in mind. In such a design classic version moon manicure looks like upside down – shifted semicircle on the tips of the nails. Trendy nail art is as relevant as in pastel natural colors and contrast, in bright contrasting colours. Summer nail design in retro style is presented in the following photos.

elegant moon nail art for every day
gentle moon manicure for spring-summer season
stylish nail art for summer
luxury moon manicure in wine colors
classic pastel moon manicure
new moon manicure for summer 2014
trending moon nail design for summer


You prefer to embody more bright and flashy manicure ideas? Especially for hot summer days and active you can think of very colourful varieties of nail art. Bright composition yellow, blue and black colours perfectly underline your outstanding character.

Trendy fancy manicure can be supplemented most unimaginable figures and abstractions. Bright and unusual nail design set you apart from the crowd, and this summer is sure to leave behind only pleasant memories. Find yourself a manicure original photos in our gallery or by connecting imagination, create something of their own.

abstract design nails with fashion show 2014
interesting abstraction in summer nail-art
cool manicure for the sea and the beach
beautiful nails for the summer 2014
beautiful floral manicure for summer 2014
trendy white nails with stylish abstraction
trendy nail art for the summer season
Abstract gentle manicure for summer 2014
air summer manicure with flowers
bright nail design for summer 2014


If you like striped manicure, do not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy your favourite design. Trendy nail art is perfect for a business lady who can not afford to implement all the ideas fully. Laconic lines arranged vertically or horizontally, give a correct image of austerity and mystique.

Summer manicure with stripes can be supplemented by a variety of geometric shapes: triangles, ovals, and other drawings. Fashion in 2014 nail art is perfect for a hot vacation. In the photo you can see the bright idea of ​​stylish manicure with stripes and various elements of geometry.

elegant geometric design nails in pastel colors
cool rainbow nail design for summer 2014
beautiful and fashionable striped summer manicure
root nail art blue and pink design
trendy geometric nail art on nails
discreet and elegant manicure with stripes
stylish white nails with beige stripes
trendy summer manicure with stripes
bright colorful manicure for summer 2014


Yesterday was a very topical emphasis on one or two fingers. This was achieved by painting nails in a contrasting colour. Today, the essence of the idea is somewhat altered. Fashion shows was presented manicure where nails are not allocated colour, and volume elements. To create a 3d nail art can be used rhinestones, liquid stones and other decorative components. To better appreciate the beautiful designs, we offer you to see a few photos.

nyudovy summer manicure with rhinestones on the ring finger
summer gradient with rhinestones on nails
surround decor on nails in style confetti
summer nail design with surround decor
Option 3d-manicure for summer 2014

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