Most often, enlarged pores on the face – it’s a sign of oily skin. The main area of ​​their location – it cheeks, nose and chin. Such pores in themselves spoil the appearance of the skin, and if they have not cleaned and filled with dust, dirt and dead skin particles, the side it looks very unattractive.

If you do not pay attention to this shortcoming, then over time the skin will get relief for cleaning and need to contact a professional cosmetologist. Independently at home to remedy the situation has not come out.

It is worth noting that sometimes occurs and dry skin with enlarged pores. However, it is quite rare. Cause of enlarged pores becomes excessive amounts of sebum, which accumulates in them, stretches the skin and makes the pores more visible. As you know, with age skin type changes. Over the years, holders of oily skin get dry, but with enlarged pores can stay.

Regardless of the causes of the problem, it is important to be aware of it as quickly and efficiently get rid of.Enlarged pores clean to properly and carefully. Talk about it in this article.

How to prevent severe pollution far?

There are many effective ways to clean pores. And in order to prevent them from heavy pollution, can benefit from the advice of experienced cosmetologists:

- Going on a cold, should cover the face with a scarf or hands. Sudden temperature changes are very harmful to the pores and can lead to further expansions. Also very harmful to go out after the person was struck on the moisturizer. Prior to the need to wait at least 20 minutes.

- Very strong effect on the skin and pores in particular direct sunlight. That’s why in my make-up bag should always have a day cream with SPF-powerful filters. Many girls think that the use of such cosmetics is necessary only in the summer. In fact it is not so. Even the most fierce winter sun could negatively affect our skin.

- It will be useful at least once a day, take vitamin B. It may be either in the overall complex vitamins, and just kept consumed foods. This vitamin has a positive effect not only on the beauty of a person, but also on the state of his health.

- In no case can not go to bed with applied skin foundation, powder and other similar cosmetic products. Before going to bed should be washed off cosmetics special milk or tonic, and then rinse your face cleaned and let stand for 2-3 days with water.

Skin should rest from cosmetics

Skin should rest from cosmetics

- Few people know that the cause of the contamination may be far too much stress or emotional distress, therefore, to keep your skin young and beautiful, it is very important to learn to deal with their emotions. Tranquility and inner harmony to allow old age to remain attractive and healthy.

- May lead to deterioration of the skin and some health problems. For example, weakened immunity, disruption of the endocrine glands, hormonal imbalance and long-term use of medicines. In this case, get rid of the problem, or even prevent it, will help correct timely treatment.

- Many girls love cosmetics and applied it to the skin in large numbers. This may also cause pore expansion and deterioration of the appearance of the skin in general. Beauticians recommend reducing the number of daily use cosmetics. For example, in the summer, do not use concealer and powder. When the skin is covered with a light gentle tan, it will look much more attractive than a ton of cosmetics.

Effective and safe treatment should take place in several stages. We discuss in detail each of them.

Proper washing – a pledge beautiful skin

At the very young age, some boys and girls begin to wash too actively trying so thoroughly clean the skin and in particular clogged pores. But the result is quite different. If too much rubbing face with his hand, sponge or washcloth can damage delicate skin. As a result, the pore walls are too weak and extended. A clogged and may break altogether. Beauty skin suffers greatly in any of these cases.

It turns out the real vicious circle: the active washing lifts dead skin cells – it becomes a relief surface – roughness masked decorative cosmetics – due to excessive amounts of funds appear tone acne and black spots – get rid of them by washing the patient tries active.

Thus the skin condition worsens with each passing day. Therefore it is very important to wash, thereby maintaining a clean and healthy beautiful skin.

Need to wash correctly

Need to wash correctly

Before washing is very important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Must be clean and cotton swabs, sponges and towels. If the sponge used for washing is not the first time, it is necessary to rub soap, leave for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water. Then it can be safely applied again.

You also select the quality and effective cleanser. Especially for sensitive skin. Best if its composition will be no artificial colors or flavors, and natural essential oils. For oily skin remedy require very easy, gentle oil-free components.

Water for washing is better to assert that she got rid of all contaminants. In a basin of water can also put a silver spoon in advance. The most tender and useful for skin melt water is considered.

Need to wash your face gently and softly, trying not to stretch the skin. It is best to go with only the massage lines.Ideal room temperature water. But also has a positive effect on the state and then contrasting washing – alternately hot, then cold water.


The second step after washing becomes steaming skin. It is very important in the process of purification.

Steam the face in two ways: using a hot compress or using hot steam.

