New research has proven that if you are trying to lose weight, you need to keep track not only of how many calories are in the food that you eat, but also for when you eat it: for example, if the lunch – it’s your most satisfying dish days, the later you eat it, the slower will lose weight and vice versa.

In other words, the later you eat your main course, the harder you will lose weight, according to researchers from Brigham Women’s Hospital and Tufts University in Boston (USA).

Study’s lead author Frank Scheer, Director of Medical chronobiological programs and junior researcher, neuroscientist, said in his report:

“Our results suggest that people who eat at a later time of day, lose weight much less and slower than those who dines to 15.00.

In the study, Scheer and his colleagues analyzed data on 420 men and overweight, who participated in the 20-week program for weight loss in Murcia, Spain. In this Mediterranean region, the main dish of the day for lunch and it was considered to be of a local population receives nearly 40% of their daily calories.

About half of the study participants were women, their average age was 42 years, and about half of them ate their dinner at an early time (up to three hours a day), while the other half – in a later (after three o’clock in the afternoon).

The researchers found that those who ate lunch earlier, lose weight significantly better than those who prefer to eat at a later time.
Those who ate his lunch in the late afternoon, lose weight more slowly, and they observed a reduction in sensitivity insulin, which is a known risk factor for diabetes.

The study also consider other factors that may affect the rate of weight loss, for example, total caloric intake, energy expenditure, hormone levels appetite and the sleep time.

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