“You see, the real Duchess very often do not know how to keep themselves; they are so stupid that they imagine that their situation to people good manners come by themselves, and therefore do not want them to learn. “

Bernard Shaw “Pygmalion”, 1913

B-r-rr! How are we tired of these common printsessochki who have learned by heart like a book “How to be a lady”: always look brand-new, do not keep the skeletons in the closet and smile-smile-smile as advertising with pictures, no matter what was happening around him. These hardworking girls are afraid to even think once again about something more adult and remind us … animated dolls who pulled the strings are the same soulless puppeteers.Against this background, Cressida Bonas, new bride OF PRINCE HARRY , seems to us a breath of fresh air – it’s alive, funny and free from dogma, complexes and prejudices (safely can, for example, appear on the Glastonbury music festival with an ale in a plastic cup in his hand, that other princesses absolutely unthinkable!), and besides, it seems, have not watched any of the series “Sex and the City” and does not know that tightening the hair in a ponytail with a piece of colored cloth so only provincial flower of “Pygmalion”, which had a special passion Professor Higgins! Yes, you read that right, Cressida loves scrunchy – the ones that with crystals, flowers, feathers and all means of velvet, the sun casting some particularly ignoble glare …

Watching again as Cressida carefree gum change one another, we decided to remember the rules of this lady, and accompany them funny collages with your favorite accessory this bully – anti-Katherine, if you will – which very soon could become the second daughter OF PRINCE CHARLES !

Rule number 1

“This lady never go to extremes – either in behavior or clothing, not wearing too short skirts, deep cleavage and screaming accessories and jewelry.”

Rule number 2

“Accessories and jewelry from a lady this costume, help complete the look and style accents. The best are those that are combined with each other and not for show. “

Rule number 3

“The use of colored rubber bands, large, and even more bright plastic hair clips for this lady – a taboo. Hairstyle must be created using hairpins, hair drawn up at the request of a diadem. “

Rule number 4

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