“OSCAR” -2014  pleased not only equitable distribution of figurines, but also feminine – spring! – Beauty-trends, which is quite wearable and red carpet. “King” beauty became a NUDE-MAKEUP , but we have already wrote about him in anticipation of the warm season, so we switch our attention to the hairstyle. There was no real competition in classic Hollywood pilings on the basis of waves, especially hitched shoulder curls. A HAIRSTYLE in its various variations preferred owner of “Oscar” -2014 for Best Actress Cate Blanchett and Kate Hudson, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Biel, Margot Robbie and Jennifer Garner. Impressive list, is not it? The best proof that the spring and summer of 2014, regardless of the magnitude of curls curl remain in trend! So, we just have to master the technique of creating perfect curls and that this topic dedicate our today’s review.

Cate BlanchettCate Blanchett Kate HudsonKate Hudson

Sandra BullockSandra Bullock Jessica BielJessica Biel

Plait damp hair

Opponents irons and curling like the good old method proved more than one generation of girls. After an evening shower still wet hair should be neatly combed and braided into a French braid with a high, from the neck, start weaving. If YOUR HAIR  is very thick or you want a more pronounced curl, braid can not one, but two braids. Morning arts should be disbanded and comb through with your fingers to get a natural-looking waves.

Margot RobbieMargot Robbie Julia RobertsJulia Roberts

Claire DanesClaire Danes Amy AdamsAmy Adams

Twist beam

This method of preparing a la waves natyurel suitable for dry and wet hair only in the first case the strands better treat a small amount of styling mousse. You can remove hair in one tight BEAM  or, alternatively, make a couple of mini-bundles over the head – so the future will be more hair volume and curly. At night, this experiment is better not to hold (not too comfortable to sleep), but a couple-three hours in the morning or afternoon, if you will not take the time out of the house, can be sacrificed in the name of beauty. Untwist and comb beam is also better without the help of a comb, so as not to destroy the coveted wavy locks.

Sculpting Hair Gel Satinique from Amway (429 rub.)  Hairspray average fixing Medium Hold Hairspray by Toni & Guy (7 euros)

Sculpting Hair Gel Satinique from Amway (429 rub.) Hairspray average fixing Medium Hold Hairspray by Toni & Guy (7 euros)

Harvesting in bundles

Beach waves with their luxurious negligence – one of the most seductive pilings. A simple way to get it is related to the first two, only need to remove the hair in a braid or not the beam, and tighten into bundles. So, divide slightly damp after washing hair in half, carefully combed, a central parting, twist the two long plait a la Pocahontas braids.Then lift them and hook-hairpins crabs in the manner of a wreath thrush. Harnesses can be laid at night, you can spend a few hours with them in the afternoon. After removing the hair clips should whip hands.

Sarah Jessica ParkerSarah Jessica Parker Rita OraRita Ora

Fernie CottonFernie Cotton Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift

Use soft curlers

The image of a tired housewife with a mop of plastic, or worse, metal curlers on her head, thankfully gone. Now available from soft foam curlers or flexible plastic that do not hurt the hair and allow to achieve the ideal form curls without termoukladki.

General rules are as follows. Wind hair on curlers should be soft on freshly washed, slightly damp hair, causing pre-modeling tool. The thicker strand, the less taut will curl, and vice versa. Before winding each strand to rear at an angle of 90 degrees to the head. Begin work on laying better with parietal area, then move to the side strands, framing the face. When hair is dry, you can remove the curlers. Spread better curls with your fingers, not a brush.

Extra wide curlers Curlformers (1970 rubles).

Extra wide curlers Curlformers.

“Gladio” utjuzhkom

Stylists joke: is it not a paradox that to create curls and get Scandinavian hair straightness, we use the same gadget? Nevertheless utyuzhok – the fastest and most popular because assistant in creating curls. And he’s much more humane to the mane and convenient to handle than its predecessor curling. And the hair does not suffer from your love to frequent wavy styling, do not forget to use heat-protective agents.

Note: curls with ironing created only on dry hair, not to provoke their fragility and section. The optimal temperature for ironing – no higher than 160 degrees, and for fine hair – from 110 to 150 degrees. As in the case of winding curler, curl strand should be holding the gadget perpendicular head.

Mask-mousse "Comprehensive care» Lovingly Light Foaming Treatment Mask of Percy & Reed (750 rub.)  thermofilter hairspray Thermal Image from Wella (288 rub.)  hair curling iron is SF 6150 from Rowenta (2000 rubles).

Mask-mousse “Comprehensive care» Lovingly Light Foaming Treatment Mask of Percy & Reed thermofilter hairspray Thermal Image from Wella  hair curling iron is SF 6150 from Rowenta.

Do you like wearing curls and waves? Which way do you prefer styling that its result was admirable imitation and compliments? Do you fix hair lacquer or prefer completely natural beauty? Share your experiences expressed in the comments

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