In order to make a hot compress, you need to soak in hot water clean towel, then press it and put on the face.Leave the compress on the skin stands up to the moment when the towel has cooled down completely. Once removed compress need to wash with cold water, thereby narrowing the pores. The result will be evident at this stage.

Steaming helps cleanse pores

Steaming helps cleanse pores

To steam the face with a pair, you need to boil the kettle with warm water, then pour it into a bowl, bend over capacity and closed on all sides with a towel so that the steam did not go in vain – it must be sent in the face. After the procedure, the skin must first be rinsed with warm water for cleansing, and then cold to narrow pores.


This is the last and the most active period of purification. In the process of skin is removed from the surface of dead skin cells, as well as all the dirt, dust and excess funds from cosmetically far. Conduct such a procedure is quite possible and independently at home. But it is not enough just to put on the first available person in the store scrub.Exfoliation should be comprehensive.

It is best if it is carried out almost immediately after steaming. So Washed face with cool water, it’s time to start active cleaning.

You can use a commercially available scrub. But in this case it is important to make sure that it does not contain dyes and various harmful additives. This facility should be a very high quality and effective.

Very easy to make a great scrub yourself. There are several options for making this homemade remedy:

– Crush the sea salt into small pieces, mix it with unsweetened yogurt.

– Grind raw oats, mix it with a few drops of any vegetable oil and 2 drops of apple cider vinegar.

– Grind some nuts almonds, mix them with any vegetable oil to a state of pulp, add a few drops of lemon juice.

Homemade scrub can endlessly change and improve as you wish.

Ready to apply on your skin is better not to fingers, and with a special soft and gentle sponge or sponge. Acquire suitable succeed in any store cosmetics. Sponge topped with the necessary amount of scrub, and then gently wipe the face in circular motions.

Maximum attention should be paid to the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. But the area around the eye cleaned with a scrub can not be here too the skin tender and delicate.

Using a scrub, you can remove all the dirt from the pores

Using a scrub, you can remove all the dirt from the pores

Once cleansed facial skin, it should wash with water at room temperature and then thoroughly moistened. For this purpose, you can use any light moisturizer. But a variety of vegetable oils to moisturize oily skin will not fit.

To protect the skin during exfoliation, you should use tips cosmetologists:

– Do not carry out such cleaning too often. Exfoliate the skin on your face is enough 1-2 times a week.

– Any scrub should be used very carefully. Especially for funds with large particles. For example, the main cleaning element which is sea salt.

– If the skin have acne or pimples, they should be cured before the World Cup to start peeling.

– If you have a tan on the skin or irritation appears, then peeling off (even the interior) is also recommended to give up.

Pore ​​cleansing mask

Clear and narrow pores on the face can also be using special masks. They are also very effective and efficient.

Mask of banana

For its manufacturing ripe fruit should be carefully knead, mix with a small amount of natural honey and a few drops of juice of any citrus, and then apply to face. Mask is washed off with water at room temperature about 15 minutes.

Lemon mask acetic

For its preparation you will need to mix 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, protein 2 eggs and 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. This mixture is applied to the face for 7-8 minutes, then rinse with water at room temperature. It is important to remember that this mask deeply cleanses pores, so you can not use it more than 1 time in 7 days.

If you use it often, it can be very damaging to the skin, which would entail more serious consequences and problems. After the mask is washed off, the skin can not towel can be slightly wet her soft cloth. Otherwise, the pores will again be polluted.

Mask of clay

Perfectly suited for discussion purposes and masks, which becomes the basis of clay – pink, blue or black.Breeding means you can not only water but also aloe, green tea or cosmetic tonic. These masks will not only narrow pores and clean out their contents, but also disinfect the problematic place, eliminate redness and swelling. Any clay mask rests on the skin for about 20 minutes, and then gently washed off with cool water.

Special masks effectively tightens pores

Special masks effectively tightens pores

Masks of berries, fruits and vegetables

Have a similar effect and numerous fruit, vegetable and berry mask. They prepare most of plums, peaches, grapes, strawberries, apples and carrots. Any fruit or vegetable must be ground to a state of pulp, and then applied to the skin for about 30 minutes. On expiry of the mask is washed off with water at room temperature.

Mask sauerkraut

You can make a mask of sauerkraut. However, the purchase product for this purpose is unlikely to fit, because it is impossible to know exactly what ingredients were added to it and how they affect the skin condition. Best suited to home sauerkraut, which will benefit only the facial skin. To do this, vegetables applied to the skin along with the juice. The time during which to hold the mask on the face, depending on how oily skin. Approximately 15-30 minutes. Wash it after the expiration should cool water.

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