How to choose the intensity of your workout, and the result is that it brings, and not exhausting, does not discourage the desire to have? Sports experts advise to focus on heart rate (pulse). As well it should be expected?

The role of heart rate in fitness

Who among us does not want to have a beautiful slender figure, thin waist, tightened muscles?Everybody wants. And not once, but as soon as possible. A Better Tomorrow, at least a week or ten days, well the maximum month. And what is the result?Aspiring to be like the beauties of glossy magazines, many visitors fitness centers and gyms bring themselves to complete exhaustion physically demanding, but no result. Why?

Many people think so – the more you are engaged in fitness or other kind of physical activity, the faster you reach the desired result. However, this view is not entirely true.Moreover, excessive exercise in the training process can cause your body very significant harm, it is unlikely that a positive impact on your beauty. And the original “fighting spirit” very quickly fade if you do not learn how to calculate the intensity of exercise. How do you know what the load “on the shoulder” your body? How to practice to be in good shape, have good physical shape? About it and will talk in this article.

About how well your body copes with exercise, you will be told characteristics such as heart rate, body temperature, breathing and sweating. On the one hand, all these figures increase during physical training, which is absolutely right, because your body has to work in emergency mode in order to achieve the desired result.

To select the correct intensity loads, especially, should take into account indicators such as heart rate (HR). Simply put, a pulse. With different types of loads optimal heart rate is calculated by different formulas. For example, if you are working on the elimination of body fat, your heart rate should not exceed the maximum heart rate, multiplied by a factor of 0.6. If you do endurance exercise, the heart rate should not exceed the maximum heart rate, multiplied by a factor of 0.8.

How to calculate maximum heart rate? The formula is simple – 220 minus your age.That is, if you thirty years, and you come to the gym to lose weight, your heart rate optimal formula is as follows: (220-30) x 0.6 = 114. Thus, in order not to problems with health, strength and desire to continue to work remained, your heart rate should not exceed the figure of 110-115 beats per minute. If it is, then, an excessive load, and the body will read a stressful situation and, conversely, whenever possible, will store fat rather than spend it.

Also note that the experts do not recommend beginners to immediately start too heavy loads and they should calculate the heart rate formula with a coefficient of only 0.6 and increase it strictly as the growth of physical fitness. And the most important – in the sport does not happen fast results.Organism must understand that you can live with the new loads, new weight, new way of life. On average, as noted by sports experts, it takes about three months of permanent occupation.

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