Girl of the week: Eva Green

Girl of the week: Eva Green

“A dame to kill for” – the name of the last movie with Eva Green, left in car on Thursday.And the most perfect description of the actress who was lucky to be born in Paris 80s. In the XVII century the American Salem possessor truly witch appearance would be sent to the fire one of the first, but for now just call fatal beauty

Eva Green seems to be the perfect actress for the two-tone universe, “Sin City”. Black hair and eyebrows, thick black eye, white porcelain skin, twinkling green eyes and red lips burning, animating next to the current in the face of her “savior” blood – as a naive Dwight general could decide that a woman with a proud name Ava Lord have save? Hard to believe that the actress herself in the life of a completely average for a girl growth of 164 centimetres – when you see it on the screen, the most difficult to present it at least somewhat normal, average.

Itself the “City of …” not a true noir, it’s just elegantly styled his comics, entertainment on Friday evening. And all the characters in it, in general, appropriate – come to life pictures, which only highlighted the main feature, the maximum emphasizing the essence of the character. Green is impossible to describe the role better than it is done in the name of continuing “Sin City,” although “a woman worth killing for which” it is in almost any project, part of which becomes. Blame it looks fatal nuarny beauties like born to the end or go mad or die, dragged off for a series of other characters. Or become a fabulous witch, if the plot of the film allows the magic – it is a separate category of roles that Green looks particularly harmonious. The images of witches and the possessed, from the “Golden Compass” to the serial news “tabloid horrors,” the actress is always convincing, if not even trying to play, and live their role from the first to the last minute.

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Her film career began with “The Dreamers,” Bertolucci. Nearly two hours the audience’s attention on the screen hold three heroes in a Paris apartment as if to dissociate itself from the revolution and “red spring”, and from all the world. Brother and sister, and the third, almost casual acquaintance, tightened the game like a captive and, in spite of all the degree of proximity, is the same to anyone else. Despite the abundance of erotic scenes and a growing sense of the madness of all that is happening, the characters from a certain point begin to seem completely innocent and almost holy, and their games – kids amusements.

Since the days of the famous scenes with Venus de Milo, the bathroom and the outbreak of hair Eva Green has changed enough. Eroticism, which is felt in every movement remained, although the whole body appeared some sharpness – in her new thinness is something strange, “on the verge of a nervous breakdown”, which gives each of its heroine a special charm. This is felt in the “tabloid horrors,” the first work of serial actress. The new tv stories she got the role of a medium Vanessa, not only possessing supernatural powers, but also possessed by the spirit – not the ancient Egyptian goddess, not the devil. When her body seizes the other one, it is from the cold and keep women at a distance turns into a rampant creature that knows everything about everyone covered animal desires, eats its bearer and almost brings it to death. And when Eva Green writhes bound on the bed, bleeding and screaming all gathered terrible curse in a minute gently holds in the face of one of them is actually going to give all those present at his most terrible secret, and then again go into hysterics with her easy to believe. Like all heroes, do not hesitate for a second – although for a long time would be worth to understand that this is all the games are played by Eva and who play with her characters Eve.

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