Ceremony anniversary, 70th, THE AWARD “GOLDEN GLOBE” gave us some interesting “nail” trend, and inspired by them, we decided to offer you the kind of guide covers manicure. It’s time to tidy up the knowledge that we carry on the nails, is not it?

From left to right - Kelly Osbourne, Julianne Hough, Nicole Richie, Zooey Deschanel

From left to right – Kelly Osbourne, Julianne Hough, Nicole Richie, Zooey Deschanel

But for a start, so interesting in manicure showed us the stars on the red carpet “precursor” Oscar “.” Most of the attention drawn black and white art manicure ZOOEY DESCHANEL : master actress fairly tried, drawing her fingers declaration of love for cinema. Zoe on the ring finger, we see a film camera, and other marigolds “runs” filmstrip with gold frame …

Kelly Osbourne came out with the original compromise between NUDE-MANICURE and French instead of classical edge strips her nails decorated inverted gold hearts. To view was immaculate hearts, Kelly gives nails predatory acute form.

Julianne Hough melted hearts fashion public service jacket color – “clothed” in burgundy nails with gold edge.Nicole Richie decided to do without NAIL ART , but her long nails with iridescent dark gray lacquer with metallic effect for additional decorations and not needed.

Sarah Hyland stole a significant portion of the attention of photographers from more venerable colleagues when appeared on the red carpet with black lacquered nails, gracefully “strikethrough” in the middle of a thin gold line repeats the shape of the edge of the nail. But ADEL something went in the footsteps Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie. Singer chose the long sharp nails and form coral-red with gold glitter coating.

Adele, as well as nail polish Shimmer Nail Lacquer from Bobbi Brown, shade Black Pearl ($ 18);  nail polish Ultra Performance from Babor, shade 24 Elegant Mud (600 rub.)  Vernis nail polish from Dior, shade Graphic Berry (1134 rub.)  Nail polish Vernis a Ongles from Tom Ford, shade African Violet (25 pounds);  Acrylic Powder camouflaged light pink from Irisk (300 rub.)

Adele, as well as nail polish Shimmer Nail Lacquer from Bobbi Brown, shade Black Pearl ($ 18); nail polish Ultra Performance from Babor, shade 24 Elegant Mud Vernis nail polish from Dior, shade Graphic Berry Nail polish Vernis a Ongles from Tom Ford, shade African Violet; Acrylic Powder camouflaged light pink from Irisk 

In short, the first major film award at this year ruled the roost in manicure gold and metallic shades of red, and french nail art, short “nails schoolgirl” almost square shape and long predatory “stiletto”. And here is how to create and keep the nails such a beauty, we traditionally prompt experts. Versed in the kinds of coatings for manicure with Tutor Training Center “OleHaus” Galina Mintich , Training Manager of Orly Irina Dedeneva and Manicurist Beauty Institute and boutique Babor Elizabeth Metsih .

Manicurist Guide: What is the base varnishes?

Lucky basis – they are called basecoat – designed to perform multiple functions. “First – to protect the nail plate from the aggressive impact of pigments color lakes, – says Galina Mintich. – The second function of varnish-basics – alignment surface of the nails and give them smoothness. The third function is to strengthen the base coats nail. “

Eva Longoria, as well as a limited nail polish from Laura Mercier, shade En pointe (12,5 pounds);  smoothing base polish Baute des Ongles from Chanel (917 rub.)  basis under nail polish Base from Christina Fitzgerald (720 rub.)  moisturizing base under nail polish from Nourish Me Essie (325 rub.)

Eva Longoria, as well as a limited nail polish from Laura Mercier, shade En pointe; smoothing base polish Baute des Ongles from Chanel basis under nail polish Base from Christina Fitzgerald moisturizing base under nail polish from Nourish Me Essie 

Irina DedenevaIrina DedenevaExperts agree: you should never neglect the use of basecoat, because it protects the nail plate from external influences, increases adhesion of nail polish, which significantly extends the “life” manicure. “Besides, if you are a fan of bright NAIL POLISH , the base protects the nail plate from the penetration of color pigments, and thus on its yellowing “- emphasizes Irina Dedeneva.

