You already know that one of the most important components is the shape of a magnificent manicure nails.Of course, there is no accounting for tastes, and each representative of the fairer sex has their own preferences in this matter. There are forms that are sufficiently narrow circle of admirers, and vice versa – there are options that are popular with almost all the girls. So square nails are just the second group, and their popularity is growing rapidly every year. What good square shape ends, whom it will fit, and most importantly – how to give her marigolds? All these questions you will find answers in this article.

Why do so many nail art lovers believe that the square – is the ideal form? Several reasons. First, square nails really look at the hands of a very beautiful, gentle and elegant manicure favorably underlining its owner. Secondly, the right to make a square on the nails is quite simple from a technical point of view – it is not an almond shape, requiring meticulous work on geometric proportions. Third, the square on the tip looks wonderfully beloved jacket and many other designs with a neat pattern, crystals, sequins and other decorations, as you’ll see for yourself, please read the photo gallery at the end. But before you make a square shape nails, you should be sure that it harmoniously complement your image.


In manicure is extremely rare to find a universal solution, and this issue is no exception. Square shaped nails – ideal for girls with long and slender fingers . Square visually shorten your fingers and make your hands more petite and elegant. Accordingly, square ends not fit girls with massive enough fingers and a small nail bed, as they may fail to emphasize the aesthetic imperfections. What are the advantages of the objective form of a square?

  • The simplest form in the performance, which will be able to do on their nails even beginners in nail-art.
  • The best option for a French manicure. French – are timeless classics, and in 2014, the design does not lose its relevance. If you want your nails look elegant and stylish, the square ends – a good choice.
  • Square does not require great length nails. You remember that the trend in 2014 – is the most natural and natural manicure? Square nails small and medium length will look not only beautiful, but also fashionable!


If you are sure that the square successfully complement your manicure, it is time to learn how to give your nails a square shape. First of all, we should prepare the necessary tools. You will need:

  • Nail nippers (knipsery) or scissors with straight blades.
  • Nail file.

Technology giving your nails a square shape is very simple. Be sure that you get it right, and just follow the steps.

  1. First of all, you need to trim the free edge of the nail to the desired length. Try to do it in one motion – in a straight line. For these purposes the ideal nail nippers (knipsery) that are allowed to act quickly and correctly. You can use scissors and nail with straight blades, but the tool should be well sharpened. Matter of taste and habit, most importantly – a great result.
  2. Next, take a nail file and process the free edge. Traditional Tool Tips: Always file the nails in one direction. This will help avoid damage to the bundle ends and the nail plate. Need to be especially attentive to those girls whose nails are no different strength and health. It is important to file the square ends so that they were perfectly smooth. Check out this very simple. Attach the free end of a nail file or any flat object – corners must be on one line.
  3. Next is your task – to file the sides of the nail. Neat work sawing motion along a line parallel to the direction of nail growth. Within a few seconds, your tips will get the outlines of a square. The geometry is very simple – simply nowhere to be mistaken.
  4. If necessary, polish the nail plate special buff, then rinse your hands with warm water to wash them with the rest of the dust. At the end of the procedure, moisten the skin nourishing cream.


Having defined the nail shape, you’ll probably want to choose a design that perfectly complements your manicure. Our photo gallery we be divided into two parts. First you will see how is nail art on classical angular nails, then you will know what kind of design perfectly fits on a soft square. Whatever your tips, the best option for a square shape – it is, of course, french. French manicure with a pattern, crystals and sparkles in different color variations will look great. Drawings on the square nails better positioned vertically or diagonally – so the design will look more stylish and harmonious. In the photo you will see some interesting ideas that you can safely implement in your manicure in 2014.

strict square nails on girls

square shape nails
French manicure on square nails
geometric design square nails
bright nail art on square nails
root naroshchennyh jacket with pandas
matt glossy coat on the square nails
glitterny design square nails
square nails with stamping pattern
fashionable design square nails

Soft box is not just considered by many girls benchmark gentle and feminine shaped nails. Elegant design can be supplemented sophisticated pattern, shimmering glitter or sparkling rhinestones – it all depends on your mood. Try not to use too surround decor, not to its heavier elegant manicure. Special attention should be classic french on the nails in the form of soft square. Look at the picture and enjoy the excellent nail artami.

classic white jacket on a soft square
soft square on the nails of the bride
jacket with a pattern on a soft square
blue jacket for a relaxed square nails
luxury french manicure on nails in the form of a square
softened corners square tunic
pastel nail design in the form of a square
root of nail art for short nails
stylish design on a soft square
square nails with fruit pictures

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