Always striving for the perfect look pushes girls experimenting with looks. And if the unfortunate haircut is very difficult to change quickly, then clawed in this plan a little easier. Therefore, experiments with manicure become bolder features, because at the request failed attempt to quickly replay. This applies not only to design but also to the shape of the nail plate. Today shaped nails can be different. One model has classic features, the second – a manifestation of extravagance, the third – combines both, and more. One thing remains constant: every girl can easily choose a few of the most harmonious options. Shape nails Edge («Age”) belongs to the third group. Nails, decorated in such a way can be described as “classical modernity” nail art industry.

Want to learn about the original extension technology more? Then get ready to flow very useful and interesting information which will be accompanied by a colorful photo materials. You will also learn about the intricacies of the complex process modeling nail style “Age” and get acquainted with the most beautiful design options.


Form “Age” looks elegant and stylish thanks to the clear edge that passes through the middle of the nail plate. This unconventional approach to modelling gives nails outlines some greats. The author of the original idea is Valentina Denisenko – specialist nail service of the highest level. Nails by Ukrainian master are called “Age” without reason, because Edge English translates as “edge”, “face”, “blade”. These associations give manicure certain amount of spice. Is like an exclusive design for sharp blade? Photo gallery at the end of this article will help you find the answer to this question.

Valentina Denisenko developed own creation due to high requirements for strength and durability of artificial nails that do not require frequent correction. Simulation, made in the style of “Age”, prized for their versatility, because the owners of any suitable natural nails. Visually lengthening nails, pointed shape lends exquisite charm of female hands.

author shaped nails Edge Valentine Denisenko


Nails, resembling a thin edge of a blade, created with the use of all standard modelling techniques of artificial material, but suggest the presence of enormous experience on the part of the wizard. Only proportioning and considering geometrical features, you can count on a perfect result . In addition, there are some nuances that distinguish the standard procedure of building modelling techniques “Age”.

  1. Before fix a paper template for modelling, it is necessary to bend along the longitudinal axis to form a sharp line ribs. Consequently, the application of the material and the shape will be slightly different than creating other kinds of marigolds. Modelling gel or acrylic should be distributed from the edge, that is the centre of the nail, to the edges of the form. Such a clear break guarantees durability marigolds.
  2. Form “Age” suggests that in the centre of the nail plate should be the highest point, which contains more material from the other portions of the surface. For this modelling layer of gel is applied in several stages.
  3. Cut artificial nail is made from the sides to the centre. Tips eventually have to remind the sharp peaks. The idea is so pointy nails – the usual manicure girls predator, but our collection of photos will convince you otherwise. Refined and extended by a peculiar form of a rib and fingers look very feminine and elegant.


Becoming the owner of such marigolds, you can not afford any design that will match your mood and style.Unique refraction of light that occurs due to the edge, creates a stunning effect. For the same reason, it may seem unusual, even a simple jacket, as V-shaped smile line transforms nails beyond recognition.Manicure style “Age”, decorated with stucco or contrasting patterns accentuate the shape of nails and winning will become part of a luxurious evening image of the girl, and strict lines or geometric figures – an indispensable attribute of nail art business lady. Many interesting ideas for design marigold “Age” you will see in our photo collection.

Classic french nails on Age
gorgeous nail design Age
Nail Design Edge in a marine style
Stylish shaped nails Age
Edge nails painted and sequins
Age shiny nails short length
Edge shape of nails on hands of bride
two color jacket on nails Age
subtle and delicate nails Edge
luxury shaped nails Edge

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