Elizabeth Metsih Summarizing colleagues: “Nail-base – it is usually colorless or translucent lacquer which is applied to the cleaned surface of the nail to the decorative cover. Basic coverage under the lacquer is imperative as any varnishes consist of dyes and solvents, soaking the substrate in the nails. This adversely affects the nail cover, promotes yellowing of the nail plate. Furthermore, varnishes base level the surface of the nail, promote easier application and better adhesion to the surface of the decorative lacquer nail plate, often have a therapeutic effect by the inclusion of the additional vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Often the base under a clear lacquer, pink or milky color is used as an independent coating to create the effect of natural and healthy luster. “

Manicurist Guide: What is decorative paints?

Stage, which many (hide?) Begin their manicure, actually follows at number two. These coatings have a variety of colors and textures for every taste and occasion: there are matte, glossy, shiny, with velvet, metallic, satin effect, decorative microparticles, etc. “You can create an elegant manicure effortlessly – advises Irina Dedeneva. – It’s enough just to apply two coats of matte or glossy varnish (the most common and favorite cover) over the base coat.If we talk about TRENDS 2013 , the sequins – is the last word in fashion manicure! Glossy coatings are remarkable in that they can be applied as a varnish over a colored, or as an independent coating. The secret: the more layers you apply, the more sparkling becomes your manicure. “

Galina MintichGalina MintichTo get beautiful decorative coating and persistent, and nail health allowed any nail-design, Galina Mintich gives some tips. First, lacquer should be applied thin and even layers. But it is not so easy. It is important to pay attention to the consistency of the varnish if it is thick, it is unlikely they will cover the nail exactly because varnish can create too thick, and thus greatly increase the drying time. If the nail has a liquid consistency, it will likely spread, whereby there will be “bald spots.” Also, when working with paint must be remembered that the pressure on the brush must be weak, because excessive pressure on the cover bands appear.

ALECSO Chang, as well as nail polish Shimmer Nail Polish from Nars, shade Arabesque (21 Dallara);  nail polish from Orly, shade Too Fab (295 rub.)  nail polish Ultra Performance from Babor, shade Dramatic Red (600 rub.)  Nail Polish Glitter Nail Polish from Deborah Lippmann, shade Polka Dots (800 rub.)ALECSO Chang, as well as nail polish Shimmer Nail Polish from Nars, shade Arabesque (21 Dallara); nail polish from Orly, shade Too Fab nail polish Ultra Performance from Babor, shade Dramatic Red Nail Polish Glitter Nail Polish from Deborah Lippmann, shade Polka Dots 

ALECSO Chang, as well as nail polish Shimmer Nail Polish from Nars, shade Arabesque (21 Dallara); nail polish from Orly, shade Too Fab (295 rub.) nail polish Ultra Performance from Babor, shade Dramatic Red (600 rub.) Nail Polish Glitter Nail Polish from Deborah Lippmann, shade Polka Dots (800 rub.)

Elizabeth MetsihElizabeth Metsih To remove nail polish, a special fluid that contains acetone. He is certainly well up to the task, but overly dry skin and nail plate. That is why professionals recommend application of the protective cream on the skin around the nail polish remover before the procedure, and after – wash your hands with warm soapy water and then apply a nourishing cream. Galina Mintich also advises to use nail oil. It moisturizes cuticles, nutrition and strengthening the nail plate.

But the “Navigator” by type of decorative paints from Elizabeth Metsih:

