Causes of sagging

The appearance of the defect may be due to many reasons. The most common of these are:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth. During pregnancy abdominal muscles and the skin under strong pressure from the uterus, which quickly grows in size. For this reason, the skin and muscles are stretched strongly, losing its former elasticity. The situation may be exacerbated after cesarean section.
  • Intensive shedding weight. With the dramatic weight loss skin does not have time to adapt and move to its permanent state, which could result in wrinkling and laxity.
  • From other causes of sagging skin are the lack of physical activity, which leads to the fact that muscle atrophy, and metabolism slows down.
  • This also should include the wrong food. Soda, chips, fast food, convenience food – it is no secret that this is an extremely negative impact on the shape and condition of the skin.
  • Not less common cause is stress, during which at the fair half of mankind often appear irresistible desire to eat to satiety hazards.
  • Well, of course, another reason is the aging of the body, resulting in loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin.

How to deal with misfortune?

A huge number of women mistakenly believe that the local impact on the problem area can lead to positive results.Many start, for example, to infinity rock press, waiting for a positive outcome in the short term. In fact, as it did not sound nice headlines and titles of movies, such as “Tighten stomach for seven days” or “WAVE abdominal skin for five minutes a day”, in practice things are quite different.

First, it should be understood that the problem is in the form of sagging skin does not appear you have one or two days, respectively, and you’ll fight with it for longer than one week. In addition, it is important to remember that this result can be achieved only if take comprehensive measures. Thus, we consider them in order.

Balanced diet

The key to success in this business is to review your diet and switching to proper nutrition. In any case should not sit on the exhausting diets, offering to throw 10-15 pounds in one month. Rest assured, as soon as the end in such a diet, discarded weight comes back with a vengeance, taking with him a couple more extra pounds.

Healthy eating will make a beautiful figure

Healthy eating will make a beautiful figure

It is important to learn how to eat healthy and balanced. In your diet must be vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, nuts, dairy products, cereals, as for the normal functioning of the organism must do proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Way of cooking is better to choose baking, steaming, braising or cooking. Avoid fried, oily, overly salty and peppered food. Eat more protein foods, they allow the muscles to recover and improve metabolism. Nutritionists recommend eating 5-6 times a day in small portions.


Recommended to eat more fish and vegetable products. They contain antioxidants and essential fatty acids have a beneficial effect on the recovery processes. In addition, scientists have proved that improves skin elasticity soy, so it is also recommended to add to your daily diet. These foods are rich sources of protein, which supplies our body with beneficial amino acids, helps restore skin elasticity and updating its top layer – the epidermis.

Water balance

It is imperative to remember about drinking water. Need to use about half to two liters of pure natural water daily. It helps to normalize the water balance, removes from the body toxins, significantly improves skin elasticity. In addition, water has a positive effect on the digestive processes, speeds up metabolism and ensures stable operation of the body.

Fat burning workout

By fat burning training relates swimming, cycling, jogging, skiing, jumping rope. To undertake such training does not require special shells. All you need – this desire. Even if you can not ride a bike, ski or jump on the rope, you can safely arrange a 30-60 minutes a day dancing, climbing stairs, or to arrange a morning jog. Thanks cardio training you will not only get rid of flabby belly hated, but also to improve the cardiovascular system, as well as overall health.

Daily jogging increase the tone and give you health

Daily jogging increase the tone and give you health

We should also mention this kind of fat burning workouts like swimming. This method not only brings good results in a short time, but allows you to relax, relieve stress and have fun. Besides swimming, while in the pool, you can perform various exercises of aqua aerobics, which increase the fat-burning effect.

Strength training

Very good way to bring the muscle tone and tighten the skin of the abdomen are weight training at the gym. Initially a better deal with a coach who will choose an individual program, weight and will follow the technique exercises. If you do not have the opportunity to attend a sports club, do not despair. There are plenty of effective exercises to break all wrinkled and sagging skin in the abdominal area, which can be done at home.


Here again, it should be recalled that if your classes will consist solely of the fact that you will rock press, the result will be! Strength training in the gym or at home should be carried out comprehensively. Exercises only the abdominal muscles will help to strengthen them, but not to remove loose skin. To achieve good results the emphasis needs to be done to train all muscles (legs, thighs, buttocks, abs, chest, arms, back). Note, the larger muscles in your body, the more energy is required by the body, respectively, is burned more fat!

Hula hoop to help you

Among fitness trainer opinions regarding the use of the hula-hoop vary significantly. Someone says that the hoop helps to fight sagging and wrinkled skin on the abdomen, someone says no. However, even if not a hula hoop helps strengthen muscles, it is a very powerful way of intensive massage the problem area, which also brings results.


Massage – one of the most effective ways to fight for a smooth and elastic skin on the abdomen. Of course, it is better to do it professional. Procedure can not be called tender and in the process the patient may experience pain, but believe me, it’s worth it! The most effective tool used during such procedures is a combination of honey and essential oil. Also, oil may be used in pure form, cellulite gel or cream.

