Being single is one of the main benefits for you to have as a woman in your  life. Do not worry, though most believe having lost everything, they will  you know, the same friends and even your ex. There will always be a light,  north, something comes out of that darkness you wanted to flee suddenly. It is there  when they leave these beloved friends who want you out of failure, including the  beloved and enduring confident you to your deepest whim.

He did not call me ….

No quick pick me ….

It is behaving strangely ….

I do not even talk to me ….

Why. what. no. me. con.tes.ta.?

Since when are we so concerned the lack of a phone call?

When we leave, we must look with new eyes the landscape approaching,  one of the advantages of being single is that salts with who you want, takes, you  ‘re staying late, look and look all you want, flirt with everyone, you let yourself  say things, accept invitations, salts with or without them, think, decide,  and find out everything you jump.You have no commitments, much less to think about what  evil is a foreign look forward to try everything.

Plan B!

Plan a trip. Think of saving and escape to where the devil got the  last word. There you’ll meet more people of different race, culture, religion,  thoughts, among others. You distract the different landscapes  always used, which allows to refresh your mind, begin to  think differently and renewed arrive anywhere.

Study else, read, draw when you’re in your free time, dances, no matter  if you know, do it, no matter if he’s gone and no longer have to  answer to anyone. Remember that you are master of your own destiny, you are  alone, the idea is not to think more, think more of you, I know it’s hard, but it’s better  to do it, because sometimes we do not realize what we are up to when they  lose.

Do not hide!

Look for them to, your friends, the only ones wanting to weigh your  happiness and not leave until completely calm and happy to see you. If you are invited to  spend a night at a party with strangers, do not hesitate to go, take out the  girl in you, you will see how you smile to know that if they can, why  not you?

If this is spite …

For sites of spite: (recommended for women in the same situation),  the idea is not to tell the same story a hundred times. Rather enjoy and sing  until you out of the site but happy!

Finally, watch movies sometimes roses is not such a bad idea. Distract yourself, there are  many going through the same situation. No penalty miss you, trust you, get to  the street, you’re cute, beautiful and far ahead. You’ll see that will change  this murky scenario in which your ex boyfriend that looked like a torment, is gone  and will be better.

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