Despite the fact that the pumping was known as early as 1500 BC, for most people it seems new and experimental method of cleansing the body.

Intestinal – this “internal bath”, which helps to clear it of accumulated poisons, gases, feces and mucus. The doctor enters the water through the rectum, and then begins the process of softening and removal of harmful substances.

This is an incredibly useful addition to any cleansing program. During the program, you get rid of all the harmful substances in their unhealthy diet. Products such as rice, nuts, beans, help remove accumulated harmful substances and washing accelerates this process, saving you from debris. This is the simplest and most effective diet for quick weight loss per week.

The doctor will ask you to lie on the couch or a special bed, resting on the lower part of the body towel or sheet. Purified water a certain temperature under slight pressure is delivered to you in the intestine through the rectum. The doctor may use massage to help the water to clean the intestines, soften fecal matter, which then will be displayed along with the water.

Intestines work in stages. Every time water is poured in and washes away its contents until until nothing is left. The treatment lasts less than an hour, and the attitude towards the customer throughout the entire process extremely attentive doctors are fully aware of the unusual circumstances of the procedure. Your doctor may recommend how many more such sessions you will need, and what supplements you need to restore intestinal flora.

After cleaning the intestines, as well as after complete water purification, you have a good feeling, a feeling of lightness, clarity of thought, a burst of energy, you get rid of weight in the stomach, constipation, and you improve the skin. The so-called water diet for fast weight loss is very effective in the fight against obesity.

Intestinal may seem strange method of complementary therapies – we usually comes to mind, or aromatherapy massage. But if you’re already thinking about how to use this method to find out what will be the effect, or do you think it helps, but they never dared to go to a specialist, it is time to try and do!

It is painless, it is unusual, you feel great, besides it is another way to clean the body and rapid weight loss.

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