Man eats or uses for other purposes milk just a few species. The first place in popularity worth goat milk. Yes, it may seem strange to the Slavic inhabitants, but cow’s milk produced in the percentage of completely losing the goat, because the main consumers of goat milk – many nations of Asia.

Goat's milk - the leader of the consumption

Goat’s milk – the leader of the consumption

History of goat milk

Goat was before other animals domesticated by man. This happened at about the 9th century BC people living in the territory of present-day Afghanistan and Iran. By the 7th century BC population of goats has already progressed to the west, the remains of goat herds have been found on the territory of Turkey, and even Africa. Technology for manufacturing cheese products was first described by the ancient Greeks and Romans, were popular dairy products and the ancient Egyptians. Some cops even commanded to put in their tombs cheeses from the milk of goats alongside other jewels. And according to legend, the chief god of Olympus – Zeus was nourished it with goat’s milk. Later goat milk appeared in Europe. Have been in the history of goat milk and periods when it was considered dangerous to health, although such persecutions were short. And since the late 19th century, many doctors already asserting exclusive use of goat milk. It is placed in contrast to the more popular – cow’s milk given the huge herd of goats worldwide. Goat milk is nearly 72 percent of the total amount of milk.

General information about the goat milk

 In the whole world there are about 440 million goats. Such livestock annually produces about five million tons of milk. Goat – quite undemanding animal. For reconstitution not require large areas and pastures. She is quite a very small area with greens to fully produce milk. Goat milk produced from blood or plasma of the animal. As stated above, goat milk is popular in Asia, that is, in places of its historical homeland. In addition, goat’s milk is widely consumed in the North Caucasus, in the Crimea. Many dishes of goat’s milk and cheeses can be found in Mediterranean cuisine, especially in Italy, Greece and the Middle East.

It is assumed that before the age of 6-7 years the child has enzymes that break down the milk, but after their activity physiologically reduced. This is not a very true statement, because much depends on genetic predisposition, ie in regions where traditional goat’s milk was used for many centuries to a ripe old age, such enzymatic reduction was observed. But if people still feel uncomfortable after a glass of goat’s milk, you can go to the dairy products from the milk of goats (tan, ayran) without losing any useful properties.

Sometimes goat's milk can be substituted for milk products

Sometimes goat’s milk can be substituted for milk products

The composition of goat milk

General chemical composition of goat’s milk can not be considered permanent, it depends entirely on the seat of the animal, respectively, goat’s milk in Italy to be materially different from the milk of goats, grown in Afghanistan.However, there are some signs of stable components common to all goats. Goat milk as cow, casein refers to a group of species. Casein – is slowly digestible protein. Casein is used even for the production of adhesives.However, goat milk, unlike cows’, the content of alpha-1 s-casein virtually none (lane casein. Latin caseus – cheese). But this is exactly the kind of milk protein, which often causes allergic reactions, and is perceived by the human body as foreign, in connection with which there are allergic reactions. Thus, the body signals the inadmissibility decision of certain foods. But the beta-casein in goat’s milk is much more that brings him closer to the breast of mother’s milk. Beta-casein – a special protein possessing immunostimulatory activity. Total protein content of the goat milk is twice higher than in the cow.

Goat’s milk is rich in minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, copper and manganese. Vitamins are also present in the composition of goat’s milk – is the B vitamins, vitamins A, D, and a small amount of vitamin C. Goat milk low-carbohydrate, and caloric diet it is quite, because in 100 grams contains only 68 calories.

Goat milk can be considered a low-calorie

Goat milk can be considered a low-calorie

Form of fat, which are presented in the milk of goats, very successful. Fat milk such a fine, which means it is easier to digest form. After goat fat molecules are very small, according to their permeability into cells is very high. Do not be afraid to lose weight by eating goat milk. Percentage of body components is very small, but the benefits they bring is invaluable. After all essential vitamins A and D are liposoluble and, therefore, simply absorbed only in the presence of fat.

