Anyone who has ever contemplated a career in acting knows that there is a long road ahead. And I won’t lie—it is a rough path. But it’s also one filled with joyous achievements and artistic milestones if you’re passionate, dedicated, and willing to work at your craft.

As you would in any field, you’ll want to start meeting people in the industry as soon as possible. Get on a set as an extra through an extra casting agency like Backstage—no, it’s not glamorous, but it requires no previous experience and it’s a great way to remind yourself that the people doing this job are just human beings, not untouchable super heroes.

More importantly, talk to people while you’re there. Compare notes and figure out what other actors’ paths look like. There is no “one way” to break into the world of acting, and every actor will have his or her own unique story. But talking to each of them will help you get an idea of what options are available to you.

Check it out:

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