Summer collection of Madeleine played out in the spirit of pure femininity. Long flowing skirt flatter the female figure, short stylish blazers will adorn any outfit and brightly colored shirts show that summer dreams come true. Summer collection feature a variety of materials, colors and shapes. Feminine lightness and courage define the color trend of the summer. A combination of various materials, shapes and colors will create the perfect summer look – and let triumphs feminine sensuality!


Madeleine - Fashion Spring-Summer 2014. Review.


For summer is characterized by good humor and lightness, and it is suitable for all lung tissue enveloping the body. Especially for pleated skirts luxurious and high quality materials are at the forefront. Shirts and jackets made of pure silk and sweaters cashmere light summer will give your skin a feeling of pure luxury. First-class appearance of the season you will receive through various combinations of skin. Practical jeans in various trendy colors can not get into your wardrobe. Blazer and trousers made of pure linen, air and light, must also accompany us during the summer. Feminine fashion reaches its peak in sweaters made of cotton and high-quality Jacquard.

Madeleine.  Summer 2014 fashion magazine.

Bright colors.

Colorful summer comes under the slogan “the more colorful, the better.” New and unusual colors such as tomato, vanilla, mint, blue, coral, fuchsia and green grass color imbued now wardrobes. Combinations of colors wealth with large bright floral patterns. Air dresses, pantsuits or fitting leather jacket with bold cutouts. Color this summer – it is a very special show.

Madeleine - fashion summer 2014. Trends in colors.


Attractive bracelets, necklaces, earrings and matching handbags are necessary accessories this summer. Any outfit, complete with stylish accessories, will look complete and will attract attention. Again, fashionable colors in the foreground. Whether they are bright, black and white, pastel or metallic, they serve as the perfect decoration for any situation and will make a special summer outfit.

Fashion summer 2014. Accessories.  Trends from Madeleine.


For those who do not like the bright, the soft pastel tones and apricot or earthy shades are also trendy colors of the season and will give your mind naturalness and elegance. All this is perfect for a light airy skirts or pants with blazers, sports jackets or combination skin.

Summer 2014 fashion colors. Fashion Magazine Madeleine.


Enchanting sensuality gives new collection of underwear from Madeleine. Fitting design forms with seductive lace inserts promise unforgettable moments.Absolute wah brings a new line of lingerie modeling, which combined anthracite and berry acts fabulous and romantic. Elegant nightgowns with guipure lace adorn private moments. A person who wants to feel perfectly at home can wrap yourself in a stylish fluffy and soft velor suits.

Summer 2014. Trends fashion underwear from Madeleine.

Black and white.

In addition to these fresh summer shades contrasts are especially noticeable. A special highlight of this season is different variations of colors and patterns, which are colorfully combined with each other. The focus of the combination of black and white. Contrast these colors reflected in the stars and stripes.From pleated skirts with zebra prints to dress patterned in a checkerboard pattern. Now everything is permitted!

Trend of the season - black and white.  Madeleine Fashion Magazine Spring-Summer 2014.

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