Vitamin D – one of the most important vitamins, especially for a child’s body and for the people who live in northern latitudes, which receives little sunlight. After all, sunlight, or rather, type B ultraviolet rays are the catalyst for the production of vitamin D in the human body. In the absence of sunlight should take additional vitamin D or to simply input his diet foods rich in it, such as goat’s milk.

Vitamin D is responsible for the distribution of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Normally, the ingested calcium and phosphorus regularly replenish the bone tissue, but in practice even high consumption of phosphorus, calcium, and does not guarantee a normal process. You can imagine it as the railway, which has standing train.Vitamin D drive and starts the process is the engine for the proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

The benefits of other fat-soluble vitamin goat’s milk, vitamin A, known to many. Especially popular this vitamin in the female sex, in fact, vitamin A is responsible for the elasticity and skin turgor. Vitamin A is a natural antioxidant, a substance that is capable of binding free radicals in our body, which can in worst cases cause mutations and cell damage. Vitamin A, or retinol, increases resistance to infectious diseases, and takes an important part in visual perception. In addition, vitamin A positive effect on the human endocrine system, helps produce hormones, and is also required for the formation of sperm and egg.

The phosphates contained in goat’s milk, make this product a perfect natural antacid, ie having the ability to lower the acidity of the stomach. This is not only good prevention and treatment of ulcers of the stomach or duodenum 12. Antacid properties of goat milk is popular with pregnant women, because they are very often in the last stages of pregnancy face a similar problem, and many drugs in such a position can not be taken.

For pregnant goat's milk - a valuable product

For pregnant goat’s milk – a valuable product

B vitamins, in particular vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (ribiflabin) and B12 (cyanocobalamin) positive effect on the human nervous system. These vitamins, fat-soluble unlike, do not accumulate in the body, they are completely removed from the excess urine. Vitamin B1 is involved in the oxidation of the decay products, speeding up the process, as well as taking an active part in the exchange of elementary constituents of protein – amino acids.Vitamin B1 is involved in updating of all cells, particularly nerve. Vitamin B2 is involved in the formation of some hormones and synthesizes ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the basis of the person’s energy. Riboflabin necessary for growth and good condition of the body tissue. Despite the fact that this vitamin is one of the few human can be synthesized in the intestine, often there are cases it shortage. Usually, the first symptoms are dry skin, itchy skin or eyes, photophobia, and poor healing of wounds and scratches. Increased consumption can be caused by severe mental and physical stress, stressful situations, endocrine diseases and cancer states. Vitamin B12 is also partly synthesized by intestinal microflora. This vitamin is necessary for hematopoiesis. And he also has beneficial effects on the human nervous system as a whole and helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.One of the most important qualities of vitamin B12 – its participation in the synthesis of DNA, so it is very important for women during pregnancy. Indeed, the lack of this vitamin leads to irreversible genetic abnormalities of the fetus, so this vitamin is included in the list of drugs issued to pregnant women free of charge. The component B12 – cobalt and goat’s milk contains it in sufficient quantities.

Goat’s milk is rich in various minerals. The main mineral – is calcium. Little has been said above about vitamin D. Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus, which is also a lot of goat milk – this trio helps to make bones strong. In addition, calcium has a positive effect on the normal flow of nerve processes. Many drinks that are used by modern man, such as coffee, tea or alcohol, leaches calcium from the body. Therefore, drink at least two cups of goat milk a day so people just need.

Goat's milk - a source of huge amount of nutrients

Goat’s milk – a source of huge amount of nutrients

Another important component of goat milk – magnesium. It can be called cordial mineral. After all, he is responsible for proper cardiac muscle contraction. With a lack of magnesium in humans possible arrhythmia, a very dangerous condition. Many drugs for people with impaired cardiac work contain magnesium. Magnesium in goat’s milk contains a light-to-digest, so is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Silicon – one of the lesser-known elements. However, it was he involved in that goats do not have tuberculosis. It would seem, then why cow’s milk does not contain a sufficient amount of silicon? This is explained very simply.Cows eat grass and shrubs rarely. But goats prefer forages, shrubs, tree bark and twigs and leaves. It is in the bark of trees contained silicon. Silicon-rich goats milk for all its rich history of tuberculosis cured many people.Sanatorium places Switzerland, France and some other countries just specialize in “sick-feeding.” In such sanatoriums in the diet of one of the required products is goat milk. It is in general complex medical procedures wonderful cures diseases such as asthma, tuberculosis and other diseases of the pulmonary system.

