So you know what to look for, when buying fashion handbags for this fall and winter 2014-2015 , we sort bags on trends and are ready to present you the 5 most popular of them.

Generally speaking, the fall and winter 2014-2015 fashion bags are made ​​of coloured leather, bags made ​​of crocodile, fur, gold and silver bags made ​​of leather and imitation leather, and not very roomy backpacks and , of course, clutches . Also, many designers have decided to make a joke and decorated their bags in funny way, or at least with amusing inscriptions.

In the photo – leather tote (bulk) bag by Fendi Fall-Winter 2014-2015 . Agree, it looks perfectly and has the potential to become a best seller in the coming season:

Fashionable Leather Bag Fall-Winter 2014-2015

And this, as you probably already guessed, bag by Chanel. The peculiarity of this “shanelki” in that it can be folded to the size of classic. Probably, it is very convenient.

Bag Chanel Fall-Winter 2014-20125

Despite its small size, the bag from Saint Laurent can be safely called a shiny bag. Moreover, the first in a figurative sense, and only then – literally:

Fashionable bag for fall and winter 2014-2015

Fashion handbags made from crocodile leather autumn-winter 2014-2015

Perhaps, some models are made of synthetic leather, but thanks to modern technology, they look a hair’s breadth as crocodile.

In general, the idea is to texture the surface of your bag like a crocodile skin . And then yourbag will be called in the autumn-winter season fashion .

In the photo – Bag Christian Dior Fall-Winter 2014-2015 . Everything in it is perfect: the shape and color , and stripes and texture.

Bag from Christian Dior 2014-2015

In the photo – stylish bag fashion color this season Cypress alligator from MaxMara FW 2014-2015 . Agree with this bag, you can go and feast, and in the world, and the good people:

Bag for fall and winter 2014-2015

In the photo – fashionable, though faded bag for fall and winter 2014-2015 from Tods, color is called Royal Blue :

Bag from Tods FW 2014-2015

Fashion fur handbags fall-winter 2014-2015

Bag fashion colors Bright Cobalt and even fur – it twice fashionable bag!

Offered to the world a model of the world of Belgian designer Diane von Furstenberg, yes.

Bag Diane von Furstenberg Fall-Winter 2014-2015

In addition to plain colored fur handbags, autumn and winter 2014-2015 fashion handbags will be the so-called Color Blocking , as in this polumehovoy-polukozhanoy bag from a great French fashion house Vionnet:

Stylish handbag from Vionnet

In the photo – Fashion Bag Fall-Winter 2014-2015 by Nina Ricci. Simple but tasteful. And somehow it immediately clear that expensive.

Fur Bag Nina Ricci Fall-Winter 2014-2015

In the photo – fur bag from Akris fashion autumn and winter 2014-2015 color Aurora Red (we have translated as red dawn )

Shearling bag from Akris 2014-2015

Fashion clutches autumn-winter 2014-2015

In the photo – fur clutch of colored patches of fur from J.Crew FW 2014-2015:

Clutch, similar to the carpet autumn-winter 2014-2015

This leather clutch volume from  Chloé fashion in the autumn-winter season color Mauve Mist ( purple or lilac mist - call it as you like):

Bag by Chloe pastel shades of autumn-winter 2014-2015

What could be better than a concise and neutral beige clutch bag from Marni?

From our perspective, this is a rhetorical question.

Beige clutch by Marni Fall-Winter 2014-2015

In the photo – a fashionable clutch with an insert made of fur from the Proenza Schouler Fall-Winter 2014-2015:

Clutch Proenza Schouler 2014-2015

Sometimes clutches make half-belt, through which is very convenient to pass a hand. In the photo – clutch from Helmut Lang Fall Winter 2014-2015:

Helmut Lang clutch from autumn-winter 2014-2015

Please note, most likely, bracelets come with this beautiful lacquer clutch. This Giorgio Armani, by the way.

Lacquer clutch Giorgio Armani FW 2014-2015

Fashion gold and silver handbags fall-winter 2014-2015

These bags offers to buy for fall and winter 2014-2015 Prada:

Fashionable Bag Prada Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Bag Prada Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Bag color metallic suggests wearing in autumn and winter Chanel:

Stylish handbag by Chanel Fall-Winter 2014-2015

In the photo – stylish evening golden clutch fan-shaped from Kate Spade FW 2014-2015:

Bag Kate Spade FW 2014-2015

Fashion bags with pattern and print autumn-winter 2014-2015

In the photo – bag with a print Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 by Louis Vuitton. No comment.

Louis Vuitton bag with a print 2014-2015

To cardigan dense but soft mohair take iridescent clutch with print. It is not we encourage it advises Dries von Noten:

Bag with print Dries von Noten FW 2014-2015

In the photo – clutch with geometric print from Georgio Armani Fall-Winter 2014-2015:

Fashionable Bag Georgio Armani

Unlikely that applied to this stylish bag from a bulk Stella McCartney can be called print – rather, it is a decorative element. Agree, it is very common animates bow:

Fashion bag with decorative element fall-winter 2014-2015

The same can be said about the neon strip on the bag from the collection autumn-winter 2014-2015 by Christopher Kane:

Stylish bag Christopher Kane autumn-winter 2014-2015

If you are not going to buy myself this kit from Valentino, but the idea – the same print on the bag and coat – you like, you can sew a coat and a bag of the same fabric with a print.

Bag and coat from the Valentino Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Trendy backpacks autumn-winter 2014-2015

In the photo – a stylish backpack for fall and winter of Acne:

Stylish backpack from Acne Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Here is the backpack from the French brand Costume National FW 2014-2015:

Backpack Costume National FW 2014-2015

In the photo – checkered backpack style preppy for fall and winter 2014-2015 by Tom Hilfiger:

Backpack-style preppy Tom Hilfiger FW 2014-2015

Fashion bags for fun for fall and winter 2014-2015

In the photo – fashionable bag from the collection of Karen Walker FW 2014-2015:

Karen Walker clutch Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Bag with the inscription suggests wearing in autumn 2014 Kenzo. We also came across a bag with the acronym OMG (Oh, my God).

Clutch Kenzo FW 2014-2015In addition to printing, you can buy a fashionable bag with funny muzzles. For example, here’s a bag from Moschino FW 2014-2015:

Handbag by Moschino

In the photo – Bag joke by Chanel!

Fashionable Bag Chanel 2014-2015

Fashion Handbags Fall-Winter 2014-2015: buy from the online store!

Now, when you most likely have already decided which of the proposed fashion bags, backpacks and clutches are fit for you, it makes sense to enter the online shop and choose the bag, if not exactly the same as our photos, it is very similar on it.

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