Sedentary way of life, a great variety of cafes and bistros fast food – factors that strongly affect the human health. To date, many people suffer from being overweight or diabetes. In such circumstances it is important to take care of your body and health. Proper nutrition – one of the key factors of caring for himself. Change your diet.

Food should be balanced and useful. Remember the rule: delicious, does not mean useful. Our rating will help you find out which products have to be in your daily menu. 1. It is rich in selenium and fiber. It enhances immunity and helps to establish the bowels. Oats. It can not replace any product . Therefore, oatmeal with fruit – perfect breakfast for each person. 2. Salads and soups. All vegetable diet built around them. Cucumber, carrots, cauliflower – ingredients that must be present in any soup or salad, which you cook. In no case do not add mayonnaise! If you want to make the most low-calorie, but at the same time nourishing soup, look for tomato. 3. Broccoli – real storehouse of vitamin A, calcium, iron and fiber. 4. Milk – calcium pantry. You will not only help the body burn calories faster, but also strengthen bones. 5. Salmon – a source of omega-3. These useful acids improve metabolism. Baked fish in foil is tasty and healthy dinner for the whole family. 6. Chicken and turkey are long established themselves as dietary meat. The fact that they are very small amount of meat fat, but a lot of iron. That it is directly involved in the formation of blood cells. A more erythrocytes more oxygen they can move, thus improving metabolism. 7. Forget about oil. In his place shall stand olive. Monounsaturated fats that make up the olive oil, much faster and more easily absorbed by the body than fats of vegetable origin. 8. Most common substance on the planet – water. Moreover, it is the easiest and most affordable way to clean all your body. In the presence of water in the body to digest food better. However, carbonated water is better not to get involved – it leads to the development of cellulite.

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