We all have some ex pixilated, that character that was hanging from our bones and could not overcome the we are no longer together.

But there is another kind of ex, a couple that did not end up badly, or not finished so long ago, or a person with whom you lasted many years and thought of spending the rest of their lives together.

It is normal for these people move fibers in our system when we find them in the street or when we get a call at midnight, but if the former is your boyfriend, and does not leave him alone, the situation becomes complicated.

If your ex boyfriend has an intense look that does not stop, you are clinging to try again and are convinced that you are nothing more than a hobby, take up the matter.


I always say, communication is the most important thing in a relationship. The first thing is to talk to your guy about it, tell him what bothers you and what you are not willing to tolerate it. Also ask about the relationship they had, how they were done, why they separated, if you thought of spending her entire life with her, lasted many years and how intimate was the relationship. All this will serve to probe the ground and give you an idea of ​​what she may be thinking and waiting.

Leave it

Give your guy a chance to fix things, it put a stop. You probably have to see it to tell you to stop looking for it, do not stress! After the meeting you have 2 options: either she understands, or they come back and then you had nothing to do in this story. Let me be the one who put the border with it and see how he reacts when these episodes occur.Scan your reaction when you receive a message or when he realizes that it is she who called. This lets you know if you still feel some kind of romantic emotion towards him.

This also applies if you found the error messages or calls, or nosy. If he has not told you of messages or calls, and you discover them, do not panic! It may be that you would have not said anything to spare you the trouble and he alone gave the highest. Men avoid conflicts at all costs, but must tell you, at some point, you know I keep looking and do not seem right.

Evaluate your feelings

When a former girlfriend reappears our feelings are confusing, and to deal with the situation we must begin by clarify and classify. It is normal to be afraid that he leaves, and the immediate reaction will be jealous of her, toward what it meant in her life, what she shared with him, to which she gave you not be able to give (note, this does not he wants to say that he had with her … there ended).

Fear manifests itself in different ways, but all fluctuate between anger and jealousy. Think what part is what you cause conflict, if the fact that he wants her back, or whether it is a matter of competition, or if you just upset that there is another person with feelings for your guy.

Analyze where you channeled your anger. Try not he who gets the worst part, because it is their responsibility to put a stop, but can not send it enclosed in an asylum for you to be happy.

Check your security

Remember the phrase that says Arjona “jealousy is half and half brains lack of insecurity”? As they are basically insecure. This has to do with the previous point, if the ex-girlfriend threatens you, something is probably wrong with your relationship.

Before you get angry or make scandals, reviews the situation in reverse. If your ex who did these things, how you react ?, would you let your boyfriend get back with him ?, you would give him another chance? If yes, what do you do with your boyfriend? If the answer is no, absolutely not, why do you think that he is different?

If you have a stable and healthy relationship, no third persons other than a real threat.The ex girlfriend is at the same level of threat or girl Giselle Bundchen copies.

Now, remember that it is normal to feel things when they reappear these people in our lives. If they shared a history, it is normal to have love or you want good things; It is not only normal, it’s healthy. So save yourself unnecessary tantrums if he has a good opinion of her, or if he is glad to topársela not mean I want to run back his arms. Men are much simpler than us at this point, so take things literally as he says.

Brand field

The ex know that you are in the current landscape of your love life, but choose to ignore it or, or decide to take it off. In either of the 2 cases their intention is desaparecerte map, so you constantly remind them that you exist and that he is happy with you. Upload photos, put comments on your Facebook, all casually. Women know how to read these subtleties, fail!

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