Everyone knows that fitness classes bring the maximum benefit only when they are regular and appropriate professional advice. But there is another important component of which, alas, many women sometimes forget. This – proper nutrition.

From literacy catering before and after workouts depends how optimized your body’s metabolism and how much fat you manage to burn during exercise. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats – they are necessary for our body, but in the right proportions, and it is this postulate must be basis for the organization of your daily diet.

Food before training.

Before training experts recommend eating more protein foods and foods containing carbohydrates. First ensure your muscles are essential amino acids, and the latter will serve as an energy charge, because in the process of intense stress energy is expended by the body in large quantities.

But fat intake before exercise should be sharply curtailed. Fats slowly absorbed by the body, and their over a bun-dance causes feeling of heaviness in the stomach, which is not conducive to vigorous exercise. If you use diet , prefer boiled vegetables and poultry meat and fatty foods or confectionery “pre-workout” exclude diet.

Meal after workout

After a visit to the fitness room you need to make up the loss of fluid in the body, which are best suited fruit and berry juices, green tea , and carbonated water. If you want to cheer up and have a coffee, this should be done not earlier than 3 hours after training. Within an hour after exercise should eat protein food, such as boiled or baked fish, which, firstly, is the building material for muscles, secondly, can burn extra fat.

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