Georgia May Jagger – is a perfect example of when nature does not rest on the children. When your father – one of the greatest rock stars of our time, Mick Jagger undefeated in his age is still located at the top of show business, and his mother – Jerry Hall, the model from Texas, it is impossible to be born ugly.

The first thing you notice in Georgia – it’s her full lips, reminiscent of the pope, and luxurious blonde hair – a gift to my mother. It is difficult not to think about who the parents of this girl, at that moment, when she starts to smile and becomes visible Scherbinka between the upper teeth, giving Georgia charm. We met up with a model in London at the site where they filmed a new campaign brand Reserved, whose face became Jagger. The shooting took place in various places in the city and ended in a studio in west London, where they like to spend time mods. After a few hours of Georgia was able to carve out a few minutes for an interview .

Do you work in the modeling industry for the past six years and has added to his resume cooperation with the world’s leading brands. If you look in the past, what kind of work was your very first and serious?
The first major project for me was shooting for Russian Vogue. It was followed by the cover of the British version of the same magazine. And soon, I signed a contract with Hudson Jeans. It all happened in one summer, and I did not know whether everything that happened a turning point in my life. In fact, I was just shocked.

Georgia May Jagger: "I grew up in the world of street fashion" (photo 1)

Now, following the end of shooting for Reserved and you tried on all the autumn collection, whatever things you identified and wore herself?
I loved wool sweaters that can be worn as a dress. Voluminous coat look and sit perfectly, especially pink, you will see them in the campaign. Footwear was also very comfortable, and in fact today to find what would be perfect, it is very difficult.

You wear things democratic brands in their spare time?
Of course, I’m primarily  an English I grew up on Topshop and brands, representing high street fashion. My parents never indulged me when it comes to designer clothing. I had a living wage, and I learned to use it properly. I think that wearing clothes only well-known brands – it’s boring. I like to mix styles and brands.Cool, when you have one thing in the locker room of expensive brand and it can be combined with the usual T-shirts or jeans brand.

How would you describe your style?
I’m not sure about how it can be called. Probably a mixture of glamor and girl with manners Man. I love sneakers, Dr. Martens, baggy clothes. Heels wear to castings, because the model I am considered low.

Your fashion must-have?
Black leather jacket and high-heeled boots are always with me.

What is the fashion event was the most memorable for you?
Perhaps Ball Costume Institute this year. Thierry Mugler created a dress for me, and I just fell in love with it!

How do you manage to keep in good physical shape? Do you do sports?
I did not make friends with the sport. I know that it is necessary, but constant travel so much I was harassed by that time the hall remains. For example, just this week I spent in flights  for a total of  24 hours, and tomorrow I have another international flight.

Model is often said that the worst thing in their work – a feeling of loneliness, which arises because of the constant travel. And what do you feel?
When I’m sad, I look shoddy show on your computer.

Like “Family Kardashian?”
Well, not so bad.  (laugh. ) I can not tear myself away from watching “Scandal.”

You find time to meet up with friends?
course. My best friends – model (Kara Delevin and Sookie Waterhouse), so we find the opportunity to meet and joint rest.

How do you feel about the British media? They are renowned for their ruthlessness, which gave rise to such a phenomenon as tabloid format journalism.
Oh, it’s true, they are ruthless. I did not come across the British media, as it does not give cause for scandal. They will certainly find me boring.

Georgia May Jagger: "I grew up in the world of street fashion" (photo 2)

In addition to the modeling business is there something else that you love as much?
I love photography, even took a few lessons. But now I’m more focused on the work of the model, because we all know that it remain indefinitely impossible.

There are only a few models who are over 40 years old, but they are still at the peak of popularity. Do not you think that in this business, there have been some changes and it is possible that the model can be run for longer than we think?
Changes really happened. The only thing – the format of the girls does not change from season to season. I think that today, everyone is looking for personality, character, and a person who can be associated with that brand that girl is. My mom still can not believe that she received offers about the shooting. But I also can not say that today a lot of popular models, which over 40, however, is uniquely well that different generations of women can work in the modeling industry, because not all buyers – are teenagers.

Tell me about how you’d spent her day off work.
I love long sleep. Waking up – excellent breakfast. Would visit his brother and his girlfriend, who live not far from where we are now. Unfortunately, we rarely see each other with them. And, perhaps, the evening would have chosen for a nice dinner.

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