Mesotherapy – is one of the most contemporary and modern aesthetic medicine procedures, which can successfully correct cosmetic flaws and age skin problems.

Mesotherapy for the face, body and hair as a cosmetic procedure

What is the essence of mesotherapy? The fact that the cosmetics that we all use, feed moisture and nutrients only the top layer of the skin and the active metabolism, whereby the skin remains healthy and rejuvenated, is the most active in the deeper layers. And mesotherapy solves this problem by introducing the necessary cosmetic preparations is in the deeper layers of the skin.

How does mesotherapy

This happens by means of special needles just do not think it’s a needle in our understanding. Beautician holding hands in a special gun called mezoinzhektor that uses very thin and short needles, leaving a minimum of marks on the skin and cause virtually no pain. Thus, in the middle layers of skin are introduced very small doses of biologically active cocktails, ingredients are chosen according to the specific needs of each patient.

The composition of cocktails for mesotherapy usually include vitamins and minerals, and fat-vasodilating substance, as well as some other medical preparations with plant, animal or synthetic origin. Composition of different cocktails, depending on the problem to be solved by mesotherapy.

Why mesotherapy

Mesotherapy useWhy need mesotherapy, what benefits it will bring to our body, let’s find out. So, individually tailored cocktails improve blood circulation, stimulate metabolism, accelerate the regeneration of that, in particular, contributes to the disintegration of fat and removal of excess fluid. Through this mesotherapy can be used not only for correction of age changes of skin, but also to combat cellulite and to eliminate excess fat in problem areas of the body. Also allows the use of mesotherapy effectively eliminate seborrhea, acne, vascular fishnet rosacea. Mesotherapy helps smooth age spots, stretch marks and scars, treats hair loss and their other diseases.

How long does mesotherapy

Mesotherapy runs approximately once a weekUsually the doctor will determine the number of sessions of mesotherapy individually, but the average rate is 6-10 treatments, with each session held approximately once a week. Upon graduation, the patient should undergo regular maintenance therapy, and primary treatment can be repeated after six months.

During mesotherapy patient may experience pain caused by the action of certain drugs cocktail. The intensity of the pain varies from drug administration techniques, and the individual patient’s sensitivity. Often occur at the site of the red spots, but they are within half an hour. Perhaps within a few days the patient’s body will show signs of needles, but bruising and swelling are extremely rare.

Mesotherapy – face, hair and body

Mesotherapy for face and bodyMesotherapy courses can be conducted for the treatment of skin, hair or body. Mesotherapy person can tighten the skin and make it a more youthful, fresh and supple. Mesotherapy successfully fights age spots, acne, spider veins, enlarged pores on the skin. Mesotherapy hair relieves seborrhea, promotes hair growth, strengthens them and prevents hair loss. Mesotherapy body is able not only to eliminate cellulite, but also remove puffiness, soothe sore joints, get rid of heaviness in the legs. Application of this technique allows to achieve visible results by minimally invasive effects on the body and thus ensures long-term preservation effect.

Finally, we note that mesotherapy has been actively developed and is already implementing in cosmetology bezinvazivnye (ie without needles and injections) methods of delivery of nutrients to the deeper layers of skin. Note, for example, oxygen mesotherapy and elektroforatsiyu.

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