The most beautiful legs among the stars belong … And then, after the dot, you can safely substitute the name of the favorite. As they say, how many people, so many opinions. For example, in December, the famous American magazine awarded actress BLAKE LIVELY  in nomination “Best legs star-2012″, making your rating star bodies.And Charlize Theron in his time in such voting bypassed even Gisele Bundchen and Halle Berry.

Charlize TheronCharlize Theron Blake LivelyBlake Lively

A new wave of interest in the topic Best legs in Hollywood (such headlines are full of tabloids, websites and blogs) raised JENNIFER ANISTON . April 15 Jen introduced the world to his production debut – TV movie Call Me Crazy: A Five Film, which includes five stories of people suffering from mental illness. At the premiere of 44-year-old diva appeared in a short black strapless jumpsuit. Outfit effectively emphasized her long slender legs, thin waist, luxurious cleavage and chiseled shoulders.

It is curious that the day before in Los Angeles award ceremony MTV Movie Awards 2013, and the organizers have made ​​their own list of famous beauties – Best Legs In MTV Movie Awards History – with the most flawless legs ever stepped on the red carpet awards . Among the favorites were Emma Watson and Emma Stone, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Brooklyn Decker, LEIGHTON MEESTER , Ashley Tisdale, and other stars.

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston Brooklyn DeckerBrooklyn Decker

Well, back to Jennifer Aniston: she once again reminded us that spring and summer fashion is introduced on shorts, short dresses and skirts, swimwear, obliging have beautiful feet. How to “take to their heels” and start working on your own body? Help you in this five effective exercises for ideal feet from HOLLYWOOD FITNESS TRAINERS  Tracy Anderson and Harley Pasternak. And for inspiration – and not to throw started training halfway! – Admire the images of stars with the most beautiful legs in the new gallery. And follow the advice of our expert – today the world Julia Varbuzova doctor-dermatologist “Aesthete Clinic”.

Julia Varbuzova

In spring and summer, many of us are thinking about preserving the beauty of their beautiful legs and contour – opens Julia Varbuzova topic. – Simple rules will help you to always support this part of the body in good condition. First of all, every morning (and better in the summer and at bedtime) take a contrast shower. If you can make a mini-massage with a special brush – well, you are guaranteed a double benefit from the improvement of blood microcirculation.

Exercise for beautiful legs number 1: squats

Workout done, muscles are warmed up? Getting squat!

Performance technique . Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, feet slightly expand, hands forward, at chest level. Slowly squat and return of the squat, as if going to sit on an imaginary chair (to start to play around with this chair). Keep your back straight and your hips – parallel to the floor. Take the starting position and repeat.

Fitness norm . 12-16 squats for 3-4 sets.

Gisele BundchenGisele Bundchen Olga KurylenkoOlga Kurylenko

Spring is very useful to take a course of massage and body wraps – adds our expert Julia Varbuzova. – Massage can be an anti-cellulite, honey, wrap – algal or chocolate depending on the result that you expect to receive. Seaweed Body Wrap works to reduce cellulite, chocolate also increases the elasticity of the skin, making it soft and velvety.

Exercise for beautiful leg number 2 attacks

Like squats, it’s not the easiest exercise. But, doing lunges, you train not only the body but also the will, and therefore can safely represent themselves beautiful and dangerous heroine of a Hollywood blockbuster. BEST STELLAR BODIES IN THE MOVIE  “polished” exactly!

Performance technique . Lunge forward with one leg. The angle between the femur and tibia must be straight, bent knee – at the level of the foot. Slowly return to starting position, repeat on the other leg.

Fitness norm . 20-25 lunges on each leg, one approach.

Vera BrezhnevVera Brezhnev Irina Shayk Irina Shayk

If you have time, go in the house vacuum massage – recommends Julia Varbuzova.- To do this, you must buy special anti-cellulite oil and silicone vacuum cans. If you do like a massage every day to see results within two weeks.

Exercise for beautiful legs, number 3: Mahi

We turn to a favorite exercise of models – Mahama aside. Trained and equipped ladies can do it without relying on the step platform and cuffs-weighting. And to the untrained normal doorframe or high-backed chair replace ballet barre.

Performance technique . Put your hands on the waist or slightly lean one of them on a chair, doorway, wall, if hard to keep balance. Follow the swing towards a straight leg, lightly touch the floor and then do max, trying to lift his leg parallel to the floor. Do the exercise on the other foot.

Fitness norm . 20-30 times for each leg, one approach.

Naomi CampbellNaomi Campbell Stacy KeiblerStacy Keibler

Do not forget about a pedicure once every three weeks, in the summer it must legs exposed to urban dust in open sandals – our expert suggests. – Let’s feet rest: every few days make for yourselves bath with lavender, thereby reducing the swelling in the legs, which is also characteristic for them in the spring and summer.

Exercise for beautiful leg number 4: “scissors”

If familiar with the school physical education exercise “bicycle” seems too easy to complicate it. Work lying on HIS BACK , with straight legs much harder than half-bent, but the bonus you will not only shapely legs, but also smartness press.

Performance technique . Lie on your back, put his hands along the body, palms down. Raise your legs straight up, brings them and plant in hand, changing the angle of the leg relative to the floor from 90 to 30-45 degrees.

Fitness norm . 10-25 times, one approach.

Eva LongoriaEva Longoria

Every evening care of your skin is not only the face and hands, but feet – advises Julia Varbuzova. – Be sure to moisturize foot cream for the feet, so you will extend the life of the work of your pedicure and nail resistance.

Exercise for beautiful leg number 5: leg lifts

Body like the stars help sculpt FITNESS and dance. Both types of physical activity include items such as leg lifts.And let them perform in this complex exercise should lying on his side, no one will call you sluggard!

Performance technique . The first variant, simple: Lie on your side, in slow motion to lift and lower the top leg straight. Lifting angle of the maximum point must be greater than 90 degrees. The second variant, complicated: Lie on your side, bend your upper leg at the knee. Bent leg can be put on the floor (you’ll have a “triangle” over the lower leg) or put so that her knee to form a right angle with the body. Task – slowly raise and lower the bottom straight leg to the maximum possible height. Change the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Fitness norm . 8-16 times for each leg, 1-2 approach.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Perform this complex exercise is better in a day or twice a week, alternating with loads at the press, hands, shoulder girdle and stretching – this will help you aerobics, YOGA  and swimming.

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