Massage from a professional gives results

Massage from a professional gives results

There is a whole technique of massage for the skin of the abdomen, and stroking it, and circular movements, and patting. If you use honey, while patting the skin of the abdomen is constantly delayed, due to its stickiness, it improves blood circulation in this area, cell renewal and remove excess liquid. In order to see the first results, you need at least 10 sessions of massage, which after a certain period of time will need to be repeated. Depending on the condition and characteristics of each patient’s skin, experts select courses individually.

You can try to make yourself a massage yourself using vacuum jars, tumblers or just hands. Of course, to achieve the first results will take time, but rest assured that they will be! So massage can do neat smooth movements clockwise. In the process it is possible to use olive oil, peach oil, or any other. Also suitable cellulite cream or gel.Is an excellent means of white clay, which regenerates the skin, improves its elasticity and improves blood flow.


Another way to return the belly skin elasticity, firmness and smoothness are wraps. For them, you can also use honey, anti-cellulite gels and lotions, masks with algae or white clay. First you need to thoroughly clean the skin with a scrub. This will allow the pores to open up and take all the useful minerals and honey masks. After cleansing, you should apply the selected tool on the problem area and wrap in cling film. Then you can lie down or do household chores for 30-40 minutes. Upon completion of the procedures necessary to remove the film, take a shower and apply moisturizer.


Very popular today enjoy coffee scrubs are made from coffee beans with the addition of the mummy, honey, milk and other natural resources.

Masks in combination with abdominal wraps help bring the skin tone and moisturize, rectify minor scars and stretch marks. However, it is worth remembering that if you increased sensitivity to cosmetics, there is an allergy when using natural remedies or numb the skin in this area, before using one of these methods is advisable to consult a doctor.

Saunas and baths – combine business with pleasure

In the sauna or in the bath with the water cleans, harmful substances and toxins from the body. If you are going to visit the bath, be sure to grab with a good birch twigs and herbal teas. The result of this approach will not only decrease the volume of the stomach and increase skin elasticity, but also got the pleasure of relaxing and good mood.

It is recommended to choose such sauna and steam room, which features a cool pool. Temperature contrast in the transition from steam into the cold expanse of a very beneficial effect on the skin, toning and refreshing it.


In the fight against sagging and flabby belly after giving birth and rapid weight loss can be a great help mesotherapy. Thanks to special MEZOKOKTEYL belly gets rid of stretch marks and skin firmness and elasticity returns. Modern equipment allows you to enter the injection is painless and the patient does not feel discomfort.Depending on the individual features can be used non-invasive methods.

Plastic surgery

The most extreme way to get rid of loose skin in the abdomen is a surgical intervention. Many, this method may seem simple and easy – went under the knife and got rid of a flaw in one step. In fact, everything is different. First, plastic surgery under general anesthesia – this is always a risk. Secondly, you will have to take a huge amount of tests and pass the necessary preparatory procedures.

It features a plastic surgeon worth resorted to only in extreme cases

It features a plastic surgeon worth resorted to only in extreme cases

But all this is nothing compared with the period of rehabilitation, where patients recover from surgery. There is a constant pain, at least two months must wear special bandages and corsets. Sleep, walk, bend and sit very difficult, especially at first. Not least is the financial side, because, as you know, plastic surgery – not a cheap pleasure. Therefore, before making such an important decision is very good to think – what if you have a chance to fix it without a scalpel? After all, with the help of proper nutrition, sports and other methods, you, in addition to that get rid of the hated sagging belly, significantly improves overall health, simultaneously acquiring useful habits.

And finally …

Remember that everything in your hands and the skin of the abdomen can not lead to a state in which it is at the moment. Therefore, pregnancy belly grease with olive oil or any other essential oils. They support skin elasticity and prevent the formation of stretch marks. In addition, be sure to watch your diet, because every extra eaten chocolate or regular white bread is not going to benefit you and your child, and successfully converted into body fat.Do not be afraid to perform light exercise, yoga for expectant mothers. This will allow the muscles and skin to remain constantly on our toes.

If you lose weight, do it gradually. Not worth going to extremes and sit on a rigid diet. As a precaution, already in the process of losing weight, you can begin to make scrubs, masks, body wraps. And, of course, be possible to carry out at least some physical exercises to strengthen muscles.

But best of all, if the weight will gradually go away, then you do not have to look for effective ways to deal with loose skin that just does not have time to catch up at a pace where you drop excess weight. Do not forget also that rapid weight loss is extremely harmful to the body. In all important measure.

If you start the fight with a wrinkled, sagging skin and stretched belly, bring it to the end. Remember, jogging and exercise must be regular. Turn the hoop at least half an hour a day. If possible do massages, body wraps, and, of course, eat. Believe me, applying comprehensive measures, the result will not take long, and you can once again enjoy the beautiful, resilient body. 

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