In addition to bark and tree limbs not disdain goats and various herbs that are often officially drugs, such as celandine, yarrow, sage, horsetail, chicory. This explains why such a rich set of microelements in goat milk.

Healing properties of goat milk

To begin with it is worth noting that the taste goat milk is slightly different from the cow, if you drink it in its purest form. When heated, goat’s milk does not lose much of its beneficial properties. It is believed that the goat is much cleaner cows, so it is not subject to the many diseases that a cow, for example tuberculosis, brucellosis and mastitis, and it allows you to use the product in boiled form.

Another ancient Persian scholar Avicenna wrote that goat’s milk must necessarily be in the diet of those who wish to get rid of senility. Peoples inhabiting the territory of modern Switzerland, drank goat’s milk for the treatment of tuberculosis, anemia and rickets. Many healers and shamans have used the healing properties of goat’s milk for the treatment of entire villages. Special useful properties of goat milk due to its composition. Yes, and in folk medicine for a long time our people appeared recipes to treat many diseases using goat milk:

  • insomnia on the forehead with the clay bandage soaked in milk goats;
  • milk allergy pre insist on birch coals;
  • hangover perfectly helps serum from goat’s milk;
  • cough treated decoction of oats and goat’s milk, and in severe cases, and bronchitis , a mixture of goat fat, milk, butter and a little goat cocoa;
  • if passed bronchitis chronic, need daily or three times a day to take a glass of milk with a tablespoon of honey;
  • the symptoms of hemorrhoids in the morning on an empty stomach drink goat serum;
  • trays of slightly burnt serum perfectly tightened cracked heels.

Introduction to the diet of goat’s milk is a preventive measure rickets. Also, people who regularly consume goat’s milk, there are fewer problems with the gastrointestinal tract and the musculoskeletal system, joints and skin.

Goat’s milk has a low glycemic index, which means its ability to raise the level of sugar gradually, without causing large jumps and sudden outburst of insulin. However, this does not mean abandoning the doctor ordered means, even if the symptoms of diabetes is no longer felt.

It is believed that goats milk prevents the formation of cancerous tumors. However, research on this topic has not yet been conducted. However, there is evidence that during the course of chemotherapy in cancer centers use goat milk significantly reduces the negative effects of chemicals on the body, and also stimulates the immune system.

Recently, scientists have conducted special studies and their results simply stunned. It turned out that goat’s milk exclusively beneficial effect on the mental state of the person. It reduces anxiety, depression, and soothes irritation.It is worth noting that the beneficial effect was observed not only in diseases of the nervous system, but in advanced cases – severe psychosomatic diseases.

Goat’s milk is rich in potassium, which is a must for people with problems of the cardiovascular system.Potassium displays excess fluid from the body, lowers blood pressure.

Goats milk contains albumin, which prevents rapid absorption of proteins in the stomach to form flakes. Therefore, the drink is very rich and allows for a long time not to feel hungry.

Observed that when the child in the daily diet of goat’s milk sickness reduced. Do not be afraid to use goat’s milk during pregnancy.

Proved that goat’s milk has antibacterial properties, that is, it may be stored in a refrigerator to 7 days, and at room temperature it can not turn sour during 3 days. Bactericidal properties of milk are also used in the treatment of skin diseases, eczema, and fistulas, in which case the goat milk is used topically.

It is believed that its origin yogurt owes goat’s milk. After all, the famous Russian professor and researcher drew lactobacilli, often called Bulgarian wand is made from goat milk.

Goat’s milk whey

A few words should be said about goat milk serum. Another great Hippocrates said about the benefits of such a product. In 1761, King of Prussia doctor wrote that the world knows little drinks that would be as useful and as well acted positively on the entire body, as goat’s milk whey. It is not only able to prevent many diseases, but also to treat them successfully.

