Lose Weight in Greek Style

Greece – an incredibly beautiful country with stunning kitchen. On the azure beaches of Greece is rarely seen obese people. This is due mainly to the fact that the basis of their dishes are fruits and vegetables, herbs and cheeses – with such a diet is not exactly rack up the weight, so the Greeks and have plenty of physique.

Basic rules of diet food in Greek.

1 Green and black olives. Eat as many as you want, it just will rejuvenate your body from the inside. This, incidentally, applies to olive oil. After all, anti-aging products contain olive extract – the tree of life, which is able to grow more than a thousand years, and always bear fruit.

2 Cheese and herbs. Natural cheeses and fresh herbs – a guarantee of the body of nutrients and vitamins. Besides – it’s so delicious to eat a sandwich from the dried slices of bran bread, spread with mascarpone with chopped fresh herbs in it and decorated with sliced ​​olives and cucumbers rings. And most importantly – a sandwich useful and will not harm the figure.

3 Salads. We all know the famous Greek salad, it’s even worth to use lean meats instead of a side dish. Vegetables, olives, cheese and olive oil – it’s just a fountain of youth, a storehouse of vitamins and fiber.

4 Given that Greece – the country of the sea, it is not surprising that the basis of the diet of people living there is fish. Take their example – a piece of baked salmon with lemon and olive – a great dinner, which will saturate the body in unsaturated fatty acids and beneficial protein.

5 Water. In Greece, there is quite hot and drink plenty of water, do to you as well. Half to two liters of water a day will provide you with a decrease in appetite and necessary skin hydration from within.

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