Popular diverse diets as a method of combating overweight with each passing day is gaining momentum.However, any woman who knows firsthand the difficulties of losing weight through dieting , also knows how difficult it is for a long time to keep yourself in a tight rein and abandon the small pleasures of life. Constant breakdowns and malnutrition, continuous self-control and strict dietary restriction. In order to prepare yourself and your body for the upcoming diet, follow a few simple tips. First, an important key to success is to choose a suitable time for weight loss . After the New Year, many female representatives believe that it is necessary to arrange a few days of discharge to the waist which after the holidays is not plumper. But in January – this time of strong frosts, as well as reduced immunity, which increases the probability of catching a cold or flu.

This time is very important to eat properly and fully, so as not to expose the body to unnecessary stress.The best time to diet – late spring, early summer or early autumn. Secondly, the menstrual cycle plays an important role in determining the time for a successful diet. Starting a diet – it’s always a huge stress on the body. If the period of the winning diet and the beginning of menstruation, especially in the early days, you will be very irritable, sleepy, tired.

Consequently, during the menstrual cycle of the diet is better to abstain. Third, do not forget to take measurements of its parameters in a specific period, such as every month. Record the weight and volume of the chest, waist and hips. So you can track the dynamics of your proportions.

If you notice that recovered after the holidays, but the weight is gradually disappearing on their own, do not recommend you to take a strict diet. Enter a few limitations in their daily diet, start to move more. It may be worth to arrange a few days of discharge. Fourth, a good mood – the success and positive results.

If you are set for success, we can assume that half the work is already done. Assign yourself a start date diet , mark it on your calendar, or write in a diary. Moral support of friends and family will also help you stay on the course. If you fall through, they always support you. After all, the only people who love you this, what you are.

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