Very soon naughty offseason finally replaced by warm days and our berets and caps along with other fall-winter things will go in the closet for a deserved rest. But it is easy to say hats off! .. What if the chances are high to fail the exam for beautiful hair, which annually spring we satisfied? Dim loose strands nobody paint, so today we decided to give some harmful and useful tips for shiny curls. Suppose that the first recommendation, overturning favor upside down, amuse you and help you effortlessly remember recommendations second – right. Learn all the secrets of shiny hair helped us Seraphim Merkulov, salon stylist capital “Persona”, a true professional of his craft, jokingly (or modestly?) called barber craftsman.

Interesting! Healthy glow hair provide two factors. First – sebum, which is evenly distributed when combing through the hair from root to tip, making them supple and protected from adverse external factors. The second condition – dense, on the principle of shingles on the roof of the hair cuticle scales fit together. If the cuticle is smooth and devoid of damage, the hair reflect sunlight and acquire luxurious shine.

My head as little as possible

Fans forget about hygiene or overdo it with styling may well refer to the beauty-trends of the season. After all, on the catwalks of spring-summer 2014 STYLING  effect dirty or wet hair show models Chanel, Monique Lhuillier, Donna Karan, Elie Saab and other famous buildings. Glitz and gloss so shag just does not hold!

Megan Fox, as well as spray-veil for the care and styling Colorcaretherapie Color Care Shine Shake from Matrix Biolage (684 rub.)  shampoo for hair shine Fioravanti from Rene Furterer (1100 rub.)  Spray a gloss hair Brilliant Spray-On Shine by Aveda (1450 rubles).

Megan Fox, as well as spray-veil for the care and styling Colorcaretherapie Color Care Shine Shake from Matrix Biolage shampoo for hair shine Fioravanti from Rene Furteres Spray a gloss hair Brilliant Spray-On Shine by Aveda.

What really? .. Contrary to popular belief, even daily shampooing does not take away the hair’s natural oils produced by the scalp, and interior moisture. The most difficult thing here – to choose for themselves a gentle shampoo suitable for daily use. Experts advise to pay attention to organic cosmetics with gentle washing base – shampoos and conditioners, which are composed of high content of vegetable oils and extracts (aloe, avocado, etc.).

Seraphim Merkulov

Dull, unhealthy hair can be compared with a dirty mirror – smiling Seraphim Merkulov. – If you sprinkle it with varnish, dirt glistens, but no more. Will correct this dirt carefully removed using special tools, thus returning the mirror its original appearance. Same with hair.

We are looking for salvation from “grandmother”

Internet is full of recipes for masks to give shine to hair. In the course of going and eggs and beer, and gelatin, honey and olive oil, and other beauty-cooking. Most diehard supporters care professional curls attack examplesJENNIFER LOPEZ  and Catherine Zeta-Jones, allegedly making beer masks, Angelina Jolie, rinse hair with infusion of black tea … and wood chips, as well as Melanie Griffith, regularly rubbed almond oil into your blond curls.

What really? .. or not to apply national beauty-tools – the choice is yours. First in-chief, on natural ingredients may be allergic. Secondly, who has ever tried to comb out of shag rye bread, curdled egg wash away or get rid of the smell of beer, he will understand what we mean. And let as many write that Heidi Klum hair rinse apple cider vinegar – this product (nastoyaschiy!) roads and there is not in every store, and his surrogates can seriously damage the locks.

Thermal spray asset «Style.  Smoothness and shine "from Garnier Fructis (283 rub.)  smoothing cream with bamboo extract Brilliance Cream of Bamboo series of Alterna (1300 rub.)  Spray a gloss hair Headrush line of Bed Head by Tigi (766 rub.)

Thermal spray asset «Style. Smoothness and shine “from Garnier Fructis smoothing cream with bamboo extract Brilliance Cream of Bamboo series of Alterna Spray a gloss hair Headrush line of Bed Head by Tigi.

Of course, you can, like our grandmothers, every evening impose egg mask on your hair and then wash your hair or horseradish cognac there, believing that in the morning the miracle happens – says Seraphim Merkulov. – 20-30 years ago when other environmental scenario, traditional medicine, and the truth, worked, but now … over it can only be ironic. So down with the initiative and experimenting with food! The only way to safely and quickly restore strength and shine curls – is to contact a qualified hair because each head is unique and general advice on the issue of shine can not be.

