Many women in the pursuit of beauty and the ideal, constantly plagued themselves different diets. It would seem that there is nothing easier to sustain a diet(although many, and it is not possible), and then show off in front of the mirror in the new outfits, but, unfortunately, is not so simple. The bulk of “slimming” again, and again faced with a big problem – the weight comes back. How not to gain back weight, which parted so hard? One of the most common mistakes is that people at the end of the diet correctly distributes calories.

More precisely, not even wrong. Following a diet people literally pounces on the food. The body does not know how to react, remembers all of the hunger strike, and carefully stored all those calories for a “rainy day” as a result – you gain weight again. We are not talking about what would continue to torture yourself with low-calorie diets , sit on one or cucumber water, you just need to consume fewer calories than before the diet, to comply with diet. And not be amiss to add load and exercise. In this case, the fat mass will leave, and muscle – to grow. Interesting is the fact that muscle burns more calories because they also need to eat, that is, the better your muscles are developed, the more calories you will lose even in the period of “doing nothing.” So, try not to eat fried foods , no matter what it is: a servant, meat or vegetables. Much more useful to extinguish them.

Eat small portions. Better to leave a little food on the plate. Remember, after a meal you should feel light hunger. Alcoholic drinks are not so high in calories, as they say, for example, in the beer about the same calories as in yogurt. However, alcohol poses a threat – it stirs the appetite. To avoid the temptation – eliminate alcohol from your diet.

Try to use only natural products . Chemical additives to no good do not lead. In the spring of our immune system is weakened and the body is exposed to vitamin deficiency, propyl vitamins better in the complex. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. When eating chew slowly, not in a hurry, what would the food evenly into the stomach.

Try to avoid snacking and breakfast / lunch / dinner in front of computer or TV. Distracted by something else, you will not even notice how much eaten.

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