When to seek remedies for some ailments , massage has become something useful and necessary for many people. The benefits they produce help improve certain discomfort.Backrub

As a condition arises in any part of the body we hand rub the damaged area immediately, which does not always cure the pain, but produces an instant feeling of relief, just as mentally caress received spontaneously help calm the psychic wounds s.

And, through physical contact is possible to get new energy to our body, willing to release tension and get things back to flow normally.

The Importance of Massage

When muscles are tight or have been subjected to too much effort accumulate toxins that cause pain, stiffness, or muscle spasms. By increasing circulation to the muscles, massage accelerates the elimination of these toxic substances. Massage makes you get fresh blood and oxygen to the tissues so that the recovery process of injuries and various diseases is lightened.

The Greeks anointed their bodies with olive oil and essences after sporting events and so did Roman gladiators to relax and as a warm up before fight in the circus.

Despite its proven value, since the fall of the Roman Empire, the habit of using massage and was abandoned in the Middle Ages this practice was associated more with the eroticism health.

Use as a regenerative treatment has recovered in recent years, in many diseases. The best treatment is one that combines massage with other practices.

Massage a set of movements that are made ​​with relies hands and performed in an orderly manner over a specific area of the body using stretching and rhythmic compressions.

Depending on the type of massage that we apply, different results will occur as a result of pressure from that stimulate the nervous system of the treated area. Moreover, the dilation of blood vessels occurs, increasing capillary filtration which in turn produces a calming effect. Massage also have adirect action on blood circulation and lymph which is produced by the reflection mechanism.

Massages also have beneficial effects on the skin, in the first session this becomes softer and thinner, as more massages become harder it will be turned without losing the softness achieved.Moreover, as the massage is encompassing most of the surface of the skin , cleans it of all impurities, removing dead cells located. favors perspiration also cleaning the ducts of the sweat glands.

Some medical conditions such as mechanical and joint problems , solved or come to relieve pain, which is the most annoying. Therefore rapid recovery of muscle injuries, primarily sports use. In the competition is used as heating and prevention of injuries and after exercise to recover frommuscle fatigue .

They are also useful in headache tension-type, in lumbago and sciatica in the cervical contractures, thoracic or lumbar and the circulatory disorders .

Massage and its benefits

For its relaxing effects, massage is a useful tool in some psychiatric problems, now the stress , theanxiety and depression , our daily lives to combat it are different kinds of massage ,  therapeutic massage , reflexology , shiatsu , acupressure , etc.

In some countries these treatments are implemented in hospitals as complementary treatment to traditional methods.

The benefits of massage in the nervous system are:

  • It has calming effects of pain.
  • It promotes physical and mental relaxation .
  • Diminishes the tension and pain, which prevents states of stress, anxiety and insomnia.

The benefits of massage internal organs level are:

  • Enhances the activity of internal organs.
  • Helps eliminate organic waste.

The benefits of massage are subcutaneously:

  • Facilitates fluid absorption , preventing swelling.
  • Dissolves fat deposits , thus preventing cellulite.

It also has some contraindications that should be considered:

  • Skin infections (avoid the affected area).
  • High fever and diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, thrombosis or phlebitis.
  • Burns.
  • Cancerous tumors.
  • In pregnancy or menstruation (avoid abdomen and ovaries).
  • Inflammation.
  • Bone fractures.
  • Open wounds.

Massage can be used alone or as part of a plan to improve health in other elements such as diet, exercise, or meditation are included.

Massage classes

Some types of massage, best known are:


It means “to do with his hands , “born of the theory that the welfare of the body relies on the correct position of the spine. It follows that structural alterations of the position of the vertebrae can cause crushing of the nerves that leave the marrow and spread throughout the body. Therefore themasseurs work the spine to correct problems of bones, muscles and nerves.

This massage is suitable for back pain , neck, head, limbs, even some internal organs such as the stomach, dizziness, and also for sports injuries. It is not advisable in severe blood circulation disorders, fractures or bone diseases.


The sports massage is used in any plan of physical preparation . Whatever the sport, how hard you train or practice it is advisable to start thinking about massage as a necessary complement to augment a standard in athletic preparation.

After training or practice, sports massage provides relaxation necessary. Helps the muscle-tendon formations relieve accumulated stress during exercise. Sports massage is ideal for rehabilitation following any sports injury.

Each injury involves a specific sports massage; therefore favor the rehabilitation bruises, strains, tendonitis, sprains and muscle tears .


This massage is relatively mild andpromotes relaxation, combat fatigue, stressand insomnia .