Rely on cosmetics with rapid effect

Give your hair shine in seconds promise the various sprays, shampoos, styling products, including trendy carcass, home LAMINATING  and coating for hair. Splattered, smeared, and combed, beautiful, gone! A possible side effect of severe or unwashed stacks (viva, silicones!), Instability or uneven brightness – forced evil, because the beauty demands victims, is not it?

What really? .. In hair care, when it comes to the coveted glow curls worth to bet on serum and air conditioning. The second product to be applied after every hair wash – it helps to close the cuticle, thereby making the surface of the hair glossy. A serum is desirable to use the courses on the recommendation of the manufacturer of each particular beauty-tools and your barber. Classic Salon option to return the hair elasticity and shine – hot oil treatment.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and cream shine Satin Shine Finishing Creme (Brilliant Brunette) from John Frieda (455 rub.)  spray for instant shine K Gloss Appeal from Kerastase (1071 rub.)  Indelible creme formula with easy care Color Therapy from Pantene Pro-V (206 rub.)  shining hairspray from Moroccanoil (1150 rubles).

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and cream shine Satin Shine Finishing Creme (Brilliant Brunette) from John Frieda spray for instant shine K Gloss Appeal from Kerastase Indelible creme formula with easy care Color Therapy from Pantene Pro-V  shining hairspray from Moroccanoil.

Dull hair problem can be solved temporarily by surface moisture and / or restore their damaged structure – explains Seraphim Merkulov. – This method may also help achieve immediate effect, but hardly long. You know how it is: Water and something seems to be good and dry – the problem remained. Of course, you can determine your hair type and the method of trial and error on their own to find a suitable treatment. And then, one day, his hair overloading these helpful, return all full circle, because any treatment should be applied in doses.


The second way – quality, but long, and there is already without the help of a specialist is necessary. Now there are a lot of useful conditioners, masks and fashion enzyme preparations, which penetrate into the hair structure, pour microcracks and restore ruined cuticle, restoring hair strength and shine.

Shiver over long

When the desire to have curls like Rapunzel (well, okay, like Julia Roberts or Katie Holmes) becomes a fixed idea, we desperately do not want to hear the arguments of his barber that split ends – this sentence not only spit to the waist, but also chic shine, which are always different hair healthy and well maintained.

Another craze of the same opera – usually a hundred strokes of the comb, which supposedly help stimulate circulation to the scalp and thereby accelerate the growth of hair. In actual fact “pereraschesyvanie” backfire – hair cuticle becomes more prone to damage, and hence the tendency to curl fragility and loss of living luster.

Julia RobertsJulia Roberts Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

What really? .. Regular trimming of hair and immediate removal of split ends will save your tresses from tarnish and dowdy appearance. HOW TO COMB YOUR HAIR , we have repeatedly been told, we recall only that your main comb should be non-metallic comb with wide rounded at the ends of the teeth. And the habit of combing his hair wet too long should be avoided.

Like it hot!

We live in a harsh latitudes, but because fanatical love heat. Hot bath, hot shower, hot styling … the hotter the better, we believe, that’s just skin and hair somehow believe otherwise, protesting against the regime of tropical care of their dryness, irritation, lifeless (“boiled”, otherwise you will not tell) views and even premature aging.

What really? .. If your hair requires termoukladki, try to at least sometimes give hair a rest from the hair dryer and ironing. Your styling tools should provide a protective effect curls (look for the proper litter on the package). After every hair wash and rinse your hair with cool water – is a simple and proven way to help damp, “steamed” to close the cuticle, to avoid uncontrolled Curly (who wants to be like dandelion?). The same effect of the hair shaft alignment when drying hair dryer gives a final temperature decrease air jets. Do not be afraid to pour cold their locks!

By the way, if you absolutely can not do without ironing looking gadgets with plates not made of ceramic, metal or silicone. It affects when heated hair much more gently.

Margot RobbieMargot Robbie Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth

Interesting! Our hair’s natural radiance steal:


– Hard tap water, chlorinated swimming pool water


– Habit of walking without a headdress  in the cold and the hot sun


– Access to the street with wet hair


-‘s Skin and styling hair products containing alcohol, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium laureth (this “chemistry” cuticle splits)


– Low protein diet (protein – the building material of hair)


– Failure of drinking regime (yes, we again about eight glasses of pure water a day!)

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