How often in the pursuit of a beautiful figure you deny yourself your favorite delicacies? Now it is not necessary! Just so we are assured manufacturers of low-calorie products. And you’re willing to believe them. And then it turns out that the numbers on the scales are not reduced, and added. How so? You ask yourself.Let’s deal. The fact is that there are no state standards “low calorie” foods.

But the consumer word acts as a magnet. But what is hidden in foods such is not always beneficial for our body. In order to reduce the energy value of the product, the manufacturer replaces the traditional components of a variety of analogues. Put margarine instead of butter instead of real chocolate – soy.

Vegetable fats replaced animal fats, egg powder replaces the usual eggs. And so you did not notice the obvious difference in the taste of the product, its richly seasoned flavor enhancers and odor. Today you will not find a product in which there would be at least one preservative, stabilizer and emulsifier.Everything is done to ensure that the product is stored as long as possible. Artificial prolongation of life.

Reducing the fat content of the diet products , no one forbids the manufacturer to add carbohydrates, whose number in the product may exceed the permissible limits. Do you think that cake with the words “low-calorie” is really the same as stated on the label? And here and there. Examination conducted by the International Confederation of Consumer Societies, showed that almost all low-calorie foods remain so only on the label. Their real energy value is much higher than is written on the packaging of the product . Advertising product is just aimed at gullible buyers such as we all. Coming to a store, we can not be absolutely sure of what to buy the correct and healthy product. Everywhere substitutes, preservatives.

And strange notation E, which cleverly and securely hide exactly what components were used in the preparation of a product. If you want to lose weight, go to the right and healthy food. Your consumer basket should not be filled to low-calorie cakes and pastries, and fruit and vegetables. If you want to pamper yourself, buy sweets and candies – those considered the least calorie sweets. Among the listed calorie sweets, which is composed of nuts, nougat, caramel, chocolate and dried fruit.

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