Today fashion nail industry gained more natural shape. If earlier extravagant catwalk style in real life only partially passed, but now designers want to bring to the world a practical variation of nail art. Fashion Nails first half of 2014 is very different from that dictated by past trends. Stylish but simple nail design can now easily create at home. To learn how to do it, you will learn from this article.

Today we will tell you what is in fashion manicure. So that you can choose for themselves the most beautiful designs for you prepared fresh collection of bright photos. Manicures in 2014 characterized by a certain color palette, the emphasis is on the natural shape of nails. Just remember that fashion trends should not go against your preferences. If you, for example, love to paint her nails painted turquoise, then it is not necessary to move to a pale pink tone. After all, far more important than self-satisfaction, rather than the desire to pay tribute to fashion.

How to find the middle ground where your desires will integrate harmoniously with the modern style? Listen to your heart, and it will definitely tell you what fashion manicure is right for you. Before you make up your nails at home , make sure that the design of the picture is not only pleasing to the eye and warms your soul. And now we will explain what the general rules and trends will be relevant for the first half of 2014.


An important component of stylish nail art is the length and shape of nails. What is he, trendy manicure 2014? The first thing we want to draw your attention to the trend – short nails . The length of the free edge should not exceed 3-4 mm. Now manicure combines trendy chic and practicality, which can not but rejoice. Short nails are more convenient to carry and, of course, easier to paint.

And what about the shape of the tip? Today stylish nails are synonymous with femininity and elegance. in fashion – oval and almond shape of the free edge . Lovers of square nails can recommend slightly round off the sharp edges, making them softer.

Pastel color nail polish on short nails

2014 trends dictate certain colors for nail art. Fashionable design basically involves pastels . Nails can be made ​​in shades of white, lavender, beige, chocolate, pale pink, blue, lavender flowers. Now again gaining popularity tones with a metallic sheen: gold, silver, bronze. If trendy nail color is unusual for you in 2014, use the classics of the genre – the rich shades of wine will always be popular.

For lovers of beautiful nail art there is good news. In this and the next fashion season – nail design with stripes. Stylish manicure very easily performed at home and is able to transmit the mood of his mistress. Do not give up its position and everyone’s favorite jacket. In the trend in 2014 is dominated by colorful composition wherein the tip of the nail bed and can make up various varnishes. Another trendy nail design – moon nail art. Getting off the podium in 2008, retro manicure won the love of many Hollywood beauties.

All designs are different personality, so you probably will choose for themselves from our photo collection the most suitable option. Next, we’ll tell you which nail art ideas you can implement at home to always have a stylish and trendy nails.


Trends of past seasons differed usually difficult even fanciful design. To make up the nails on all canons of style, have required considerable abilities. Today the situation has changed dramatically – trendy manicure has become more accessible. Good or bad – everyone decides for himself. But one thing is for sure – fashion has become closer to real life, allowing you to create stylish nail art even at home.


Many girls think that monotonous manicure – it’s boring and monotonous. But believe me, it all depends on how you make up nails, and what colors to choose. Will this fashionable pastel tone or style Nude flashy iridescent color – the choice is yours, but with one caveat. Winter sometimes stylists still recommend to prefer muted colors and bright and catchy compositions leave for the summer. During the hot days of 2014 stylish manicure can be issued in yellow, orange, light green shades. We offer you a collection of photos, from which you will gather relevant ideas for yourself.

nyudovy manicure natural color
bright nails trend today
classic and trendy wine nail shade
maximize natural manicure
monochromatic red nail art
manicure in a trendy green color
fashion style nude nails
rich green hue of nails on a fashion show
pale pink manicure monotonous
delicate pastel manicure on short nails
manicure on nails nude models
pastel manicure style nude
popular shade of varnish in 2014
pastel manicure on hands of the model
modest pastel nail design
trendy nail colors 2014
trendy bright red hue on the nails

If monotonous designs you like, but a little pall, try to diversify the usual nail art. For these purposes, stickers are perfect Minx. Mirror coating with a metallic sheen will make you irresistible to any environment.You do not have to paint your nails, it will be enough just to decorate their special stickers.