  • gloss varnish – the most common coating with a shiny surface without additional effects and inclusions;fingernail covered in two layers;
  • pearlescent varnish – cover with the addition of pearl pigments, has good resistance and visible structure, so if you need to brush applied to conduct smoothly from the base to the edge of the nail;
  • Glitter nail polish – transparent or colored coating with the addition of brilliant elements of various shapes, sizes, colors;
  • Holographic nail polish – carpet, which includes a huge number of tiny shimmering particles; nail color varies depending on the degree of illumination;
  • matt varnish – cover not having the usual glare lacquer, with a smooth, velvety surface; usually dries instantly;
  • chameleon varnish – a coating that changes color or shade depending on the angle of the nail;
  • Thermovarnish – coating that gradually changes color depending on the temperature of the surface of the nail;
  • Magnetic nail polish – coating that allows you to create different patterns on the surface of the nail using a special magnet;
  • varnish effect of “old china” – covering the surface of which was cracked as if from time to time, has cracks;
  • lacquer crazing – carpet, creating the effect of peeling paint, applied over a contrasting colored lacquer;
  • Lac-watercolor – transparent coating with different shades; has a shiny surface than regular nail gives a gentle, pleasant colors, the effect of stained glass;
  • nail enamel – a coating which has a dense, insoluble pigments, so the substrate can be formed strips;
  • mica varnish – a coating that contains a particularly large pigments, has a rough surface, creates a variety of decorative effects;
  • pil-off varnish – a coating that is removed from the nail entire film from special polymers in its composition.

Manicurist Guide: What is varnishes, finishes?

This stage means manicure and also should not be ignored, according to our experts. Lucky finishes retain the beauty and variety of nails, decorative coating to protect from chipping, scratching and giving it a particular effect.”Finish provide resistance color polish, protect it from fading in the sun and make it matte, shine or gloss shine,” – says Irina Dedeneva.

Galina Mintich adds: “The top cover is used to secure the decorative lacquer and prevent mechanical damage.Each of these coatings in addition to the basic function is also further example, rapid drying function or an ultraviolet protector, which prevents burning the varnish. Also topcoats can give lacquer matte or, conversely, the dazzling brilliance. “

Lacquer finish for a minute can change the appearance of a manicure, highlights Metsih Elizabeth: “He is able to give your nails wet shine, make the coating opaque,” suede “, sparkling in the sun, as well as radiant thanks mikroblestok and glitter in the lineup. Especially handy if lacquer finish has a fast drying lacquer properties that significantly speeds and simplifies the process of manicure. “

Lana del Rey, as well as means for securing nail Overlacquer from MAC (900 rub.)  diamond coating for nails "Clever enamel" from Frenchi Products (102 rub.)  super-fast drying nail polish from Out The Door INM (335 rub.)  topcoat polish Glosser from Orly (235 rub.)

Lana del Rey, as well as means for securing nail Overlacquer from MAC diamond coating for nails “Clever enamel” from Frenchi Products  super-fast drying nail polish from Out The Door INM topcoat polish Glosser from Orly  

Manicurist Guide: What is shellac?

Shellac (Shellac) – a hybrid paint and gel-resistant coating designed beauty-American corporation CND . Our experts are sure that this tool embodies the best quality paint (ease of application, the glitter, the richness of color scale) and the gel (no varnish characteristic sharp odor resistance, non-destructive). Deleted it, like varnish, without additional sawing with a special liquid for removal of artificial nails.

Galina Mintich explains: “With Shellac do not work as a gel from the jar, but as usual with varnish from the bottle.Brush has a flat shape that allows exactly cover the nail. Polymerizing ultraviolet lamp coating dries quickly and completely that it eliminates the problem of lubrication and lasts 2-3 weeks, which certainly is the most important advantage of this coverage. Shellac is removed using a special liquid for a few minutes, which does not damage the natural nails. Hybrid varnish and gel is good not only decorative qualities, but also the fact that strengthens the nail plate. “

Elizabeth Metsih gives a few more tips to fans shellac: “The drug does not damage the natural nails and does not require a break in wearing, but it must be on time and properly remove the cover. After a long socks nails may only need extra nutrition and hydration using special oils and creams to restore water-lipid balance of the nail plate. “

Nicole Scherzinger, as well as nail polish Colour Effects from CND, shade Green Scene (380 rub.)  Shellac Gel FX from Orly, shade In The Navy (750 rub.)  gel nail 3-in-1 Patrisa Nail, shade number 12 (600 rub.)  gel Brisa Gel (RUB)

Nicole Scherzinger, as well as nail polish Colour Effects from CND, shade Green Scene Shellac Gel FX from Orly, shade In The Navy gel nail 3-in-1 Patrisa Nail, shade number 12 gel Brisa Gel

Manicurist Guide: What is the gel coat polish?