It relaxes the nervous system producing a calming effect by acting on nerve endings, relaxing sensory fibers, relieving headaches and migraines caused by stress. The relaxing massage is used in the treatment of stress, anxiety and to enhance the immune system.


The therapeutic massage is a treatment that uses changing manipulation of the structures of “tissue thin “the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle cramps and stress, promote health and wellness. It also improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, the muscular system, the skeletal and nervous system .

Using different techniques achieve a balance in health and in good mental and physical state staff.


The lymphatic system is responsible for transporting lymph from the interstitial tissues to the venous system. Residues, impurities, bacteria, which are derived from the blood and tissues and not reabsorbed by the blood, lymph vessel end.

This practice of lymphatic drainage  is used to absorb excess interstitial space substances, draining and transport to the vascular system.

It is appropriate in lymphedema, flevoedemas, lipedemas, postoperative edema and rheumatic disorders . It is contraindicated in acute infections, heart failure, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, hypertension and malignant tumors.


The pregnancy is a special time in the life of any woman. It is a time when the body undergoes various changes and these are both at, psychological, physical, spiritual and social, some of these changes are stressful and uncomfortable, massage helps to reduce some of these problems.

The pregnancy massage is very beneficial if this is normal and always with proper precautions , it is advisable to consult a health professional before getting massages during this period.

BABY MASSAGE                                                                     

Also known as Shantala . Its origin comes from India .

Infant massage calms the children , makes acquiring more resistance in the body, it gives them peace of mind in sleep and a good psychic development.

A baby feels loved, is a healthy and happy baby. We also encourage you to be a balanced personwith good self-esteem.

Its main mission is to improve and enhance the mother, father and son communication, if the baby has any problem should consult a qualified professional.

It is advisable to wait about eight weeks from birth before starting any massage, but from the first day is very important and beneficial to pet the baby.


This massage is based on different oriental techniques of massage that work with the energy meridians.  Allows inharmonies prevent and reverse, while it strengthens the immune system.

The Tui-Na is one of the three main elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with acupuncture and phytotherapy. The Tui-Na is used to relax, but can treat, stress, headaches ,fibromyalgia and other ailments.

Use different hand techniques such as pushing, pressing, rotating, kneading, tapping, joint manipulation, passive movements and stretching.

It differs from other massages in their energy efficiency,  working with different techniques that produces a constant vibration and repetitive, it penetrates where the energy is blocked, circulates again.


The Shiatsu is of Japanese origin and its goal is to improve health by stimulating the body’s natural ability self-healing as taught pressures throughout the body.

It can be applied to muscle aches, fibromyalgia, back pain, neck pain, back pain, sciatica , tendonitis, stiff neck, stress, insomnia, headaches, digestive disorders, pregnancy and postpartum, also in menstrual disorders … and others.

Through its gentle pressure and stretching, this massage eliminates contractions and back pain caused by stress and poor posture.


It is a comprehensive therapy that works with the whole organism (muscles, bones, ligaments and connective tissue). The practitioner of osteopathy can stop on a specific area of pain but without abandoning the consequences that this injury causes in the body. It uses various massage techniques: push-ups and a gentle massage to the soft tissues and some joints, joint mobility for the joints with limited mobility, soft, light and slow pressure to the most sensitive areas. To an osteopath, there is always blocking before organ damage is given. Dysfunction is found and unlocked, which makes everything that is around them to circulate and not compressed.

Movements of Massage

Some movements that are used in any of the massages are:

The rub that is done very gently sliding the palm on the surface being massaged.

Friction , where the hand firmly adhere to the skin, and mobilized on the surface plane.

The kneading , try to compress and mobilize the muscles and tendons that goes hand touching.Commonly used both hands, but with a can also be practiced.

The percussion consists of small energetic taps to tissues, this can be done with the palm or the fingertips.

Vibration , with a steady hand, conveying a kind of rhythmic tremor forearm muscles are those that reduce vibration fingers.

Not everyone has the same easy to reach orgasm and blockages that can be solved with massage.Some problems associated with premature ejaculation or anorgasmia in women, which has to do with fear or a lack of acceptance of one’s body, can be alleviated with massage. The best way to solve such a blockade is to stop obsessing about it.

Massage is more than just physical contact; its importance lies in the emotional warmth. Its effects do not occur just by the simple physical contact, but are induced from the positive state concentration of massage. In a massage much more than physical palpation, no anatomy, biomechanics there, no matter physics and physical energy, but above all, no communication, acceptance, empathy and affection.

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