Serum goat milk has beneficial effects on the body as a whole

Serum goat milk has beneficial effects on the body as a whole

In serum from goat’s milk contains a lot of sodium. But do not be afraid, because sodium can not only harm, but also benefit. Sodium levels below a certain limit fraught complex unpleasant symptoms, such as swelling, nausea, hypotension, loss of appetite, lethargy, decreased reflexes and general muscle weakness, until he lost consciousness.

 How to drink goat’s milk in different countries

Mongols for added fullness in goat milk fat. Residents of Britain added goat’s milk in the tea. The Balkans and the Caucasus prefer not to drink whole milk, and produce long-term storage products, such as cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt. In our country, the population of these animals is very small. Goats milk drink in pure form. Very rarely owners processed milk for further storage.

Products produced from goat’s milk

The main products that are made from goat’s milk – this cottage cheese and butter. Due to the fact that the goat milk yields slightly, then it is normally just oil remains. But what a wonderful cheeses and cottage cheese can be made of it. These by-products are often manufactured in hot regions, where it is impossible to long-term storage of milk. There are a variety of goat cheeses. They are sold at different stages of maturation, this is what distinguishes the taste, texture and nature of the product. Cheeses with small term very tender and creamy, they later become more malleable, elastic and become particularly bitter nutty flavor. Of course, who is not French, to be the first in the gastronomic delicacies, including goat cheese. French goat cheeses are the most popular. However, they are almost as good Greek, British, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Better to buy cheese made from goat’s milk spring. At this time, a variety of fragrant herbs and lends piquancy to the flavor of goat cheese. There is also a legend that one goat owner who fell in love pear fruits, manufactured cheese.This cheese had an incredible thin pear aroma. Besides spring cheeses are more nutritious.

Produced in the Mediterranean cheeses are very fragrant. Often they are made with the use of fragrant herbs, such as rosemary or basil. This gives piquancy cheeses, and they are very popular with tourists tasting, including from our country.

Often in cheeses made from goat milk are added aromatic herbs

Often in cheeses made from goat milk are added aromatic herbs

Manufacturers can often blended into goat’s milk cow. Should carefully examine the label. Inscription «pur chevres» says that this goat cheese fully. Retain these cheeses compressed. Soft types can be stored in a plastic bag and hard varieties mature wrapped in parchment or foil.

Goat cheese used in salads. Most varieties can mature just grate and sprinkle any dish, from soup to pasta.

Goat milk in the cosmetic industry

Goat milk is not only used by people as food. It is also a wonderful cosmetic which is used either alone or in combination with other components. French women have used goat milk to restore the natural blush. A recognized beauty Cleopatra of Egypt loved to take a bath of milk goats. Already at that time were known cosmetic properties of goat milk. Because it contained milk fat is updated skin proteins protect the upper layers of the skin from dryness, but a whole range of vitamins promotes skin renewal.

As already mentioned above, the molecules of goat milk is very small, so are able to penetrate even deeper layers of the epidermis. This unique product for beauty. The application spectrum of goat milk in cosmetology is very extensive.

The easiest recipe updates the skin – it’s goat milk ice. For everyday cleaning wipe the morning ice cube not only the face but also the neck, and décolleté. It runs excellent regeneration of the epidermis. Furthermore, low temperature impact tones skin vessels.

To improve the complexion and light peels can make a face mask by mixing one cup of goat’s milk, with a teaspoon of brandy and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Heated mixture should be applied on the face for 10 minutes.

And if you pour goat’s milk and cereal in 10 minutes, a swollen mass on the face, neck and décolleté for 10-15 minutes, you can get the effect on the level of salon procedures.

And here’s a little recipe for hair mask. Two teaspoons of lemon mixed with one banana, mash to produce a slurry.Wet hair goat’s milk, put on top of the banana-lemon mixture. At the end of half an hour to wash off the mask and rinse hair with shampoo. And if you make a mask from goat’s milk with the lemon juice, it will help lighten your hair blonde girls on one tone, and without the appearance of red hue.

