Someone thinks the autumn season gloomy and dull. Blowing wind, pouring rain and only sometimes makes us happy sun. But everything changes when they come – accessories. Indeed, add bright colours to your image and help to emphasize the dignity stylish and spectacular decorations.

The brighter and more – the better! It is a common expression like never better suited to the characteristics of the main trends of the season. Please note necklace with large stones, chain necklaces, Cuff, huge chandelier earrings and jewellery rocker style.

Another stylish charm, which must necessarily be in every woman – a large exquisite brooch. It can be worn on the chest or used for bonding gates under the throat.

Bracelet has become the chief ornament of autumn. Particularly relevant paired products. It may be famous and massive chain model in ethnic style.

Ring «Migura»

Home decorating season!Earrings «Migura»

Home decorating season!Ring «Selena»

Home decorating season!Set jewelers «Taya»

Home decorating season!Bracelet «Royal Diamond»

Home decorating season!Cuff «Lovely Jewelry»

Home decorating season!Earrings  «Taya»

Home decorating season!Ring «Royal Diamond»

Home decorating season!necklace «Royal Diamond»

Home decorating season!Bracelet «Taya»

Home decorating season!Collar “Bijoux Land»

Home decorating season!


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