Spring to update all aspects of life was easy and harmonious, need revision, not only in the locker room, but also in their habits, both useful and not so. Just something that is correct and should work with their own motivation. As inspiration for change for the better? Simple in design guidelines will help you to meet spring with excellent health, coerce yourself to regular fitness and a healthier lifestyle. And all that’s stopping you, even as the March snow melts!

Visit therapist

Make an annual routine inspection at the physician family tradition. This will help you keep track of health indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol, possible vitaminodefitsit etc. This is especially important if you plan to start regular intensive fitness training.

Also, in the case of a typical spring vitamin deficiency, the therapist can consult you about suitable multivitamin complex. One of the most recommended by experts vitamin-mineral preparations is “Duovit.” It comes in the form of two systems for the strong and beautiful half of humanity with regard to their different physiological requirements for vitamins and minerals. “Duovit for Women” – a vitamin and mineral complex designed specifically for the heroines of our time living in big cities and combine work, school, hobbies, and caring for a home and family. It contains balanced proportions of vitamins and minerals that promote the protection of body cells from oxidation processes and premature aging, help to reduce the risk of anemia and osteoporosis, providing support to the health and beauty of your hair, skin and nails.

“Duovit for Men”, as obvious from the name of the drug, is a vitamin-mineral complex designed specifically for our dads, brothers and second halves. Active ingredients in the “male” version of multivitamins provide protection from stress, SARS and cardiovascular diseases have a detox effect, support at the height of sexual activity.

This spring, make a choice in favor of the right multivitamin complex. He will be your daily assistant in any business and an additional source of energy, so necessary for large and small change!

Be realistic

If you forget the winter gym and home charging, and ate almost like a New Year’s feast, do not think that “Monday” you get everything and do a workout in the morning and have breakfast oatmeal lean and walk a couple of blocks to work on foot, two o’clock in the evening to spend in class or Pilates capoeira. Better plan small improvements and gradually introduce them into their lives.


Find like-minded

Go on a healthy diet, regularly go to the fitness club is much easier if you have a companion. This support, and extra motivation not to leave the job. Where to find your soul mate? Among girlfriends or relatives, by correspondence in social networks. And you can make new friends chat in the club … or persuade a soul mate to keep you company. While you flit in step aerobics class or meditate on yoga, your loved one may engage in the gym. You’ll see, will go into the taste, and then all the girls will be jealous about that, what Apollo near you.

Get rid of unprofitable contents of the refrigerator

A box of chocolates, not eaten since March 8, piece of fat cheese, chips, soda, crackers, pizza or semifinished pancakes – all this is not the place in your kitchen in the spring, when you intend to help the body comfortably survive the offseason and prepare a figure for the beach season. Shelves of the refrigerator and the waist just say thank you!

Protect your skin from the sun

Spring sun and useful, and insidious. Vitamin D we need, and to secure a 15-20 minute stay in the sun without protective creams with SPF our body has time to develop a portion of the “solar” vitamin. If you will be in the sun longer, take care of protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation, causing the face and exposed areas of the body for half an hour before leaving the house with an SPF 15.

Update your playlist

Listen and train under the same tracks from December? It’s time to bring in your gadget “spring cleaning”! Fresh music – fresh interest in any occupation, whether sports, housework or walk. So keep your eyes open and update all your favorite songs playlist of recently heard.

Update your sports wardrobe

One of the great motivations to visit the gym more often – a stylish outfit fashionable and comfortable pair of shoes for training. Discard the old stretched T-shirts and breeches, sports bras, which are already poorly supported breasts (do not skimp on your health!), As well as shoes in which your “mileage” has already reached about 500 km. Be the girl not only sports, but also fashionable!

Warm up walk and jump

Begin and end your workout every 10 minutes of stretching exercises. This will help avoid injury to muscles and tendons, develop flexibility. For this workout, you can use elements of yoga, pilates, dance. And remember childhood – at least three times a week, jump rope for 20 minutes a load will save you an average of 208 calories, and most importantly, it is a very effective cardio. Another good habit – a brisk walk in the fresh air. Owning a dog and moms with kids, perhaps, at this point all the more fortunate: the reasons for mandatory daily walk rife.

Avoid dehydration

Eight glasses of pure water required for those who lose weight, cares about the health of skin and hair, wants to stay young – is many of us have learned as a mantra. But did you know that the habit of drinking about two liters of water a day will save you not only from toxins, eating and various skin problems, but also from muscle spasms and increased feelings of fatigue after exercise? So drink – and run like horses!

Attend Ekomarket

“Live” products can be found in spring farm benches and Ekomarket. Here you will find that most organic food: meat, poultry, fish, dried fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, dairy products – used to make a cult of Hollywood stars. See for yourself once you try the farmer cheese or cottage cheese, you can hardly convince themselves that their “brothers” with regular supermarket shelves, to put it mildly, far from ideal and good taste.

Change the mindset

Sandwich with cheese and butter or bread with lettuce? Yoga, treadmill, dancing in the street-style morning exercises or “Monday”? Half an hour of exercise on a daily press or clothing free cut and slimming underwear?Instead of fixed ideas – weight loss for a beautiful figure – try to focus on how you feel about eating such and such, training on such a procedure. If counting calories takes you out of yourself, and during the workout you look at the clock more than yourself or a coach in the mirror, chances are, you should change the type of diet and fitness. You’ll see and change your motivation to work on your own body.

Reward yourself for efforts

Were fixed to healthy habits like themselves in your fresh lifestyle, pamper yourself! Such a bonus can be a massage, trips to the sauna or pool, weekend travel and, of course, new clothes in the locker room, showing all over your body and postroynevshee refreshed complexion. The reward can be and hiking with friends in the vegetarian cafe or on the much-discussed film, and a new book favorite writer, in the company of which you will spend a much greater benefit and pleasure than watching TV or on the Internet.

You beautiful spring – and always a wonderful tone and mood!

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