One of the most popular cosmetic – it’s bath with goat milk. Of course, you should not completely fill the bath with goat’s milk. Just add only 0.5 liters of milk in a warm bath. Take a bath should be about half an hour. It will help relax the muscles, body and soul, will significantly improve the skin condition.

Bath goat's milk will help you relax and rejuvenate the skin

Bath goat’s milk will help you relax and rejuvenate the skin

Goat’s milk for infants. Myths and Realities.

The composition of goat milk is so similar to the composition of breast milk, it is often used during breastfeeding.Lactose goat milk is even smaller than in human milk. Namely lactose or milk sugar, is a common cause of allergic reactions. This is due to the fact that not all people with birth or lifelong enough enzymes for the processing of milk sugar. And even mother’s milk, rich and nutritious, is not always the best food for infants. This condition is called lactase deficiency. With this diagnosis goat’s milk should not cause allergies, although, of course, there are individual reactions to different products. In general, the number of pediatricians believed that goat milk has many advantages over the cow, and it can be successfully used in the diet of children with cow’s milk intolerance. Now the market can find special adapted infant formulas based on goats’ milk protein which may advantageously be consumed if breastfeeding is not possible for any reason, and a goat milk – a big problem.

You can not fully translate the child to goat’s milk, because, despite the large amount of vitamins and minerals, it contains enough folic acid and iron, which can lead to anemia in children.

However, before you give your baby goat’s milk, it should be properly select it. If there is such an opportunity – milk smell. The smell should not be unpleasant, because the goat is very cleanly. Therefore, any olfactory abnormalities should be alerted. Most likely, the milk got sebum, which constitutes a violation of milking technology. The color should be white, not yellowish, which is peculiar to cow’s milk. Goat milk homogeneous consistency. If cow’s milk are often separated layers of cream, then in goat’s milk because there is no such special structure of fatty molecules. Goat’s milk is the consistency of the emulsion, or suspension.

If you buy a particular milk goats, a preliminary agreement with the owner, you can get rid of the specific taste of milk. Ask the owner to add a daily diet of goats in a few apples and carrots. In general, try not to buy goat’s milk from strangers, especially for the infant.

Once you bring the milk home, be sure to boil it. Whatever clean animals nor considered goat, can not exactly guarantee, such as cleanliness of dishes in which milk or where doilos later shimmered.

Generally administered in a child’s diet should be milk until 9-12 months to avoid allergic reactions. However, to goat’s milk can be treated not as strictly. It should be administered gradually, initially by teaspoonful, gradually increasing portions. Since goat milk varies among goats when changing animal goats should start again entering milk with smaller dosages.

If you notice a change in stool toddler, he became a frequent and liquid, it is possible that the fat content of goat milk is too big for a child. Usually in goat’s milk about 4.5 percent fat, which is significantly higher than the standard cow. Try a little goat’s milk diluted with water.

Drinking goat's milk can start with infants

Drinking goat’s milk can start with infants

The main thing to remember when using goat’s milk as a substitute parent, you should consult with your pediatrician and to introduce a new product under his supervision. Speaking about the benefits of goat’s milk, it must be noted that it is in no way does not replace all the benefits of maternal breast milk. And it is impossible to transfer a child’s diet just like that, at the request of the mother, such as unwillingness to spoil the shape of the breast. Breastfeeding is beneficial and more specific psychological component of the process. Moreover, in case of illness women cold in her body automatically produces antibodies to the infection, which is transmitted through the milk to the kid. In the case of goat’s milk does not. In addition, breastfeeding is good for health of the woman.This is by far the best prevention of breast cancer.

And only when there is insufficient lactation mother, as well as in the diagnosis of lactase deficiency in baby goat’s milk may help rectify the situation and breastfed baby.

Contraindications to the use of goat’s milk

Idiosyncrasy. In addition, fat goat milk is not recommended for people with disorders of the intestinal tract, since the product itself acts poslablyayusche. Because of its high protein content should be carefully drink goat’s milk for people suffering from kidney failure. Because their diet is depleted proteins. In other cases, an obstacle to the use of this remarkable product no. Drink to your health!

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