This table shows you how many hours of life take away the cigarette, alcohol and drugs.

We know that smoking, alcohol and drugs are bad for our health, but do you really know how many years of life take away? This table shows you.

Are you ready?

A cigarette takes away 13.8 minutes of life.

Cocaine 5.1 hours.

Alcohol 6.6 hours.

Methamphetamines 11.1 hours.

Methadone, a powerful to treat heroin addiction painkiller, you subtract 12.6 hours.

Heroin 22.8 hours.

And as you asked Caro Saracho in writing, how these measurements are taken? Look at the chart:


According to the table, the average age of death to the average number of remaining life, that gives us the number of years lost.

Then multiply the number of years lost 365.42 (one year) for 24 (one day) and that gives us the number of hours lost.

Other data …

People who smoke 20 cigarettes a day, live 10 years less than non-smokers.

People who began drinking at age 16, living 6.6 hours less with every drink, losing 23 years in total.

Cocaine lose 5.1 hours of life per 150 milligrams. So a gram of cocaine takes daily living 44.5 years who consumes it.

Methamphetamine reduced to 37 years the life of those who consume them, while heroin addicts reduce their lives more than half. 52%.

What’s up? Maybe it is ok to reduce our consumption of alcohol and cigarettes …

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