One of the biggest fans of the gel tunic is ANGELINA JOLIE . Gel coat for nails strong and resistant, it is used to strengthen the capacity of natural and artificial nails. Such coverage is very comfortable to wear, does not lose its luster for 3-4 weeks, but requires regular correction. Remove it from the nails can only be mechanically – trimming surface, since it is not dissolved by acetone.

Elizabeth Metsih explains: “The gel coating is applied to the nail plate with a brush. To effect curing of the gel requires a special light source, or ultraviolet or halogen. In the course of the reactions on the nails creates a very strong polymer coating resembling fiberglass. Nails after long wear gel require recovery tend to complete fusion of the nail plate. ”

Results nail look great and keep a long time: 3-4 months with monthly correction – emphasizes Galina Mintich.

But on the widely advertised biogel opinions of our experts differed somewhat. “Biogelevoe cover – this plastic coating which is categorized as” soft “gels, on the nails curing under ultraviolet light – says Elizabeth Metsih. – The composition of biogels include various nutritional components: natural resins, protein, calcium, vitamins. Biogel strengthens nails grow long and allows for a long time to give your nails well-groomed appearance. In addition, it is used for a gradual recovery after extension nails. Such a coating are 2-4 weeks, it can not be adjusted. Unlike gel Biogel amenable maceration in a special solution, which makes the removal procedure quick and painless. ”

Meanwhile Galina Mintich sure that the beneficial properties of this coating – this is more a marketing ploy manufacturers that focuses on the natural origin of the new product: “However, the so-called” bio-gel “is essentially a gel and relates to artificial materials.”

Manicurist Guide: What is an acrylic coating for nails?

Acrylic coating – it is very durable polymer which is formed by mixing acrylic powder with a special liquid, liquidity, resulting in a dense, rapidly hardens consistency. Acrylic hardens without UV lamps for several minutes. “Such a coating can be very thin and look completely natural – says Elizabeth Metsih. – It is used for strengthening and nail, it is indispensable to the maintenance and reconstruction of damaged nails. There are also disadvantages: acrylic application is accompanied by a very sharp and unpleasant odor, sensitive skin, there is a risk of quite severe irritation. Removed maceration in atsetonosoderzhaschem solution nails after a long socks need to be restored. ”

We asked experts provocative question: which is better, acrylic or gel? “This dispute is conducted since the introduction of both technologies, but to put the question this way is not entirely correct – meets Galina Mintich. – Better material that more suits your nails. It depends on their condition, your lifestyle and also on your taste in fashion.

The main difference from acrylics gels is that they are sticky and thick consistency. When working with them there is no need to keep track of the correct ratio of components in acrylic. Plus, gels typically have a whiff, or he is absent. Also, when using nail polish remover acrylic nails with glitter fades, return that can only be polished with oil, whereas the gel does not lose its flawless radiance. Gel and acrylic absolutely identical keratin natural nails, so they not only do not harm, but on the contrary, protect natural manicure from adverse external influences.

On the effects on natural nails, both materials are almost the same: they are, and acrylic, gel and even belong to the same family of acrylics. Inflict harm nails rather than the materials themselves, and work with them illiterate. If acrylic nails can simply be dissolved and completely removed, the gel must file away. Insufficiently experienced master can easily damage your natural nails. But if you trust your beauty professionals, there is absolutely nothing to fear. ”

Manicurist Guide: What is minx-coated nail?

Minx-coating – this application on nails special shrink film by heating in a special infrared lamp and further pressing to the surface. What our experts say about your favorite “clothes” polish RIHANNA , Beyonce and many other Hollywood stars?

“This manicure is performed without the use of drugs for the clutch with a nail plate that makes the coating totally harmless polish, it is applied quickly and does not require drying time – says Elizabeth Metsih. – There are plenty of prints, drawings, textures metal film, the design possibilities are endless with it. Persistence of this manicure – 4-7 days to remove enough to pick up the film from the end and gently peel. Often called Minx coating of new generation, but the contact must be handled carefully. ”

Heidi Klum, minx-coating

Heidi Klum, minx-coating

And what nail coat do you prefer? What you want to try, what perhaps disappointed? Share opinions – most interesting review, we, as before, giving away a prize as the best comment of the week!

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