All of the girls have an urge for perfection, because the perfect appearance gives us an undeniable confidence. Perfect female figure represents the harmony of all its elements. That is why even the most miniature detail is of great importance, being part and parcel of a lovely lady charm. Well maintained and decorated with a beautiful nail-art pens female occupy a leading position in the development of individual style. The correct form of the nail plate is able to hide some of its flaws and essentially transform fingers.Many girls think that the shape of nails “Almond” – the most successful variant, as represents the combination of femininity and passion at the same time.


Almond-shaped nails are always popular with the ladies, because it follows the natural contours of the line of the nail plate. Slightly pointed rounded nails are considered classics, but to simulate the ideal shape, reminiscent of almonds, very difficult. Observe pinpoint accuracy when placing the free edge of the nail, not to make too sharp contour or overly oval. In addition, the most difficult task in creating gourmet almond shape is what you need to do all ten nails same.

Of course, an experienced professional nail deftly and quickly give the necessary tips and create outlines on the surface of a great design. But if you decide to simulate almond nails yourself, then be prepared for the fact that the first time an ideal option may not be possible. However, patience and dedication will help you to master complex technology to create flawless nails, similar to almonds. For clarity, we offer you to see what it looks like right almond shape modelled on the photo.

correct form of nail almonds


Correct almond shaped nails has one very important feature: the filing of the nail plate must be ensured that the free edge gradually tapered to the centre but at the same time was not too spicy. No corners and edges should not be. Such a model nails got its name due to the obvious similarities with walnuts. More rounded at one end and pointed on the other – almonds has flowing lines and sharp contours. Natural and Grow nails, dressed in such delicate natural features, conquer its elegance, whatever their design or decorated.

Almond-shaped nails can recreate different ways. We consider the most widespread technology design fingertips, which is performed in several stages.

  1. Using nail file or nail clippers should be given claw square shape. Make sure that your nails on both hands the same length.
  2. Then compose the free edge of the trapezoid, cut clippers or nail file sharp corners of a square.
  3. Now nail file to gently round the four corners of the trapezoid to finally nail became the most similar to almonds.

Almond shape is particularly attractive in that the length of the free edge can be adjusted and modified as desired. Equally well be advantageous to look medium and long nails, modelled in a similar way. However, be aware that the almond shape of the tip should not be too short. free edge of the nail can not be less than the length of the nail bed ! This is the main rule that must be observed to the whole manicure design and decorating fingers looked harmonious and appropriate.


Almond-shaped nails perfectly complement any image. Universal classical form appropriate always and everywhere. Convince yourself by viewing our photo gallery containing various options nail art on nails that looks like almonds.

French – current and popular nail design that is suitable for all occasions. Stressing the smile line, you accent attention to subtle contours of the free edge, making female fingers sharper and elegant. Classic French manicure made in pastel and white – ideal for the office. Adding some ornaments in the form of stones or delicate drawings, you can create gorgeous nail art for the evening out in the light. Colourful photo almond shaped nails will tell you more than any words.

abstract jacket on almond nails
almond black jacket on hand Adele
elegant french on the nails in the form of almond
Double french manicure on nails almonds
classic jacket with a pattern on nails almond
beautiful almond-shaped nails painted
romantic hearts on almond nails
stylish design almond-shaped nails
bright pink jacket on almond nails
gorgeous jacket with gorgeous paintings

Feminine and elegant almond-shaped nails look wonderfully if they decorate aquarium design or volume modelling. This festive nail art for any special occasion. Such topical manicure for brides and graduates who think through all the details in advance of its image. A few photos to help you appreciate the beauty of the perfect form.

aquarium design, almond-shaped nails
elegant and stylish nail art on nails almond
form of extension nail between almonds and stiletto
aqua fruit on the nails in the form of almond
almond-shaped nails
Naroscheny nails almonds with stucco
Naroscheny almond shaped nails
nails almonds effect aquarium
luxury nail design in the form of almond
great design with almond-shaped nails modeling

At the same time sharp and rounded nails are equally good, if covered and plain coloured varnish, or decorate an interesting design, made with the help of drawings and decorative elements. Combining contrasting colours, different textures using varnishes, lace, stickers, rhinestones and so you can create the most incredible composition. True connoisseur of beautiful nail art can choose for yourself some great options manicure which stress the merits of almond-shaped nails. Bright picture will help you with this.

almond-shaped nails Hollywood star
harmony of blue almond nails and accessories
juicy yellow nails almonds
matt black manicure on nails almond
bold red nails almond shape
cool design almond nails to a celebration
colorful frosted almond shaped nails
luxury sharp nails in the form of almond
almond-shaped nails with fashionable nail-art
almond-shaped nails glamorous design

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