Manicure takes place separately in the image of women; it can be used to express mood, accents in the image or to attract the attention of others.This spring, the fair sex will find a solution to all problems in actual pastel shades, interpreted in unusual designs.

To manicure looked beautiful we must be able to prepare your hands to manicure .

Trendiest variations nail-art were showcased at fashion-shows spring-summer collections. Costumes by fashion designer, great harmony in combination with unusual stylistic devices in manicure.


So, what colors were on display in the fashion catwalks? At the peak of popularity shades of green, orange and yellow palette. But not bright and saturated, but slightly bleached, vintage, reminiscent of pastels for drawing. The most memorable seasonal produces steel varnishes Vinylux ™ American brand CND, combined in a landmark series of Open Road. At the show designer Michael van der Ham have been demonstrated incredible design combination of these colors.

Nail-art number 1. Passions on the Impressionists

Fashion Nails 2014

Fashion Nails Spring 2014

Fashion Nails Spring-Summer 2014

Interest in painting does not fade in the age of computer technology. More and more people tend to fill our lives with art. A manicure in spring 2014 reigning passion for impressionists. Fashion designers have developed an inimitable laboratory CND nail-art based on the painting by Claude Monet “pond with lilies.” Texture and color spots on nails transitions play like lilies on the water. Pink, yellow, green, gray – of these fragments manicure turns into a real masterpiece!

 Fashion NailsFashion Nailsbeautiful manicurebeautiful manicure

Nail-art number 2. Vertical gradient

manicure 2014gradient manicure 2014

Color transition or the so-called gradient has long been fond of modern fashionistas and probably already mastered the technique of each of its execution. But what if you get away from the usual performance of this technique? Nail-leading designers offer this spring from templates and flip the image! Vertical gradient – a godsend for fresh very inspiring experiments on the time of year. Want to repeat a nail-art in the photo?Use shades of nail Vinylux ™ Powder My Nose, Sun Bleached and Mint Convertible. The first color acts as a background basis, and the other two-miscible transitional tones.

Nail-art number 3. Nude-transformation

beautiful manicure

beautiful manicure

At the show fashion duo The Blonds incredible delight called tender and at the same time provocative design in beige tones. This means that this season is also popular all nude-manicure, while it welcomed the transformation! Use solution CND nail-specialists and arrange accents. All that is needed – to do an imitation of the “reverse” tunic using large sequins. As if by a magician nails turn into an expensive and stylish decoration. Open a little secret. Want to design kept as long as possible?

Follow it with a gel varnish Shellac shade Powder My Nose of a new collection of Open Road and a 2-week nail-art will make you happy every day!

gel nail manicure

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