minx manicure at a fashion show
Minx nail design in silver
Minx stickers on nails
trendy Minx manicure with silver sheen
spectacular glow golden nail art minx
Minx manicure mirror in silver

Fresh notes can add your image and matte manicure , which will also be popular in 2014. Not many people are accustomed to a matte finish nails, but it looks so stylish manicure really impressive.

soft matte french manicure 2014
matt jacket with glossy tips
Matte nail polish on the nails model
fashionable dark blue matte finish
Fashion in 2014 matte nails
stylish matte nail art
gorgeous matte color on the nails


Certainly, jacket – this is an example of design, combines the past and present. Appeared in the 20th century, the French manicure tirelessly continues to decorate female fingers. Changing fashion trends, but the jacket, as before, at the peak of popularity. If you want to wear stylish nails with a French twist, pay attention to the trend of the composition recommended by the designers in 2014.

Wherever you go, a safe bet will be a classic jacket. Make up tips of white paint is simple, and the result will be well maintained and beautiful manicure. Trend next season is a colorful jacket. Stylists recommend trendy nail design in 2014 to draw in pastel colors, creating, for example, the composition of purple and beige shades. Examples of nail art you can see on the photo.

French manicure style nude
interesting interpretation of the tunic in pastel colors
trendy color combination in the French manicure
fashionable jacket with black mesh
elegant burgundy jacket fishnet
unusual style jacket in the moonlight
colorful trendy nail art 2014
discreet french manicure on short nails
option fashionable tunic in 2014
bright idea of ​​summer tunic chevron

Particularly popular acquires moon manicure. Unusual retro design makes the fingers more elegant and graceful. Fashion trends in manicure dictate contrasting combination of colors: blue, golden, white with raspberry tone. Crescent can be painted with a brush or decorate using foil. Smile is located in or close to lunula ends. Interesting and unusual ideas presented on the photo.

stylish moon manicure in pastel shades
moon nail art in blue
fashionable design short nails with black lunula
fashion moon manicure 2014
fashion moon nail art with rhinestones
gentle and neat nail art in pastel colors
stylish moon manicure 2014
spectacular moon manicure for spring-summer 2014


Many girls adore various patterns and designs in the nail-art. As it is now fashionable to paint her nails, and choose which songs to design? Leader takes nail art with stripes. And no matter how they are placed: vertically, horizontally or diagonally. These may be individual lines or whole composition. And there are no restrictions on the number of colors. Stylish manicure looks extraordinary and very beautiful. Verify this by looking at the photo.

black grille on light green nails
trendy black and white nail design 2014
striped nails trend in 2014
trendy nail art with strips of silver foil
simple striped design nails with fashion show
blue nail art with black stripes
stylish geometric design nails
trending manicure with stripes 2014
Ombre stylish manicure with stripes
bright diagonal stripes on matte nails
bright and stylish manicure for spring-summer 2014

To wear fashionable nails, learn technique with a set of stamping. With it, you can easily decorate the tips of lace. Of course, you can paint with a fine brush, but it will require you some skill and experience. Lace is made not only in the classic white and black, but in pastel beige, pink, blue. Stylish manicure add image sensual notes and will delight you in any situation. In the photo you can see a few examples of the tender design.

very delicate lacy french manicure
stamping white lace on red nails
black lace pattern on beige nails
elegant lace nail art with rhinestones
French manicure with black lace
beautiful manicure with lace
lace nail design using a special grid
lacy pattern on pale pink nails
very stylish pea manicure with lace

Now you know what a manicure in vogue, so can easily transfer a popular nail art on your nails.Nevertheless, try to start to listen to yourself and your desires. What do you want? Fashion trends are inherently unstable, hence the importance of an objective assessment of recent innovations. We offer you a great video from the popular beauty-blogger KateLi0n, from which you will gather some very interesting and useful thoughts. Happy viewing, lovely girl! Even if the design of your nails will always be a reason for a good mood!

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