Lose weight in 9 days

This 9-day diet of margaritas Kovalevoj accelerates the metabolic processes in the body due to the abrupt change of the products in the diet. It’s a pretty balanced diet, but like any other diet, it can not be abused. It is not recommended for people with kidney disease and cardiovascular system.

The diet consists of three cycles of 3 days, during which the same products are used.Throughout the 9-day you should drink plenty of fluids – about 2 litres a day. 

The first three days (first cycle) eat rice. Glass rice is left in cold water for at least 8 hours and then thoroughly rinsed and boiled long quarter hour. Eat it by the scheme – a glass of cooked rice eaten in the morning, the rest of the rice eaten in equal portions every hour. During this cycle occurs cleansing the body of toxins and remove excess water.

Next three days (second cycle) feed protein food in 5-6 meals per day. Use boiled chicken without skin, boiled fish or lean beef or mutton.

The last three days of diet (third cycle) feed vegetables. In addition, be used raw boiled, stewed or steamed vegetables. Per day is necessary to use 800-1000 g of processed or raw vegetables, divided into 5-6 parts. For this cycle to clean the intestines and improves the function of the digestive tract as a whole (due to the use of large amounts of dietary fiber).

After a 9-day diet to fix the results it is recommended to increase the amount of plant foods in the diet. In addition, immediately after the diet is recommended to go for a couple of days to split meals and limit your intake of fats.

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