History casualwear

It is believed that the birthplace of casualwear England and Scotland are the 70s of the last century, and the progenitors – football fans, who formed a small gang, or the so-called casuals, which was adopted by a certain style of dress in jeans, shirts, shoes and jackets brands. It was one of the branches OF SPORTS STYLE , but with a more casual twist.

Their “ancestors” were among the modern fashionistas who dress up for hours before leaving the house, even if not directed to a special event. At the beginning of XX century it was a flaneur – small groups of citizens who wanted only to show themselves, and for this purpose out of the house. Flanery with all carefully choose your attire, following the latest fashion trends, but tried very hard to look every day, showing that not dress up for the event, and are themselves event.

Parisian streets with Flanery on a rainy day, Gustave Caillebotte painting brushParisian streets with Flanery on a rainy day, Gustave Caillebotte painting brush

Implying the casualwear?

Jeans and sweaters, shirts and pants are comfortable, simple t-shirts and hoodies, skirts and dresses – all that peculiar for comfortable clothes – is the basis for this style. What else is included in a casual style, you can transfer indefinitely. Simply limit the range of things that this style will not ever treat. In this case we are talking about national uniforms and clothing, clothing Evening dresses Formal, for example, AN EVENING DRESS or coat, formal business style clothing, sportswear and clothing specialized subcultures such as hip-hop culture.

The only unbreakable rule casualwear – Clothing should be well sewn, you go and sit on the figure.

Every day a casual style is becoming more and more popular because it fits all and not put too strict framework. It is safe to say that many people are choosing this style is not so much because of the comfort, convenience, and brightness, although it imposes a huge footprint, but with the purpose of self-expression and underscore their own individuality.

Taylor Swift in casual styleTaylor Swift in casual style Blake Lively in casual styleBlake Lively in casual style

Karolina Kurkova in casual styleKarolina Kurkova in casual style Miranda Kerr in casual styleMiranda Kerr in casual style

French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt style casualFrench Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt style casual Lauren Conrad style casualLauren Conrad style casual

Stylist Caroline Sieber in casual styleStylist Caroline Sieber in casual style Princess Charlene in casual stylePrincess Charlene in casual style

Clothing in casualwear

The basic principle of a casual style – comfort. Jeans, sweaters, shirts, pants, t-shirts and other casual wear are casualwear. Stringent requirements on the color does not exist: you can use the classic shades and bright range.

For a casual-style is characterized by a deliberate rejection of neatness with ironed shirts or arrows on the trousers. And shirts and pants are the place to be, but they can not have a classic cut, need not be ironed to the ideal, and you can not fill the shirt into his trousers.

Symbolic element of style is a casual JACKET . The simplest example of how pereoblachitsya office style in a casual style – wear instead of trousers or skirt suit from ordinary jeans. Jeans jacket makes more formal and dress in casualwear gives a more elegant look. Having a wardrobe in a few jackets in different colors and several styles of jeans, you have assured yourself a fashionable combination for several months, and years ahead.

PaigePaige Tory BurchTory Burch

TopshopTopshop MangoMango

Many intend to mix elements of style with a casual-formal-business to give last relaxation and convenience.Informal BUSINESS STYLE in a good – this is a casual style in other words. Make it more attractive in appearance and original accessories will help. Use scarves and shawls in many colors, belts, such as leather and textile or plastic bags and clutches, a variety of hats …

Shoes for a casual style

For a casual style suitable for almost any comfortable SHOES : loafers, ballet flats, sneakers, boots, boots shoes, shoes. It is believed that the classic pumps for a casual style attribute can not be, because they are a sign of the official style, although many women without such shoes can not imagine a day in the spring.

Casualwear “modify” strict model of footwear that women can wear them out of the office and not feel chained again in the framework of the working style. For example, a casual-style perfectly match a small heel shoes, platform shoes and boots a la garcon. You need that pair of shoes that do not “requests” to his office pants or skirt strict.

GanniGanni Miista Miista

Many at first glance it seems that a casual style – a combination of what you like things. In fact, it has its own specific features and traits. Itself lies somewhere between a casual official style and style of clothing to stay, but if you are too careless to the choice things in casualwear, you run the risk of sliding into the ranks of people with no taste, sense of beauty and measures.

Types casualwear:

Sport casual

This style involves combining clothes in casualwear with sports things. For example, a sports shirt you wear with jeans and shoes with heels, or, conversely, athletic shoes combine with everyday riding. Sport casual sports itself is not suitable, because it can not entirely consist of sports things, but to stay fit perfectly.

Sport casualSport casual Sport casualSport casual

Street casual

Direction street casual appeared in connection with the wildly popular STREET-STYLE – the style of surveillance of ordinary people on the street. All who fall under the rubric of Street-style, in fact, follow the same style of a casual, but to be photographed, invent some distinguishing feature of his or demonstration item. In other words, street casual – it’s a casual street style, but “with a fantasy.”

Street casualStreet casual Street casualStreet casual

Smart casual

Smart casual dress style differs aristocracy, includes elements of deliberate simplicity with aristocratic luxury in tissues or silhouettes attire. This style can be found at the big lady boss in his spare time, students and expensive universities, which allow funds to purchase expensive things, but everyday life dictates a more restrained approach to clothes. Smart casual-style is easy to find a use, if you have the opportunity to follow it. Smart casual symbolizes quality, gloss and representativeness and never pretends to be at first sight. How expensive simple things you are wearing, guess only a true connoisseur.

Smart casualSmart casual Olivia Palermo in a casual styleOlivia Palermo in a casual style

Business casual

Business casual, casual or business style, used to refer to a style for “relaxed Friday.” Once a week, executives allow their employees with less delicacy to treat her wardrobe and ignore the harsh demands official style.Business casual is different from the usual style of a casual elegance more, it is often used for negotiations and meetings outside the office or on a business trip.

Business casualBusiness casual Business casualBusiness casual

How to make your unique style casual design?

Try to pay attention to detail. Do not fasten all the buttons on the shirt, instead of belts, use woven lace, you can and belted dress and sweater.

Your individual style casual design can and should embody contradictions. For example, you can put things in a casual club one thing, as if done by accident, or to add one thing to the “rocker” style on a background of fairly modest others. The trick is to create the illusion of gourmet chance, as if you do not specifically want to stand out from the crowd.

Wear a few things in one image on the principle of layering. This technique is advantageous for the spring weather, when the evening is still cold, and the day is hot as summer. With summer dress wear knitted cardigan with a belt and a leather jacket with dark trousers or light silk top with a vest and a scarf around his neck. If all things are picked up at the beautiful primary colors, though bright enough, you will create a simple but thoughtful outfit.

Street-styleStreet-style Street-styleStreet-style

Street-styleStreet-style Street-styleStreet-style

Street-styleStreet-style Street-styleStreet-style

A casual does not imply a large amount of jewelry, but also the ACCESSORIES you will have enough to make it not boring. Refuse bags dull black and brown colors, get yourself a rare unobtrusive shade of your choice. To pick up a bag with a pattern scarf, made ​​of natural silk. Take care of sunglasses and watches. The latter can be expensive, but first must emphasize the beauty of the face, and only secondarily to talk about the degree of prosperity.

FendiFendi LemLemLemLem

ShinolaShinola Miu MiuMiu Miu

Finally, casual does not mean sloppy. Casualwear not accept untidiness in clothing seams outward protruding threads, stretched knees, even though you are in such clothes can be, and feel comfortable.

How do you describe your style casual design? Share in the comments!

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